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July 14, 2017


From a tender age, evil came naturally to Prince. What started with stealing petty items with friends soon matured into full blown robbery. His panache for crime was accompanied by an uncontrollable spirit of anger and lust. However, Prince was stumped when the very demons whom he served with his life decided to cruelly take it from him. Beset with an aggressive form of lymphatic cancer which resulted in an open wound on his scrotum, Prince travelled far and wide in search of help. Multiple Indian hospitals and a plethora of strong witchdoctors did nothing to abate the life-threatening disease. Strangely, respite came from the very place he vowed never to go - a place he had mocked and scoffed at before. It was there that the shocking truth behind his forefathers came to the fore and the plot of demonic reincarnation was finally thwarted.

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