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April 13, 2012

Dangerous Volcanoes (Documentary)

Dangerous Volcanoes: Scientists wonder whether California's Mount Shasta, Washington's Mount St. Helens, and other American volcanoes will soon erupt again.

February 16, 2012

The volcano Popo registered 15 exhalations in the last hours


In the last hours, the volcano Popocatepetl reported 15 low-intensity exhalations accompanied by emissions of water vapor and gas, according to the National Center for Disaster Prevention (Cenapred).

The agency explained that the exhalations of greater importance were observed on Tuesday at 18:39 am and 6:17 hours on Wednesday, while the other parameters remain unchanged monitoring important.

In a statement, adding that at the time of reporting the volcano is not fully appreciated due to the presence of clouds in the area.

Cenapred said the prevailing scenario of moderate exhalations, ash emissions, sporadic bursts of low to moderate probability of emission of incandescent fragments within walking distance of the crater and incandescent light in the observable crater overnight.

Therefore, the ministry said that the light of volcanic alert remains in Phase II Yellow, and recommended continuing the safety radius of 12 kilometers and controlled traffic between Santiago and San Pedro Nexapa Xalitzintla via Paso de Cortes.

It also urged the Civil Protection authorities maintain preventive procedures, according to its operational plans and urged people to be attentive to the official information that is disseminated

February 3, 2012

Did you know that we are closer to predict the eruption of the supervolcano?


The eruption of some of the largest volcanoes in the world could predict decades in advance, according to new research.

Analyses of rock crystals on the Greek island of Santorini suggest that the eruptions are preceded by rising magma, which could be detected using modern instruments. Such volcanoes can produce enough ash and gas to temporarily change the global climate.

Volcanologists refer to the largest volcanoes in history as "boiler-forming eruptions," and that the ejected magma is so voluminous that leaves a huge depression in the Earth's surface and a crater-like structure which is called of boiler.

The largest of these volcanoes are called "supervolcano" eruption and devastation can trigger a global impact.

These volcanoes can lie dormant for hundreds of thousands of years before exploding, but while researchers believe that the seismic data and other measurements give us a few months' notice of such an eruption, the new study suggests that we could anticipate these events with great earlier.

All over the world can find places that have suffered eruptions of volcanoes that form calderas. However, all believed to be currently inactive.
They include places like Yellowstone National Park in the United States, the Campi Felgrei in Italy and Santorini and neighboring islands in Greece.

The eruption that took place there around 3,600 years ago is referred to as rash "Minoan" because it took place at the height of this civilization on the nearby island of Crete. At one time he thought he had caused his collapse, but this is now a matter discussed.

Predicting such events years in advance instead of months could prove vital, says Druitt.

"What we're saying is that every volcano caldera, even those in remote regions of the planet, should be monitored using highly sensitive modern instruments to pick up these signals may suggest profound reactivation" he added.

February 2, 2012

Scientists predict the 'awakening' of dormant supervolcano


The supervolcano eruption dormant for hundreds of years could be predicted by the analysis of changes in composition of magma, according to a study published in the British journal Nature.

The scientists in charge of the investigation, led by geologist Timothy Druittm, University Blaise Pascal French, and Jon Blundy of Bristol University in Britain, he turned to study the internal dynamics of magma from the famous volcano Greek island of Santorini.

As a result of this study, scientists concluded that there are several indications in the composition of magma, from which one can predict the next eruption.

Supervolcanoes are able to expel tens of thousands of cubic kilometers of magma and ash in a few days and its eruptions can affect the global climate change.

Unlike normal volcanoes, supervolcanoes are usually located in the plains and have no way of mountains.

The period between eruptions like Santorini is usually thousands of years, but scientists believe that the changes found in the magma take place in very short time scales before an eruption, about a hundred years before it occurs.

Therefore, a constant study of changes in the magma in the boilers of the supervolcano sleeping for long periods of time but potentially active, such as Long Valley and Yellowstone (United States) and the Campi Flegrei (Italy), would predict devastating eruptions.

January 17, 2012

Alert in Indonesia for possible eruption of more than 20 volcanoes

25 volcanoes are on alert and should be given priority over the disaster mitigation planning at the district or city.

The most observed in western Sumatra, Mount Talang Marapi and Mt. El Monte is in Agam Marapi and districts Tanahdatar and rises 2891 meters above sea level and Mount Talang (2597 meters above sea level) in the district of Solok is about 40 kilometers from the provincial capital of Padang .

The government disaster agencies and regional management are also given priority attention to Mount Papandayan in West Java, Karangetan Lokon Mount and North Sulawesi, Mt Ijen in East Java, Mount Gamalama in North Maluku , Mount Krakatoa in Banten and Lampung and Lewoloto mountain in East Nusa Tenggara.

The volcanoes are now in the normal state may change due to earthquakes, which activate the magma in the mountains and increase their activity, and therefore alertness and preparedness of the people should continue to be maintained, according to the last part officer.

Earthquakes below five on the Richter scale could also trigger magma in volcanoes. poems that people should not only be alert for large earthquakes, but also small.

The 4.4 magnitude earthquake like Singkawang, West Kalimantan, is one example, where people had never been predicted before that could happen there, he said.

"The small magnitude earthquakes are being studied by researchers as to minimize damage in case of an eruption occurring in the country, as there are a large number of volcanoes in Indonesia"

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