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November 28, 2012

Lu Zhenghai and his ark to "survive the apocalypse"


Lu Zhenghai , a Chinese working against the clock to build an ark to save himself intended ark global.El a cataclysm, a fairly modest imitation of saving humanity in the movie 2012, is 21 meters long, 5.15 wide and 5.6 tall and has cost its creator, Lu Zhenghai, one million yuan (about 160,000 U.S. dollars).

The "Ark of Lu" is now in the northern region of China, Xinjiang, near Central Asia, precisely one of the most remote places on earth sea, reported the South China Morning Post.Science graduate and lives in a modest apartment in the area, Lu has problems of lack of time and budget: after having spent two years in construction, recognizes that he needs at least another million yuan to finish.

Lu Zhenghai  is not the first Chinese that appears in the media believe their country for alleged prophecies mayas.Hace a month, an entrepreneur named Yang Zongfu introduced another system to "survive the apocalypse" spheres consisting of four meters in diameter and weighing six tons able to welcome people inside and withstand large shocks, falls and has received several orders cataclismos.Yang your particular "ark", which reportedly costs and half a million yuan (about $ 240.000).

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