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June 1, 2011

Nasa Research on The End of The World in 2012

NASA has no plans for 2012 a comet or the planet called Hercolobus as people think, the meteor Apophis that will be the most dangerous in 2029 and in 2036 with a high level of impact.

Not be the end of the world or to humanity, but approximately 90% of humanity die.

But the Mayan prophecies, they say: "On 21 December 2012 will culminate on fifth solar cycle and the Sun suffered several alterations, these alterations by different astronomers already know to be spots and solar storms, these effects cause the temperature of the Earth to rise and produce catastrophic geological and climatic imbalances, such as melting iceberg full of all, the effect of increasing sea levels, causing tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc.

These phenomena are so strong that sharply accelerate global warming, and could even happen an investment in the polarity of the earth.

NASA has been investigating the spots and solar storms, they unlike their predecessors will be stronger, because we do not have a strong ozone layer that protects us, before the ozone layer rejected 90% of the sun, but be so impaired, enter the vast majority of these same and just come in 2012 a very strong (this is already confirmed by NASA)

All Mayan prophecies have been fulfilled so far, prophesied the eclipse of August 11, 1999, the most spectacular eclipse time, where they lined up the sun and 6 planets in the solar system forming a cross, the Mayans tell us that apartir this event we had 13 years to try to reverse the devastation.

The Mayans tell us that lightning will come from the center of the galaxy to the sun and synchronize the Sun and other planets of the solar system, this is possible because NASA recently discovered a planet called WR-104 located just in the center of the galaxy, this planet is about to complete its life cycle, exploding and causing so forming a supernova gamma rays that reach not only the sun, if not even our planet.

In 2012 will suffer many disasters, as the film shows the day after tomorrow, although it sounds like fiction is something that is happening and no doubt magnified in 2012, as the tidal waves, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, endless hurricanes, earth at the end of such abrupt changes, and consequently lose the iceberg lose balance and start freezing temperature to recover both atmospheric and climatic stability, which will culminate a new ice age .

Most of us are living our last years on earth, and what dinosaurs lived in 3 different stages, what we call geological periods in which many species have died out and returned to emerge a new species of dinosaurs until the end desperecieron, I lived humanity with the great flood that swept the land for 40 days, the earth will again experiment with the ice age where ciberianos mammoths with food still in his mouth was frozen in an instant due to the decreased temperature less than 50 °, where the entire planet was undergoing restructuring for many years, this has already occurred over thousands of years, and obviously happen again, or our technology or our closed minds that we are untouchable, it protects us we ourselves have caused, destroying the ozone layer, deforestation, polluted the planet, depleting our natural resources

This sounds crazy I know, but it is a reality that has already begun, just watch the news, read newspapers, year after year the number of hurricanes and power of these, floods, earthquakes, temperature and sea ​​level has risen, the virus hit us like swine flu, shortage of food and drinking water, no longer breathe pure oxygen, only pure pollution, trash and nowhere to put all this we see daily, and if anything science has taught us is that every action a reaction, it can no longer stop, the only way to revive our dying planet is a new ice age.

May 14, 2011

Nasa States That The October 8 2011 There Will be a Dangerous Meteor Shower

On October 8 2011 a powerful meteor swarm through space for seven hours.

Draconids, a storm of tiny space rocks that occurs every fall, but come next year, if estimates are not wrong, in a particularly violent outburst, to the point that can blast satellites and spacecraft Earth orbit as the International Space Station (ISS) or the Hubble Space Telescope.

NASA has begun assessing the risk to our refineries up there and plans to reorient the international station even in the most extreme case, a drastic measure that, nevertheless, does not expect to perform. Apparently, the operators of the ships have already begun to receive data to plan defensive actions.

Explains William Cooke of the Marshall Space Flight Center of NASA (Huntsville, Alabama), experts predict a very strong burst of Draconids in the form of a major storm on 8 October 2011. Wait until a peak of several hundred "hornets' space per hour.

How can damage the vessels? Two other strong outbursts Draconids in 1985 and 1998 did not cause electrical problems in the artifacts. This time the probability of electrical anomalies is not high. However, Cooke says that prevention is better and the next storm should not be ignored.

The ISS is a shield against space rocks and, if necessary, may be redirected, an extreme measure that Cooke does not believe that a reality. The same applies to the Hubble telescope. As each ship has different thresholds of damage, the scientist encourages developers to determine if it is necessary to prepare defense strategies. "If a sporadic meteor hits you bad luck. If you do a meteor shower, is negligence, "notes the scientist.

From Earth, the Draconids can be a spectacle, although it is one of the favorite meteor by fans to watch the sky.

April 18, 2011

It is Believed That The Mayan Calendar Does Not End in 2012

In Belize, Central America, a team of archaeologists led by Chase marriage (Arlen and Diane) of the University of Central Florida, spent 25 years studying one of the largest Mayan cities ever existed: Caracol.

During all these years, armed with machetes, have been mapped only 23 km2 of the city. Pale in comparison to the 177 km2 total Caracol (a city with an area similar to the current Boston).
But now, suddenly, NASA has turned over a laser instrument to facilitate their task in an astonishing way, the LIDAR. This optical instrument to visualize the structure of ancient territories from the air, without physically releasing them from the surrounding vegetation.

After mounting a LIDAR instrument on a twin-engine flying over the area of Caracol, marriage Chase was able in just 24 hours to reconstruct three-dimensionally on a computer, the entire city of Caracol.

In Yahoo! Italy have just published an interview with Arlen and Diane, which show their amazement at the technological revolution that the LIDAR is for archeology. For both: "This technique will be a similar revolution that brought the carbon-14 dating at 50."

But I have called my attention to the last question in the interview cited above. In it, the reporter is unable to hold back and ask the Chase about the veracity of the supposed end of the world that the Mayan calendar predicts for the next 22 December, 2012.

The answer is clear:

"The Prophecy of 2012 is a construction of the modern followers of" new age. The current Mayan time cycle ends around the year 4946 of our calandario. On December 22, 2012 to the Mayan calendar will be (which is an arbitrary date without any symbolic value) and to this day, in the whole world will be quiet. "

Guess the face of astonishment of archaeologists when they ask this question, and yet, this nonsense has become all too common.

A few months ago I spoke of the work of David Morrison in the Astrobiology Institute of NASA (NAI). Morrison is responsible for answering the questions usually readers of the NAI website, and ultimately not for the poor! receiving inquiries about the upcoming end of the world (a phenomenon certainly quite cyclical).

As I say, at the alarming number of consultations on Nibiru, a planet that is on course to our every 3,600 years but nobody has ever seen and according to some "naysayers" will visit the famous 2012 (coinciding assumptions in order Mayan World), Morrison decided to publish a special Beat Astronomy devoted to this peculiar phenomenon of panic.

Astronomer did a great job clearing the absurd questions of thousands of "believers" in the legend of Nibiru and the end of the world, and yet something tells me that neither his patience disclosing or previous declarations of Arlen Chase on error calculation of the end of the world announcing the Mayan calendar, will serve to reassure those who prefer to avoid the lack of evidence and believe freely in delicious horror fiction.

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