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April 27, 2012

Mysterious green clouds over Moscow ¿Pollen, Chemical or Acopalypse winds?

Some clusters of mysterious green clouds have been detected in the Russian capital, sparking a storm of rumors about a possible accident of chemical and even theories about the coming end of the world.

The Emergencies Ministry has appealed to the peace, which ensures that the clouds actually consist of birch pollen and chemical factory allegedly set on fire in the Moscow region, as pointed out by some.

Some people's comments failed to calm them official. Twitter users have been publishing alarming messages such as "Moscow schools are closed due to an explosion! Children are sent home," "The sky has gone completely green in the south of Moscow" or "A Kaluga factory was destroyed ". The phone emergencio received a flood of calls.

Some believe that the authorities are withholding information to the public: "The pollen is just an excuse. You might also question the beginning of the Apocalypse!" Published a popular Russian blogger.

The strange natural phenomenon coincided with the 26th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. Biologists say the birch trees began to bloom, which would also explain why the Muscovites have begun to sneeze.

Birch pollen allergen is a strong reason why the authorities recommend that people suffering from hay fever to take the necessary preventive measures.

"This pollen can remain airborne for long, for about four weeks," says biologist Vladimir Murashov. "The wind can remove to a distance of ten kilometers from the tree," he said. (Source)

April 26, 2012

Apocalypse Now! Earth Under Fire

This program weaves shocking accounts from ancient legends together with stunning scientific data to reconstruct the details of a horrifying tragedy that plagued mankind for endless generations with periods of persistent darkness, frigid cold, searing heat, and mountainous floods, from which only a few survived.

Ancient myth and esoteric lore from around the world tell frightening tales of humanity's suffering through destruction by fire and flood, legends of catastrophe so extreme and so pervasive that now we tend to discount them as imaginative exaggerations.

Dr. Paul LaViolette thought so too, until he discovered an ancient "time-capsule cryptogram" written in the stars that relates a galactic cause of these events. ased on 14 years of doctoral and postdoctoral research, Dr Paul LaViolette explains how this scientifically advanced message combined with ancient esoteric lore alerts us to a cyclical cosmic disaster, one that could reoccur today, virtually without warning.

April 19, 2012

The "Second Coming of Christ"

The "Second Coming of Christ"  was announced by Jesus himself when he talking to his disciples and to the proviso that he would but would return, and no longer in a mortal body but as king.

This advent is often confused or another event that is known as "the rapture of the church" described in the book of Thessalonians he describes in a very categorical that would be the fate of those who remain in obedience to God and deserve the gift of salvation that has been chosen and preserved for those who have accepted God's call.

Importantly, speak of the "Second Coming" and "Rapture" is talking about two different events. In the mind of most biblical scholars the "rapture", or lifting of the church could occur at any time because the Bible describes that no one knows the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh - referring to the second coming of Christ.

Besides this, when Jesus makes these statements compare this event as you would a "thief," it does so without warning, or as a bridegroom coming out to look for virgins, which would not know when the husband but you just have to be prepared when this happens there is no problem.

Therefore, we understand that the "Second Coming of Christ" would be the event in which God would establish His kingdom on earth-a-thousand-year reign as described in the book of Revelation.

That is, "rapture" and "coming" would prove to be distinct events referring to the same people of God who has been redeemed to ascend to heaven, the abode which God hath prepared for them, but then descend to earth to reign with the redeemed.

Reasons to the second coming of Jesus:

When referring to the second coming of Christ, there are many questions and points for discussion. So much so that there is no universal interpretation that describes the events in the order as would occur. However, if what many agree is on what are the reasons for the great advent.

If we go back to the sin committed by man in Eden, we would understand that God's salvation plan is intended to rescue humanity from this separation that man was by God. Consequently, Jesus came to reconcile or make peace between God and men.

The reason is basically the second coming to judge mankind, to condemn those who decided to go with the enemy of God and his people, Satan and establish His kingdom on earth where everything will be as before, before the man sinned, for a period of 1000 years.

Some believers have clear is that Jesus comes to judge the living and dead, contrary to how many individuals who are not believers that the world is running out for those who muren.

The book makes a dramatic description Thessalonians and that to the ordinary reader of fiction could be, which describes those who are dead, but who remain in Christ and this is the rapture-rise first and then would be caught and united in heaven with the living.

In the great advent of Christ what is expected is a great trial, called the "white throne judgment" where all will be judged by his deeds, whether good or bad. Here it becomes evident that while salvation is a gift and not by works, but good works will weigh very important because the purpose of Christianity is that those who are in God must do good works.

How Is The Second Coming sustains Biblically?

Although many religions, sects and pseudo-Christian movements promote the coming of Jesus in many ways, the scriptures provide enough information on this future event.

The books of Daniel, the Gospels, Matthew, and specifically the book of Revelation are the most important in describing the eschatological events, or events of the end-fragments that describe how interesting would be the coming of Christ to earth a second time and as this coincides with a global apocalypse or end of the world. Even as the great coming is imminent for all of these, that the Jews expected Jesus for the first time, based on the promise God made to Abraham, father of the Hebrew nation.

Speculation About The Great Advent:

Statements that Jesus gave his disciples are of great importance to study the end times. One of the major concerns outlined in the scriptures is that Jesus' disciples were interested in knowing that signals occur in the latter times.

Jesus described the character of the times and said the day or the hour of his coming no one knew, not even the angels in heaven. Notwithstanding this, many movements today have announced the end of the world or the coming of Christ and has exact date, and even the right time. As is known, all these speculations have failed, and there are many dates to be known even to speak of a high end or coming apocalypse.

As a result, all have failed in these predictions and indications are that the meeting that no one knows the time is right.

The second coming of Christ includes the advent of Jesus to establish His kingdom, to judge everyone, alive and dead. Those who have done good deeds will receive heavenly crowns and prizes. However, those who have done evil deeds will be cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the worm does not die and the suffering and regret not end.

In the book of Revelation describes three entities with which these would be damned for eternity. These are the False Prophet, Antichrist and Satan.

April 15, 2012

Bunkers to survive apocalyptic disasters

At one point in the prairies of Kansas, USA. States., An entrepreneur builds a swanky underground bunker where dozens of rich can swim in the pool or watch movies while sucumbre Earth under the influence of apocalyptic disasters or the threat of zombies.

What was once a silo 53 meters deep, will soon become a hotel armored, armed and luxuriously equipped for those who prefer not to spend the day of Judgment exposed to all sorts of upheavals in the earth's surface.

Housed within the walls of 3 meters of concrete, the fourteen-storey ultra-modern design apartments withstand any disaster, from earthquakes of destructive solar flares, through terrorist attacks, starvation and deadly pandemics.

Tenants, a maximum of 70 people, will have everything you need to live like kings. This 'den for rich people' is provided with a ground-pool, a cinema and other plant-floor-library.

These apartments, which price amounts to two million dollars (one million by apartment), will have bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, dining room and two living rooms with TV (to avoid fights on what channel to posapocalíticas).

The bunker present curious 'windows' in order to purchase a screen that will show any picture ultramodern the planet, from the Alps to the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

In the event that disaster strikes, tenants can survive in the bunker with its own resources. The building will contain food reserves for five 5 years, will generate its own power supply through conventional and wind resources, and will house water tanks with a cleaning system, promises the developer Larry Hall, owner of the shelter.

In addition, this luxurious hideaway will have a farm and a farm, which will allow its 70 residents remain in the shelter for an indefinite period with reserves of vegetables and fresh fish.

It seems clear that if governments were overthrown and anarchy was imposed, the bunker would be exposed to many dangers. However, the creator of the bunker also has thought about it: to repel the enemy, the complex has an elaborate security system.

April 11, 2012

Missile silos to survive the Apocalypse

The monotonous prairies of Kansas, in the central United States, it will populate the new inhabitants: people willing to move to a former missile silo converted into a luxury residence, capable, according to its developer, to resist the end of time.

Larry Hall was able to convince four buyers to invest in your project. "Their concerns are from a solar flare to an economic crisis, past pandemics, terrorist attacks and food shortages," said Hall .Even the recent earthquakes in Mexico was reported a couple of calls from potential new buyers.

According to the project of the eccentric drive, threats, whether natural or manmade, are increasing. Once completed, Hall said that the tank will provide a haven of comfort and peace to their people, they will not have to worry about the chaos outside.

This investor has allocated $ 4 million to this work, including $ 300,000 spent on the purchase of the structure, by the time of the transaction in 2008, was flooded and hermetically sealed by massive doors.

The silo was built during the Cold War, is a kind of inverted tower that sinks into the earth up to 53 meters deep. Concrete walls three feet thick would withstand a nuclear attack.Larry Hall remodel half of the 14 floors of the building as apartments, whose selling price is not exactly within reach of all budgets: an entire floor costs $ 2 million.

Not surprisingly Hall potential customers, which have passed through there, are a football player, a racing driver, a film producer and several politicians.

So far, three apartments were sold. After two sales are realized more, already underway, there will be only two available.

And one of them will be used by itself as a second residence hall, said, praising the high point of his project: a future farm designed to produce enough vegetables and fish to feed the 70 people who do not want to venture out to the calle.Una pool, a cinema, library, medical center and a school are also provided.

In addition, to enable its inhabitants to live in a completely self-sufficient, the silo will have a power supply connected to the external power grid, and in case of failure, a wind turbine and generators. Water is stored in large tanks after filtering.

But what seems to be more Larry Hall is convinced of the reliability of your security system: a fence with barbed wire will surround the property and surveillance cameras will allow the occupants to prevent any intrusion attempt.

"If someone tries to climb the fence, we have the means to neutralize it," Hall said without elaborating. Inside the silo, the calm is impressive. "It's like an isolation tank, not really hear anything," Hall prides himself staring at the ceiling, three feet above.

Meanwhile, you are putting the finishing touches to the house of 167 square meters bought a wealthy businesswoman who plan to go there to live with their two children, and that will qualify as seen from the window between a landscape of forests, a view of Paris or New York or a beach ... scheduled on a video screen.

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