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July 29, 2017

End Times Headline News - July 29, 2017

Unreal news out of the gate. Ove 50,000 contaminated water sources across the U.S. right now and you will never hear a peep from the controlled main stream media. Cancers are up 4000% since the 1920's...is this why? Then you have Trump taking the leash off the cops and telling them to start roughing up the gang members. Sounds like a bloodbath will be coming. Time is ticking and the end is near. After CRISPR Cas9 there is no going back. Time has been set as these generically altered humans arent Gods creations. What does that mean for your soul. Just like clones...but far worse. We are in a state of great peril and its clear. News from across the world as it applies to us in these last days. Be ye ready.

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