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June 7, 2017


Are you suffering from depression? Are suicidal thoughts pushing you to do the unthinkable? Stop whatever you are doing and watch this video. Heide Menzel from Germany was one of the millions across the globe who suffered from depression. Inside her head, voices would torment her as they continuously told her to end her life. She felt rejected, ugly and isolated. She tried religion, but felt there was a barrier between her heart and the Spirit of God that kept her from developing the relationship with Jesus Christ she earnestly desired. On a strenuous quest to put it all to an end, she came to realize she needed deliverance. Her search lead her to a foreign country, Nigeria, where she received the encounter with Jesus she yearned for so long when Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied into her life and set her free from the spirit of depression and suicide. Now a changed, happy and free child of God, Heide whats all who suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts to know that evil spirits are the cause and Jesus Christ, who loves us so much, has the power to set you free.

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