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August 13, 2017

2017 08 13 John Haller's Prophecy Update "The Emerging Convergence of the Urgent"

It only takes a momentary scan of the headlines for a discerning person to realize that we are moving toward the event horizon at breakneck speed. In all corners of the globe, tensions are rising, some of which were set into motion years ago either through gross mismanagement of foreign policy, or via a deliberate and sinister process. Regardless of the pathway or the intention, we now face multiple crises on global scale, with all the players picking and choosing sides, and the likely solutions have perilous consequences in nearly every foreseeable scenario. The Korean crisis is a stark and illustrative example of the "Convergence of Events" that John has preached about for several years now. Moreso than ever, we're watching it unfold before our very eyes. Even the unsaved are anxious, wondering what will happen, and in their ignorance, they are looking for someone to blame instead of reaching out the the very one that can save them. As believers, we know and remember what Matthew, Chapter 24 reminds us. These things must happen. And while uncomfortable to hear about, we can take a certain amount of solace knowing that our Lord keeps His promises and all this tension and strife is simply an indication that He will return and will rule with an iron fist. With that being said, be aware, but do not despair. John explains in this week's update entitled "The Emerging Convergence of the Urgent." Oh...and by the way...don't forget to get chipped... (Just kidding...we really are.)

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