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April 17, 2012

Cerro del Tortuguero: Archaeological Zone of the Mayan Civilization

Cerro del Tortuguero is where experts found the Stela # 6 of the Mayan prophecies speak about the December 21, 2012.

This historical evidence comes from a place that is being destroyed. The Tortuguero disappear. Do you know for what reason? To remove rocks of this archaeological site. Authorities are trying to stop this destruction.

April 16, 2012

In Search Of: Mayan Mysteries

The Mayans of Mexico carved an advanced civilization out of the jungles, then disappeared. Where did they come from? Where did they go?

March 26, 2012

UFO Mayan Secrets & Ancient Aliens Revealed

Irrefutable Evidence of ExtraTerrestrial Contact carved in Stone Thousands of Years ago on Pre-Mayans site. We shall finally change our History's Books and let humanity knows our True Origins. The World is wakening up! Share the video with your parents and let everyone discuss it rationally and openly.

March 21, 2012

Documentary : 2012 The Mayan Word

This groundbreaking film brings us the voices of the Mayan people as they share their perspectives on the prophecies of their ancestors and their fight to defend Mother Earth and their culture from destruction.

2012 The Mayan Word is both a message of hope and a call to action. Featuring testimonies from contemporary Mayans throughout Mesoamerica, from spiritual guides to activists, community leaders, farmers, artists, teachers, and children, this film is an extraordinary journey into the heart of Mayan struggle and spirituality.

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