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March 28, 2012

Theory of 'geoengineering' to cool the Earth and avoid the'' global warming''

If human activity is changing the Earth's climate system at breakneck speed, could we not do something in the opposite direction? Against global warming, is there not some way of cooling the planet? Yes there are ways.

At the moment are just ideas and research about not pass, for now, computer simulations or laboratory experiments.

The artificial formation of bright clouds over the oceans or the injection of particles into the stratosphere (as do naturally volcanoes), including the placement of mirrors and screens in space or the suitability of large areas at the surface light-colored planting crops are possibilities of what is called Solar Radiation Management (GRS).

The aim is to reject some of the light and warmth of the sun hitting the planet and, well, cool. Field trials should be avoided if there is a governance framework.

Technologies seem science fiction, but could become viable and the British Royal Society has just published a report to evaluate the effects and convenience and not to undertake them, but also begin to investigate and test.

His first conclusion is that geoengineering can not be considered as an alternative to reducing emissions that cause greenhouse warming and the measures of adaptation.

"GRS technologies would effect relatively quickly and cost would be comparatively low, and may reduce some of the most significant effects of climate change," summarizes the report of the Royal Society, developed jointly with the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World ( TWAS) and the Fund for Environmental Defense (EDF).

"However, poorly understood, have the potential to be dangerous and there are risks associated not only with their deployment, but also with their research medium and large scale," emphasized in the conclusions of the paper by 27 experts from 17 countries .

The GRS could be useful as an adjunct to control emissions, but not a solution of the problem and carries risks powerful.

The reduction in bright sunlight or artificial clouds created by aerosols can reduce glare and adversely affect the photosynthesis of plants or even have negative impact on human health in the population of affected areas. You can reduce the production of solar energy and alter weather patterns at the regional level, for example, the monsoons.

The prolonged injection of reflective aerosols into the stratosphere would be effective to induce a certain cooling, such as large volcanic eruptions, but only would mask the warming and could adversely affect the ozone layer.

Not to mention the very negative impact on astronomy and telescopes on Earth and in Earth observation from space. Still, some of these strategies could become the only option "in case of a weather emergency," experts say.

But the methods of GRS and its effects are poorly understood and only investigations and trials may provide answers. "None of these technologies should be implemented without a thorough characterization of its potential social and environmental impacts and appropriate under management agreements," the Royal Society. These technologies can be "very beneficial or very dangerous."

Given the current level of knowledge, experts believe that, for now, you should not deploy large-scale trials of GRS, although they could afford, with an appropriate framework of governance, research activities which are purely observational or performed in laboratory and field work only if the impacts are negligible.

Of course, one must determine first what means "negligible impact". As for whether to propose a moratorium on such research, experts of the committee have not been agreed.

March 24, 2012

Solar storms are warming the atmosphere of the Earth

A burst of solar activity in early March has shed enough heat in the Earth's upper atmosphere to power every home in New York for two years. The heat has dissipated now, but there is more to come, as the solar cycle intensifies

WMO report reveals that the last decade has been the warmest since 1850

High temperatures have marked the last decade making it the warmest since 1850, when the first records were made, according to a report by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

Thus, the average temperature in the period between 2001 and 2010 was 14.46 degrees Celsius, while this rate was 14.25 degrees in the previous decade and 14.12 in 1981-1990.

The year 2010 was the warmest, not only of the decade, but also the entire period of observations. The average temperature reached 14.53 degrees. And 2005 is the number two ranking with an average of 14.51 degrees.This trend demonstrates the acceleration of the process of global warming on our planet, experts say the body.

The process of melting of the ice sheet in Antarctica that has marked the past decade, is one of the clearest signs of climate change.The numerous floods, cyclones and droughts in this period are further evidence that our planet is changing. These weather events have had "catastrophic consequences" for several countries, say the authors.

For example, Hurricane Katrina in 2005 resulted in about 1,800 fatalities. Besides thousands of people were forced from their homes and many have never returned home. Katrina has become the most expensive hurricane in every way for USA. In 2008 another hurricane named Nargis, the deadliest of the decade, claimed over 70,000 lives in Burma.

March 23, 2012

NASA Global Warming

BBC Global Dimming Documentary About Geoengineering & Global Warming

A BBC documentary about how unintentional increased reflectance due to man made pollution has actually hidden the affects of increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

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