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May 28, 2011

¿Is the comet Elenin a danger to our planet?

Elenin comet was discovered near Jupiter on December 10, 2010 by Leonid Elenin Russian astronomer at the Institute of Applied Mathematics Keldish, while reviewing images from the International Scientific Optical Network, a series of robotic telescopes that probe the sky.

The astronomer, after months of observation found that the comet will reach perihelion (closest point of the orbit of a celestial body around the Sun) on 10 September this year

The novelty, released during the first days of March, just went around the globe and the impact, obviously, had its epicenter on the web. Immediately, rumors and all kinds of apocalyptic theories began to circulate. A video was posted on YouTube on March 8 this year, two days before the earthquake that devastated Japan. The author shows that the alignment that would occur between 11 and 15 March and had occurred on February 27, 2010. Coincidentally, the day of the earthquake of 8.8 Richter in Chile.

Some fans warned high probability that opened in March 2011 an earthquake occurred in large proportions, this was because Elenin be aligned with the Earth and the Sun, although their distance was 2,115 AU (average distance between Sun and Earth), actually the rumor became truth, March 11, we witnessed one of the largest earthquakes in the history of Japan and the world.

According to statements from various experts, Elenin has some connection with the Earth's tectonic plates, that experts say was demonstrated on March 11, 2011. Although it is noteworthy that during the coming months Elenin pass close to Earth, And only God knows what influence have on plate tectonics.

The possibility also exists that is not an ordinary comet, which is a companion of the "comet planet" old, the eternal visitor of the ages. Nibiru or Planet X, so this ability is to produce great cataclysms to be close to the ground. United States has sought to distort the facts, planet X called Nibiru means "Planet of the crossing", which means the place where this anomaly breaks the solar system, seeing our system like a plane. In fact this planet comet or massive planet with a tail enters perpendicular to the solar system, and plays at a crucial point in his career. The only major mass stellar object is Elenin, which crosses the system in a vulnerable location. Or is it that the famous Elenin is Nibiru?

How to play U.S. and NASA scientists?, Distort and minimize the phenomenon, because the call comet made of ice and dust, would have no significance in their path. But if you say it is a massive planet with a tail, and explain that their closeness is destabilizing all the planets of the Solar System, for years, things change. By the way is explained the phenomenon of two suns, which explains why no one understands.

Why are two suns? Elenin Comet is not the cause of the disturbances originating in reality is a system. Formed by a gravitational center, a brown dwarf, and some scientists call it, (Tyche, is called by others) that is what is seen near the sun, is actually in opposition to the land. This brown dwarf (the real Nibiru) would actually be the cause of all disturbances to Pluto, Jupiter, Venus, solar explosions that shows the sun exaggerated.

A chilling report prepared for President Medvedev Seryukov by the Minister of the Russian Ministry of Defense on the construction of 5, 000 bunkers "bomb" additional in Moscow warns that while this progress, the emergence of the new Comet Elenin in our solar system means they will add "additional resources" immediately "as the date to end in 2012" might not be enough time. "

The cause of the fears of the Minister Serdyukov said in that report, based on new calculations of the orbit of Comet Elenin, seems "very likely" that this celestial object is under a kind of "intelligent control" and approach Earth "much more" than originally thought for next fall.

At the time of its discovery, Comet Elenin was traveling near the ecliptic plane to over 4 astronomical units (375 million miles) from the Sun and headed towards the interior. Original perihelion (point on the orbit of a planet, asteroid or comet which is nearest the Sun) was calculated to happen quite inside the orbit of Earth around 0.45 astronomical units (42 million miles) from the Sun will happen on or about September 5, 2011, being visible to the naked eye in the sky before dawn in the constellation Leo.

The most shocking in the report of the Minister Seryukov is his claim that Elinin Comet seems to be in "direct contact" with the mysterious planet the size of Jupiter discovered beyond the orbit of Pluto and also, goes to the Sun . This mysterious planet that is said about the size of Jupiter, beyond the orbit of Pluto could be our brown dwarf, Tyche, X, etc..

U.S. scientists Daniel Whitmire and John Matese of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, have made this mysterious planet, the name of Tyche, but ancient peoples of our planet was known by other names. Planet X, Nibiru, planet of the crossing, etc.

Interestingly, on Comet Elinin is that while the U.S. space agency NASA has said "Due to the possibility that the comet's orbit deviates, there is no guarantee that would not touch the earth", they, too, contrary, have expressed that "Comet Elenin not approached at any point on Earth. The closest (the September 10, 2011) will be more than 25 million kilometers of our planet."

Elenin key is-NINE ELEVEN. Eleven, which relates to the year 2011, the month NINE 9 September.

Comet Elenin addition does not come alone, but precedes a train of large cometary bodies, whose career is quite diffuse and not a trace appears to obey conventional comet, but an avalanche of bodies from the Oort cometary-Kuiper. The suspicion to look to what comes after Elenin, "" The cluster of Nibiru or Tyche comet?. NASA prepared the tremendous deception, called Tyche, is Nibiru. All this is related, Nibiru and the cometary clauster revolve around their center of gravity, which is our sun.

This great body, however described approaches the sun. Again the name is not important, is its action on the solar system. It is clear that other bodies revolve with it, the famous comet Elenín. Now the U.S. has a way and an excuse to play certain contentious issues, rather than speak of planet X, there is talk of a comet Elenín. Well if that satisfies them, the elite who build their bunkers to escape the catastrophe caused by a comet.

The history of Nibiru date from the time of the Sumerians, from whom the term was used to denote a transition point or a crossroads. In Babylonian mythology, Nibiru was the star of Marduk, the deity who ruled the cosmos.

A t present NASA is tracking the "black star" under the name of Leonid comet ELEnin and combination with the Earth and the sun is expected this coming March 15. And supposedly the shift on the planet is actually due to the interference that the brown dwarf star, Nibiru, has since 2004. And confirmed the conspiracy versions on this astrological phenomenon, we could face a series of disturbances that would significantly alter the physical laws around our planet.

All matches in the spiritual aspect, Revelation speaks of Wormwood. Chapter VIII, verse 10. And the third angel sounded, and fell a great star from heaven burning like a torch, and came to fall into the third of the rivers and springs of water. Revelation says that the bombardment of cosmic material harm a third of the planet's waters. Water damage, will present a reddish color, and a bad taste. Crops were destroyed by the cosmic material of the comet tail and the cluster "comet, an avalanche of rocks and darts into the atmosphere. Do not know the impact that red dust and the cosmic material would have for life on the planet. What kind virus comes with it? We are able to give an answer, if everything has been a continuing deception of the developed countries, the elite that is prepared to survive the apocalypse.

May 27, 2011

Russia built the Ark of the future

We already have a precedent in 1995, this futuristic film, Waterworld, starring Kevin Costner, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Dennis Hopper in the lead roles, in which the planet earth had become the world ocean, and the survivors went at loggerheads for those oceans with floating houses and cities had been reduced to a minimum their modus vivendi and brought back to almost prehistory habits, though, that if, armed to the teeth.

It was a disturbing film that did not stop or pause a moment to the viewer by offering a bleak picture for a future that is sensed disaster for humanity to follow the path of energy waste.

It appears that Russia has designed a futuristic building, after what happened in Japan, is presented as a valid alternative but to (no one yet) to what has been done to date anti-disaster architecture .

It is an ambitious project and look good on paper. A nothing to keep the promises that flow from its advertising can be very valid, given the alarming predictions that members of associations and environmentalists predict green for the earth.

May 24, 2011

Camping Faithful Preacher Must Continue Waiting for The Apocalypse

 The announcement about the arrival on Saturday of the Final Judgement by the American preacher Harold Camping aroused the ridicule of skeptics, but there were people who ran to hide or repent of their sins.

Camping's prophecy was that at 18H00 local country in the world will be an earthquake, after which good Christians would be raised to heaven.

According to the preacher of 89 years, which broadcasts programs through a radio station called Family Radio, which are not good people will live a hell on Earth until 21 October, when God, angry, destroy planet and all that exists.

New Zealand was one of the first countries affected by the wave of apocalyptic predictions as Camping, who had previously unsuccessfully predicted the end of the world for 1994.

But 18:00 passed without the occurrence of earthquakes in the island country, amid the indifference of the local media.

Similarly, in Europe, the fatal hour passed without incident.

Meanwhile, numerous internet made fun of the issue and planned to create a false apocalypse, if the predictions of Camping will be revealed again misleading.

Through Twitter, skeptics have suggested old clothes and shoes on the floor and gardens to give the impression that someone had actually been raised to heaven, and inflatable dolls free into space.

Other Internet joked about the tremendous work that the authorities would if they were sent, only joking, thousands of reports of missing persons.

In Washington, it was expected that at least 400 people celebrate the fact that the apocalypse does not arrive at the 'End of the World Party'.

However, telephone lines were installed to prevent a wave of suicides, according to The Washington Post, because of fears that supporters of Family Radio disappointed they suffered from severe depression if the apocalypse does not materialize.

In the U.S., where the headquarters of the evangelical group for camping, many people quit their jobs to go to encourage other people to repent of their sins before it is too late.

LeCorps Gregory left his job "in a medical center a few weeks ago to take his wife and their five young children traveling the country to warn everyone that the apocalypse is near, wrote the Journal News New York.

"We in recent days," said LeCorps, who hoped to reach a South Carolina beach for the day of Judgement.

In Vietnam, thousands of people from the Hmong ethnic group met several weeks ago in Dien Bien province (northwest), having heard the global issue of Camping, in which Jesus said that he sold to Earth on 21 May.

It is believed that hundreds of those Vietnamese were to hide in the forest after security forces dispersed to those who awaited the return of Jesus Christ of course, said a local resident.

Camping that has already been wrong in their predictions made earlier that even great personalities they mocked him.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is Jewish and therefore can not ascend to heaven with Jesus and God as the prophecy of Camping "he said in his weekly radio program that would suspend the current system of parking vehicles in your town if the world ended on Saturday.

In New York, there is a city rule that requires motorists to move their vehicles from one side of the street to another to allow passage of the cleaning operation.

The portal 'web' of Craigslist published tens of thousands of advertisements of skeptics who offered to buy the mundane objects of those who thought raised to heaven, while a group of American Atheists sold hundreds of contracts to provide rescue and adopt pets.

Camping made his prediction after making biblical calculations assume that it would add 7,000 years to the date of the Flood in 4990 BC, to calculate the date of Judgement, because in the Bible, God reminds us that one day represents 1,000 years. "

Then, Camping stole a year to this calculation, arguing the existence of a technical fault that would have occurred to move calendars from the Old to the New Testament.

May 14, 2011

List of All Predictions in The History About The End of The World

enThroughout history many have predicted the end of the world and have even set a date for this terrible event. For now have all failed, even this kind of estimates are made, and interest cause excitement and fear.

These are the year-old star of the predictions over the History of the End of the World

30: Jesus prophesies that the end could occur very soon after his words. "This generation shall not pass before all is fulfilled."

90: San Clemente says that the outcome will start any time now.

200: The group of climbers announces that Christ will return soon to set in Asia Minor, the New Jerusalem.

400: Estimated by St. Martin of Tours for the outcome.

500: Panic Over the half millennium. The antipope Hippolytus and Julius Africanus theologian announce the Final Judgement for this year.

968: The army of Emperor Otto III plays a solar eclipse as an eloquent sign of the prophecies.

992: In Germany it is believed that the Antichrist is already on earth and in heaven is fought between 3 suns and 3 moons.

1000: The millennial hold that Christ will reappear on January 1, and unleash a wave of panic in Europe

1179: Looking at the alignment of certain planets, Juan de Toledo says that the Apocalypse will happen in 1186.

1300-1400: The great epidemics of plague are considered signs of mass destruction.

1524: A group of astrologers reports that the world will be submerged under water.

1669: Twenty members of the Russian sect of "Old Believers" are burned alive to save himself the Antichrist

1736: According to the English mathematician William Whitson, October 13 begin a new Flood.

1790: The Catholic prophetess Suzzette Labrousse experiences a vision of the End of the World in 1800

1824: Many theologians claim that the midnight of March 21 is the day calculated in the book of Daniel for the purpose of the Times

1834: According to Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormons, Jesus will return in 1890

1850: Ellen White founder of Seventh Day Adventists, said the world would end in a few months.

1881: Hundreds of people are afraid to see fulfilled the prophecy of Mother Shipton call "the world would end in 1881"

1910: The twenty-seventh sighting of Halley's comet is interpreted as a sign of the Apocalypse: in many countries there are hundreds of suicides, people leave their homes and properties, and Oklahoma is to make the sacrifice of a virgin to appease the divine wrath.

1914: The Jehovah's Witnesses identified the First World War to the beginning of the great cosmic conflagration.

1948: The founding of the state of Israel is considered the final step for the return of Christ.

1960: The followers of the sect's brother Emman come together at the foot of Mont Blanc to expect the Messiah.

1969: Charles Manson reveals that the Beatles are angels mentioned in Revelation, and their songs Helter Skelter and Revolution Number 9 contain coded messages about the end of the universe.

1970: David Berg, leader of a Protestant denomination in the U.S., reports that in 1973 a comet crashed into Earth and destroy at least throughout the country.

1978: In Jonestown, Guyana, committed suicide a few thousand members of the People's Temple cult, led by James Warren Jones. Seek to be spared the End of the World.

1980: Leland Jensen, leader of Ba'hai, argues that a nuclear disaster marked the beginning of 20 years of conflict that concluded with the Kingdom of God on Earth.

1980-2000: Osho leader of a powerful sect in the U.S., reports that as a result of severe natural disasters Tokyo, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Bombay will be wiped off the map.

1994: Wave of suicide among members of the Order of the Solar Temple seeking to escape the destruction of Earth.

1998: The visionary Makdeovna Lemey Natalia holds that Jesus is about to be born in Slovenia

2000: At the turn of the millennium revive old fears among fundamentalist movements. The "millennium bug" in computer equipment is considered a clear warning of the end. Some groups say the triple 6 of Revelation should be interpreted as www: Internet is the theater of Evil

2003: Malachi York's disciples built a shelter in Atlanta where they wait until a ship from the Galaxy lllyon go to pick them up before the world is destroyed.

2012: According to Michael Drosnin, author of The Bible Code, a comet crashed into Earth and annihilate all life.

21/12/2012: Day that according to the accounts based on the Mayan prophecy, will be the beginning of the End

23/12/2012: End of Mayan Calendar, which predicts the end of an era but, based on calculations by the stars, the Mayans predict that at this time the sun will align with the center of the Milky Way and this would cause various disasters that meant the end of an era.

2076: According to the Venerable Bede (672-735) in this year found just the sixth millennium to the sixth day of creation: the Antichrist is coming. Other sects are waiting for the order for the same date as it coincides with the Muslim calendar year 1500

New York and Shanghai could be flooded in 90 years

The coastal cities of New York and Shanghai could be flooded in 90 years, as environmental experts predict that sea level will grow to 1.6 meters by 2100, according to a study by the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program

"The global sea level would rise between 0.9 meters and 1.6 meters by the year 2100, Arctic ice melt will contribute significantly to this rise, " calculated.

Thus, the report indicates that the amount of water supplied to the ocean due to melting flood coastal cities, so the growing sea-level "increases the risk of flooding in cities like Shanghai and New York, "they say.

In addition, the Centre warns of the "evidence" of global warming and the effect of this phenomenon in the Arctic Ocean, which is producing the disappearance of sea ice and the existing snow "melts before. "

This situation directly affects tourism regions such as those mentioned in the study, and could cause a drop in the reception of tourists.

In 2010, New York received 48.7 million visitors, marking an increase of 6.8% over the same period last year. This figure is expected to be increased to 50 million visitors in 2012.

On the other hand, Shanghai is one of the cities in China receives more tourists per year, in 2010 China received the visit of 56 million people.

If theforecasts of the Centre are met , it could produce a change in the ranking of countries receiving tourists ,because the U.S. and China occupy the number two and three, respectively, behind France and ahead of Spain, so it could be a decline in their positions.

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