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April 2, 2012

The wars that could destroy our planet in the near future

The recent escalation of tensions in the Middle East region, ambitions and the financial crisis acrecientes increase the chances of new armed conflicts. The Russian site rbc.ru with military experts and political scientists identified seven possible outbreaks of wars in the near future.

1. War against Iran

One of the key problems of international politics, which, according to experts, is about to cause the outbreak of large-scale military operations related to Iran's nuclear program.

The head of the Military Forecast Center Anatoly Tsyganok believes that a military solution to Iran nuclear issue "by Americans, Israelis or their joint effort" is the most likely scenario for the near future.

However, according to some experts, an alleged "conspiracy" of the Islamic Republic is only a pretext for the outbreak of the conflict.

"The main reason for starting a war against Iran is to liquidate the center of the consolidation of the Islamic world, from Iran. And the center is strictly Western, that under certain conditions could consolidate some Islamic countries," said the doctor of military science, Konstantin Sivkov.

2. A war in the Middle East

Middle East looks more and more like a powder keg that could explode at any time. "It is difficult to predict what and where ... The level of preparation for this process is very high, so that from the African Atlantic Mauritania and Morocco to the borders of the Indian subcontinent in the next couple of years everything can happen," said the head of the Middle East Institute, Evgueni Satanovski.

The first real conflict can occur in Syria, where rioting began last March in line with the "Arab spring". Experts say that in an election year, USA. States. will not interfere in the Syrian conflict. However, does not rule out support to opposition from Syria in the form of money and weapons.

3. China prepares to attack

The consolidation of economic and political positions of China also ranks as one of the possible scenarios for future military operations. The Asian giant's potential adversaries are, for example Vietnam, Taiwan, United States, India and even Russia, whose territory is sparsely populated eastern a tasty morsel for the Asian country.

The rapid development of China creates many problems for the country, demographic and economic and ecological. Perhaps the only way to avoid a serious crisis to Beijing to military expansion. Experts stress that the war between U.S. most likely. States. and China.

4. One against another Korea Korea

Another hot spot is ancient Korean Peninsula, where since the Second World War there was a confrontation between the two countries with different ideologies, they have every chance to enter a period of armed conflict. Although in February last year tried to sit at the negotiating table, the relationship between them can not be described as good neighbors.An important argument in the Korean conflict are nuclear weapons North Korea possesses.

5. On the ruins of the Soviet Union

Experts predict a future disturbing in the territory of the former Soviet Union. In the center of tensions highlights a long-standing issue: the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh. Besides the current relations between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan causing concerns in the light of the mining frontier of goods traffic problems and the controversy surrounding the hydroelectric Rogunskaya.

6. Battle of the Tuareg

According to experts, in the near future, African countries remain on the hottest spots on the world map.The main cause of major conflicts in the continent will be the Tuareg rebellion. It is a nomadic tribe that for years fighting for their own state, many rebels have served in elite units of Muammar Gaddafi.

Another major cause of conflict is the struggle for uranium deposits belonging to the French and Chinese who were taken by the Tuaregs. The main sources of tension include Libya, Sudan, Eritrea and Ethiopia but is possible that an uprising could break out "anywhere anytime"

7. World War III

The term "third world war" has not been in the realm of "fiction," experts say. In this regard note that the conflict could be caused by the global financial crisis and face coalitions based on preferences of countries about the world order: a domain model of developed countries and a model of a multipolar world.

The first coalition, experts say, will be led by NATO under U.S. auspices, the second has not yet been established. However, the doctor of military science K. Sivkov believes that "as a prototype of such a union could serve the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) or the Organization of Collective Security Treaty (CSTO)."

Experts say that World War III will become a platform for exposure of new types of weapons that have not been used or have been banned, including weapons of mass destruction.

If it breaks, it will affect a large proportion of the population of the world, covering almost all continents, oceans and seas. "We finally could cover the period between 6 and 7 to 25 and 30. Hostilities may participate in more than 100 million people on both sides. Total demographic loss of the world population could exceed several hundred million people, "predicts Sivkov.

March 19, 2012

Alexey Dmitriev says that ''End of the World'' will happen this December 2012

In the last year we heard dozens of apocalyptic prophecies that come from all angles.But one of the most disturbing seems to coincide almost perfectly with the theory of December 2012 is extracted almost perfectly no theories, but from observations of our solar system.

And the conclusions are made based not entirely on speculation, but in history. And if they occur in the way Alexey Dmitriev suggests, will change the entire planet as we know it and could give impetus to a new age for mankind.

Even NASA has successfully entered the doomsday theory, although many are saying that the picture they describe is too conservative.

And yet, all the mainstream media have remained strangely silent.

Dmitriev suggests that in addition to the suggestion made by NASA that we may be approaching a major solar catastrophe, there is a theory that the Earth, Sun and all planets in the solar system are about to enter an interstellar energy cloud unknown.

This cloud could explain a number of recent anomalies, and even link to some of the strange events of the Earth than we previously thought were part of a tissue unexplained however, only connected by the mysteries.

The change at the poles, mass mortalities of animals, recent increases in solar coronal mass ejections, the melting ice on Mars, increases in the number of devastating storms in the United States, and abrupt changes, and sometimes completely inexplicable in temperature and climate could be all caused by this strange energy nebula.

This nebula causes the sun is more excited than ever, and that is fueled to erupt in a final burst of energy that could not only destroy everything we know about our society, but also herald a new wave of consciousness as a new generation of technologically advanced people who try to put the pieces together again and sent back infrastructure humanity back to a level of technology comparable to the turn of the century 19.

And Dmitriev is not alone in his theory that NASA can learn more about this that are going on.

And most likely, this is precisely what would happen. If the space agency NASA or any world government or organization look the world and think to himself how to talk about a change so incredible for all the fundamental aspects of our lives, how would begin to do it?

How does an organization trapped in the dualistic side of "us" versus "them" and the ego, even begin to approach the idea of ​​a complete remix of all the energy on the planet? How could even the prepararacion go for it? The simple truth is, found that the preparation is practically impossible.

There is another possibility. Just as people have done for centuries, simply did not believe it is "impossible" or very different from what they understand, it is possible that the reason why the notion of the end of the world can only be treated in our minds as catastrophic images and allegory is that they can not even really understand it.

How could we, when it is totally alien to everything we know? We would be able to deal with it through weak symbols and parallels drawn from our own experience and from fiction.

It would be like comparing a raindrop in the ocean. Or suggesting that rain comes from the ocean, when in fact it could easily say that the sea came the rain.

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