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November 7, 2012

Breaking news : 7.3 Earthquake in Guatemala leaves 39 dead

A strong earthquake has shaken Tuesday the Pacific coast of Guatemala, Mexico and El Salvador. With a magnitude of 7.2 on the Richter scale, the north-west of Guatemala has borne the brunt. There are at least 39 dead, 15 trapped under the rubble, rescue work in which the bodies of emergencies, and 100 people missing, reported the president of Guatemala, Otto Perez, in a message to the nation through radio and television.

The Seismological Institute reported that the duration of the earthquake was over 30 seconds and that its epicenter was in the Pacific Guatemala. The president, who appeared accompanied by his Defense Minister Ulises Anzueto, and Interior, Mauricio Lopez Bonilla, said that the earthquake is "the most intense since the earthquakes that February 4, 1976 rocked Guatemala" that took the lives of 23,000 people and left more than 1 million homeless.

The authorities have declared a red alert across the country. Perez has insisido where data are still provisional because of the damage sustained by the telephone network and roads, which complicated communications. The interior minister added that 98 prisoners from the jail in San Marcos have been moved to Quetzaltenango for the significant damage suffered criminal structure.

The province has been the hardest hit of San Marcos, which borders Mexico. There are many houses have collapsed and a school. Eight people, including teachers and students have had to be taken to hospital by emergency services working in the area. According to official information, the other departments that have been damaged and are Quetzaltenando Solola, in the indigenous highlands, and Guatemala, in the center of the country.

The quake, recorded at 10.35 local time (16.35 GMT), was centered about 200 kilometers southwest of Guatemala City off the beaches of Champerico, in the southern department of Retalhuleu. Soon after, Nicaragua has issued a tsunami alert and requested the evacuation of coastal areas.

April 17, 2012

Breaking news : 6.5-magnitude quake strikes Chile 4/17/2012

Strong earthquake strikes Chile causing minor damages.Quake rattles Chile, no tsunami warnings:

April 15, 2012

Breaking news : Deadly tornadoes hit U.S. April 15, 2012

Tornadoes pummeled Oklahoma, Nebraska and Kansas on Saturday and severe weather struck a hospital in Iowa as residents of the U.S. Central and Southern Plains states hunkered down for a predicted major outbreak of twisters that could continue into the night.

But even as storms skipped across the region, no deaths or injuries were reported from twisters by nightfall, as violent tornadoes appeared largely restricted to mostly underpopulated areas.

"Conditions will remain very favorable through the evening for very strong and potentially long-lived tornadoes," the National Weather Service said in an advisory. "Tornadoes will be possible in these areas through the early morning hours."

It warned that nighttime tornadoes can be particularly dangerous because they are usually fast-moving and often obscured by rain and darkness, but said the likelihood of the strongest storms was not as high overnight.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency said the worst conditions were expected to hit late on Saturday between Oklahoma City and Salina, Kansas, while other areas could see baseball-sized hail and strong winds.

Severe thunderstorms and tornadoes were also expected over parts of Nebraska, The National Weather Service said, and severe storms were possible from Texas to Minnesota.

In the Iowa town of Creston, the Greater Regional Medical Center hospital was damaged by a possible tornado on Saturday evening, said a woman who answered the phone there but declined to give her name.

"We've been hit," she said. Asked if there were injuries, she said, "none that I know of."

A dispatcher for the Union County sheriff's office said he was unable to release any information about damages to the hospital or buildings. The National Weather Service could not immediately confirm the storm was a tornado.

Creston City Councilman Randy White said patients were being moved to hospitals in surrounding communities after the tornado passed north and west of downtown, knocking out power to all but a small part of the town of about 7,500 people.

Tornadoes also raced through north central Kansas in the early evening. Five homes in rural Saline County were damaged, but the tornado avoided towns and no one was hurt, said Joe Koch, county director of emergency management.

February 27, 2012

Astronomers warn that an asteroid will touch our planet on February 2013


On February 2013 an asteroid about 50 meters in diameter, recently discovered by Spanish astronomers, will pass close to Earth.

According to preliminary calculations, at 19:25 (GMT) on February 15, 2013 the celestial body will approach Earth at about 26,900 miles closer than the geostationary satellite orbits (about 35,000 km) , as published on the website of NASA.

Asteroid 2012 DA14 was detected on 23 February by the specialists of the Astronomical Observatory of the Saga, located in southern Spain. Later observations of Spanish scientists were endorsed by French astronomers, Italians and Americans.

These scientists showed that the celestial body belongs to the family of the Apollo asteroids, whose orbits intersect the Earth. About two thirds of known asteroids that approach Earth are of this type. According to available data, the celestial body can be measured between 40 and 95 feet long.

Astronomers will continue to collect data on 2012 DA14 and specifying the information about his career.

July 10, 2011

Breaking news : Strong earthquake shakes northeastern Japan

A strong earthquake struck on Sunday the same area of ​​northeastern Japan devastated by a powerful earthquake in March, but there was no indication of further damage along the coast or in the shattered Fukushima nuclear plant, officials said.

The Japan Meteorological Agency lifted a tsunami warning for the region, after initially urged residents in the disaster zone away from the coast.

The U.S. Geological Survey estimated the magnitude of the quake at 7.0 degrees and said it occurred at a depth of 18 kilometers off the northeast coast, shortly before 10:00 local time.

The same area was hit by a powerful earthquake and tsunami in March, which caused 21,000 deaths and disappearances. The disaster of the March 11 cut power plant in Fukushima and triggered a nuclear crisis.

"It started as a slight quiver, then gradually became stronger," said Nobuyuki Midorikawa, an official of the city of Iwaki in Fukushima Prefecture.

"After living such devastation in March, the earthquake and tsunami warning made me feel that we can not lower our guard against a tsunami," said Midorikawa.

Tokyo Electric Power, which operates the plant in Fukushima, said the workers closest to the coast had been evacuated to higher ground briefly, and had already returned to work.

The company added that there was no immediate sign of damage to the plant, where it was to fix the cooling system to stabilize the reactor and radiation control. The cooling system was not disrupted by the earthquake, he said.

Tokyo Electric said it also damaged the huge barge anchored off the Fukushima nuclear plant has been used as a temporary storage of water contaminated with radiation.

The March 11 earthquake that struck the northeastern coast of Japan had a magnitude of 9.0 and triggered a tsunami that caused severe damage to the coast and reached about 14 meters in the nuclear plant in Fukushima.

The loss of electricity resulting in the Fukushima nuclear plant cooling systems turned off and causing a nuclear fusion fuel for three of the six reactors at the complex. Subsequently, hydrogen explosions radioactive material distributed over a wide area.

Nearly 80,000 residents were forced to evacuate due to radiation and the Government of Japan faced harsh criticism for his handling of the disaster.

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