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May 2, 2012

Peru Investigates Mystery Pelican Deaths 2012

Authorities in Peru are investigating the death of over 538 pelicans, along with other birds, on the northern coast of the country, the Peruvian ministry of production said Sunday.

The new environmental investigation comes on the heels of an incident earlier in April when 877 dolphins washed up dead on the same stretch of coast.It was not immediately clear if the deaths were connected.

The birds appear to have died on the beach, and more tests are needed to determine the cause of death, the ministry of production said.The Peruvian Sea Institute surveyed about 43 miles (70km) of beach coastline on Sunday and estimated that 592 birds were dead along the shore.

State-run TV Peru estimated that up to 1,200 birds had been found dead on the 100 miles (160km) of northern shoreline extending from Punta Negra in Piura to San José in the state of Lambayeque.The deaths began less than two weeks ago, local fishermen say.

The investigation into the mystery surrounding the dolphins is still ongoing. Peruvian Deputy Environment Minister Gabriel Quijandria told CNN the dolphins may have died from an outbreak of Morbillivirus or Brucella bacteria.

The Peruvian government has put together a panel from different ministries to analyze a report by the Peruvian Sea Institute (IMARPE). Officials have been able to conclude that the dolphins' deaths were not due to lack of food, interaction with fisheries, poisoning with pesticides, biotoxin poisoning or contamination by heavy metals.

"When you have something this large, my gut would tell me that there's something traumatic that happened," Sue Rocca, a marine biologist with the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, told CNN. She raised a number of possibilities as to what could have killed the animals, including acoustic trauma.

Preliminary reports ruled out that seismic sound waves created by oil exploration in that stretch of sea could have killed the birds, the environment ministry said.They also expressed concern for the fishermen in the area and restated their commitment to protecting the country's marine ecosystem.

April 27, 2012

Mysterious green clouds over Moscow ¿Pollen, Chemical or Acopalypse winds?

Some clusters of mysterious green clouds have been detected in the Russian capital, sparking a storm of rumors about a possible accident of chemical and even theories about the coming end of the world.

The Emergencies Ministry has appealed to the peace, which ensures that the clouds actually consist of birch pollen and chemical factory allegedly set on fire in the Moscow region, as pointed out by some.

Some people's comments failed to calm them official. Twitter users have been publishing alarming messages such as "Moscow schools are closed due to an explosion! Children are sent home," "The sky has gone completely green in the south of Moscow" or "A Kaluga factory was destroyed ". The phone emergencio received a flood of calls.

Some believe that the authorities are withholding information to the public: "The pollen is just an excuse. You might also question the beginning of the Apocalypse!" Published a popular Russian blogger.

The strange natural phenomenon coincided with the 26th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. Biologists say the birch trees began to bloom, which would also explain why the Muscovites have begun to sneeze.

Birch pollen allergen is a strong reason why the authorities recommend that people suffering from hay fever to take the necessary preventive measures.

"This pollen can remain airborne for long, for about four weeks," says biologist Vladimir Murashov. "The wind can remove to a distance of ten kilometers from the tree," he said. (Source)

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