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April 9, 2012

Russia is prepared to avoid the 'Revelation Space'

Russian scientists plan to send an automatic station research into the orbit of the asteroid Apophis, the greatest threat to Earth, to avoid possible 'Revelation'.

The primary mission of the station will be put into orbit a small satellite Apophis will have to specify the path of the object until 2036, when it is believed, this would collide with our planet. The satellite is equipped with an autonomous radio beacon and a radioisotope power source and a battery.

Also in the framework of the scientific mission includes research on the physical and chemical characteristics of the asteroid, its soil and its structure and the space around it. Planning a 'landing' on the surface of the object.From the technical point of view, the mission may be carried out from 2015, Russian experts say.

Scientists estimated that in 2029 Apophis, about 270 meters in diameter, too will approach the Earth and will be about 36,000 kilometers of our planet, a distance equivalent to the geostationary orbit of artificial satellites. This approach can change the orbit of the asteroid, which could lead to their collision with Earth in 2036 during the next cycle of movement of the object.

Space experts from around the world are developing various projects to avoid potential disaster. Among the solutions deck including the use of nuclear weapons to destroy Apophis when it is still a safe distance from Earth.

April 6, 2012

The use of locust to predicting plagues biblical

In their place in the Sahara desert, scientists are working hard to add a problem of biblical proportions to the weather forecast: Swarms of locusts.

The National Centre for Locust Control in the capital of Mauritania, a vast, sandy country in West Africa, used all kinds of technologies, from computerized devices called "eLocust" to satellite images and reports from nomads in the desert with cell phones, to try to predict when and where to gather thousands of millions of these insects.

It is intended to forecast locust plagues like the weather.Not an easy task. The desert locust, an insect like the grasshopper, has decimated crops in Mauritania for 3,000 years, contributing to food insecurity and poverty.

It is said that when the locusts plaguing an area, the trees become skeletons, stripped of bark, and the soil is completely worn, chewed up the roots. "Sometimes you can hide the sky," said Ely Ould Sidi, a researcher at the Centre.

When billions of locusts plaguing an area-tens of millions can take a mile in a swarm-farmers lose their crops and food. Even the cattle die. In 2004, thousands of people were affected by a great plague.Ould Beilil Beida, a farmer in northern Mauritania, remembers that event. Locusts wiped out the bark of trees and filled the sky "like a cloud," he explains.

The research group led by Mohamed Ould Babah Abfallahi has assembled what is Babah states largest database on desert locusts in the world, showing when the conditions for enjambreso "invasions" are best and where they occur.

In general, these catastrophic events occur in desert areas where rain has fallen considerably and, consequently, there is abundant vegetation that serves as food for insects. The Center monitors these areas with satellite images. Its 150 workers use machines 'eLocust' to update information in real-time sightings of locusts in the field.

In addition, the Center has engaged pastoralists of Mauritania who prowl the desert with herds of goats, cattle and camels, and lately have mobile phones. The Center has provided a toll free number to call when sighted locusts.All information helps the Centre to predict when the next swarm.

Koutaro Maeno, a Japanese researcher who traveled to Mauritania to study these insects, states that the swarms are related to the fact that when locusts begin to feel crowded, change shape and color.
Locusts "good", which congregate in swarms, are small and green.

Locusts "bad" start piling up with each other-the scientific term for these insects are gregarious, and are aggressive to each other, become larger and change its color to red and black tones frightening.Its black antennae make them look like little devils.

Other theories about why they gather in swarms say they feel threatened when their population is growing substantially and food is scarce, and, as the lobsters can be cannibalistic, escape from each other not to be eaten, or pursued in search of food .

This theory is supported by the work of Iain Couzin, an associate professor at Princeton University who visited Mauritania to conduct field research on locusts and group behavior.

Couzin explained the situation: "It was a big surprise. It was a situation we discovered by accident. Lobsters were trying to eat each other. It seems to be swarming in which all cooperate but is actually a selfish and cannibal horde. Everyone tries to eat them all, and try to avoid being eaten. "

"The result is that you run from those who come to you and try to reach beyond yourself. That creates these tremendous swarms moving through the desert.

There is no food in the desert anyway, so they do what seems most suitable for their precarious situation. "The Center of the Locust in Nouakchott has been successful in predicting the pests, using its database and combining it with information obtained from satellites, devices and reports eLocust nomadic tribes.

Last year, for example, revealed that the center Babah identified a potential pest and insecticide-treated area to prevent a disaster occurs.

In other respects, the group has not been so lucky. Some difficulties are due to satellite imagery used by the Centre are not high resolution and are unable to identify locust plagues in real time can only identify the conditions in the soil that might cause a swarm.

Babah said that more funds are needed to take pictures with better resolution and more frequent monitoring.
Scientists from the universities of Oxford and Princeton are also interested in the problem.Knowledge about these swarms continue to increase, said Babah. Only 5% of the information in the databases of the Centre has been analyzed by the researchers, said.

March 19, 2012

Alexey Dmitriev says that ''End of the World'' will happen this December 2012

In the last year we heard dozens of apocalyptic prophecies that come from all angles.But one of the most disturbing seems to coincide almost perfectly with the theory of December 2012 is extracted almost perfectly no theories, but from observations of our solar system.

And the conclusions are made based not entirely on speculation, but in history. And if they occur in the way Alexey Dmitriev suggests, will change the entire planet as we know it and could give impetus to a new age for mankind.

Even NASA has successfully entered the doomsday theory, although many are saying that the picture they describe is too conservative.

And yet, all the mainstream media have remained strangely silent.

Dmitriev suggests that in addition to the suggestion made by NASA that we may be approaching a major solar catastrophe, there is a theory that the Earth, Sun and all planets in the solar system are about to enter an interstellar energy cloud unknown.

This cloud could explain a number of recent anomalies, and even link to some of the strange events of the Earth than we previously thought were part of a tissue unexplained however, only connected by the mysteries.

The change at the poles, mass mortalities of animals, recent increases in solar coronal mass ejections, the melting ice on Mars, increases in the number of devastating storms in the United States, and abrupt changes, and sometimes completely inexplicable in temperature and climate could be all caused by this strange energy nebula.

This nebula causes the sun is more excited than ever, and that is fueled to erupt in a final burst of energy that could not only destroy everything we know about our society, but also herald a new wave of consciousness as a new generation of technologically advanced people who try to put the pieces together again and sent back infrastructure humanity back to a level of technology comparable to the turn of the century 19.

And Dmitriev is not alone in his theory that NASA can learn more about this that are going on.

And most likely, this is precisely what would happen. If the space agency NASA or any world government or organization look the world and think to himself how to talk about a change so incredible for all the fundamental aspects of our lives, how would begin to do it?

How does an organization trapped in the dualistic side of "us" versus "them" and the ego, even begin to approach the idea of ​​a complete remix of all the energy on the planet? How could even the prepararacion go for it? The simple truth is, found that the preparation is practically impossible.

There is another possibility. Just as people have done for centuries, simply did not believe it is "impossible" or very different from what they understand, it is possible that the reason why the notion of the end of the world can only be treated in our minds as catastrophic images and allegory is that they can not even really understand it.

How could we, when it is totally alien to everything we know? We would be able to deal with it through weak symbols and parallels drawn from our own experience and from fiction.

It would be like comparing a raindrop in the ocean. Or suggesting that rain comes from the ocean, when in fact it could easily say that the sea came the rain.

March 16, 2012

Brazilian town prepares to the ''Acopalypse''

The fear of the end of the world is felt equally in all latitudes. A Brazilian mayor has launched a campaign to tackle an apocalypse, according to the ancient Mayan calendar, will arrive in December this year.

Decio Colla, the mayor of San Francisco de Paula (Rio Grande do Sul), perceives these predictions very seriously and believes his city, situated at an altitude of 907 meters above sea level, can become an ideal refuge against floods, the sharp rise in sea level and giant tsunamis.

"We can not wait sitting eating ice cream. We must act, "says the mayor.

Decio Colla encourages its citizens to always have a certain supply of salt, rice, beans and water to safely support the interruption of food supply in case of natural disasters. "In my house I'll be prepared to stay two or three months without any servicing. At least I'll have to eat," he said.

According to the Mayan calendar, December 21, 2012 ending astrological cycle that began in August 3114 BC. On this date the calendar ends, which gives rise to many to believe that the Mayans predicted in this way the end of the world.

Many researchers believe that the Mayan calendar does not predict a planetary catastrophe but the end of a cycle of movement of the solar system and the beginning of a new one. Others think that the Mayans simply left to develop his almanac, which limited to a period of 1500 years.

Others warn that the transition period may cause changes in Earth's poles, which would disrupt the planet's electromagnetic field.

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