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November 28, 2012

June 13, 2012

NASA detects powerful gamma rays solar 06/12/2012

During a solar storm of March 7, the gamma-ray Telescope NASA's Fermi detected a light never before associated with a burst of X-ray solar flare.It was historically the largest gamma ray recorded by the Sun, with over 100 million electrovolts (MeV), the report published yesterday Fermi.

The peak of the flare was 2 billion times the energy of visible light, or about 4 billion electron volts (GeV), a record never detected during or after a solar flare. (See videos and image gallery).Was a gamma ray flux equivalent to more than 100 million electron volts (100 MeV), equivalent to 1000 times the release of gamma rays of the sun normal basalAnother notable features is that this high energy was recorded for 20 hours, which means a period of more than two and a half times as recorded historically.

The X-ray explosion March 7 was a magnitude X5.4, on a scale from A, B, C, M, where X is the strongest.So far, in four years of investigations, as the star physicist at the University of California, Nicola Omodei, the Sun had only weak and stable gamma ray sources.

"Now we can see what the Sun is able to do," Omodei described the meeting 220ava American Astronomical Society in Anchorage, Alaska.Fermi's team reviews the sky every 3 hours searching for gamma-ray energy range 20 MeV to about 300 MeV.With a second instrument, the Gamma-Ray Monitor (GBM), detects weaker energy of 8,000 eV to 40 MeV, which are energy ranges that detect interesting phenomena observed in the sky space, reports NASA.

With both teams on June 12, 2010, a sharp Fermi gamma ray, but much less than that observed on March 7, 2012.ImageryThe Fermi image shows the powerful gamma-ray flare detected on March 7, which indicates that measurement is greater than 100 million electron volts and (MeV), a thousand times its usual release. On the other side shows the ray source Vela star press.The sun produces gamma rays after a release of protons.

Particles accelerated protons collide with each other generating a pion particle emitting gamma rays. (See gallery)The first video shows how to form a gamma ray burst. The second is for the Solar Dynamic Observatory images (SDO), SLAR storm on March 7.

June 5, 2012

Study reveals a cosmic ray bombardment against the Earth more than 1,200 years

The Earth was hit by a wave of powerful and mysterious radiation from outer space more than 1,200 years ago, reported the journal Nature.Those strange cosmic events, examined by experts from Japan, occurred in the eighth century.

According to the magazine, right between the years 774 and 775 AD space in our neighborhood, something happened that triggered a barrage of cosmic rays hitting the Earth with an intensity never seen before.A team of specialists from the University of Nagoya Nippon, led by Fusa Miyake, were found traces of that event in the tree rings and marine deposits worldwide.

Analyzing this phenomenon for years, Miyake and his team used data from carbon 14 (a radioactive isotope of carbon) and scored more than interesting.Measuring the index of that element of two old cedars in Japan, scientists realized that the rings for the years 774 and 775 had an increase of 1.2% carbon 14 relative to other years. (Keep in mind that the typical annual variation of carbon-14 is just 0.05%, this percentage increases as the standard 20 times).

The work of Miyake group aims to analyze two hypotheses for this phenomenon discovered. The first talk of a possible source of cosmic rays may have been caused by a powerful explosion on the Sun's surface is true that solar activity varies over periods of 11 years and sometimes surprises us with intense flares whose effects reach Earth.Under the second scenario, an event so powerful is due to the violent death of a star: the explosion of a supernova.

"This is very strange cosmic event. Yes we can say that an extremely energetic event happened in our space environment around the year 775, but the cause was a solar flare or a supernova, "said Japanese researcher.To complement and develop the studies, researchers at the University of Nagoya documented evidence are missing. However, no data on a solar flare of this intensity.

The other possibility has not been proven, because so far no documents were found, 774 or 775 to reflect an event, the brightness of a supernova, which should attract the attention of the inhabitants of Earth.Thus, the origin of most cosmic ray bombardment which the news is still a mystery.

"With our current knowledge we can not specify the cause of that event," acknowledged Miyake. To get to the origin of the phenomenon, Miyake and his team have to continue working.

June 3, 2012

Geomagnetic solar storm affects Canada and Alaska

A brief geomagnetic solar storm was generated after the last coronal mass ejections from the Sun and is impacting the Earth in polar latitudes, according to the forecast center space. The warning report was issued at 22:24 and lasts until the morning of June 3.

The affected areas are the latitude to 65 degrees. Geomagnetic storms can induce fluctuations in electrical current and spectacular auroras by the collision of ions from the solar wind with Earth's magnetic field. Auroras are visible in Canada and Alaska.

June 1, 2012

Alert : wave of magnetic storms 'attack' the Earth

The Sun has entered the phase of the overactivity that will continue over the coming years, experts warn. "In 2012 and the years to observe the maximum power of solar activity. Explosions and eruptions on the sun are becoming more frequent," says the representative of the Institute of Space Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Yuri Zaytsev.

Health Hazard "Both statistically and clinically proven already the influence of disturbances and magnetic storms, and atmospheric pressure on human health," says the expert, stressing that the phenomenon primarily affects people with cardiovascular disease. According to the scientist, "magnetic storms also have much influence on the astronauts, whose adaptation system is overloaded with many other factors for the flights they make."

At the same time, according to Zaytsev, "in the human body have not yet found an organ or particular cell type that plays the role of a sensitive receiver geomagnetic disturbances." However, the expert notes that even in the period when the sun is at its most active, well-being of healthy people in general will not be too concerned.

The sun goes through regular cycles of activity and approximately every 11 years the activity intensifies and storms occur sometimes deform and even cross the Earth's magnetic field, often interfering with communications systems.

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