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June 29, 2012

Thousands flee India floods

Monsoon rains in north eastern India have killed at least 27 people and left thousands more homeless. The military's been called in to deliver food and rescue stranded people.

HAARP Destruction - Video

Flash floods hit the Midlands

Aerial footage shows the area around Redditch in the West Midlands that has been hit by flash floods that have left schools were closed and roads under water.

June 27, 2012


Maine Prepares For Zombie Apocalypse Emergency Drills!

Florida Floods "Debby" Colorado Fires 32,000 Evacuated!



"Fire Dragon" Solar Eruption - June 27, 2012 | Phoenix Rising - Credit NASA SDO


An active sunspot on the farside of the sun is only days away from showing itself. During the late hours of June 25th, NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded an explosion which heralds the sunspot's approach: The farside blast hurled a cloud of plasma over the sun's southeastern limb. Earth was not in the line of fire, but Mars might be.

Lost Ancient Technology Of Peru And Bolivia

Enigmatic Machu Picchu Decoded

The Return Of The Gods Conference In Norway

Obvious Evidence Of Ancient Machine Technology In Egypt

Lost Ancient Technology Of Peru Revealed!

Illuminati Symbols: "The Watch" (Summer 2012) w/ Stiller/Vaughn/Hill

What Is the “Abomination of Desolation”?

The Truth About Armageddon! (On Location in Megiddo, Israel)

The New World Order – How Peace Will Come!

The Great Tribulation – God’s Promised Protection

The Final Antichrist – Who and What

The Beast of Revelation

Is a Secret Rapture Biblical?

Is 2012 the End?

Millions believe the world will end in 2012. Many realize the world is swamped with ever more and greater problems—many proving to be insoluble. Is there hope for mankind beyond 2012? What does the Bible teach?

Extreme Weather—What the Bible Reveals!

Europe’s Economy—Will It Collapse?

Europe and The Vatican – What Is Coming!

All the Great Prophecies Unlocked!

Armageddon Unveiled—What, When and Who!

Are We in the Last Days?

26 Prophetic Events in Exact Sequence Before Christ’s Return!

Extreme Weather—What the Bible Reveals!

Did God Send Nostradamus?

Texas Man Kills & Eats Family Dog.. Zombie Style!

Michael Terron Daniel, 22, of Waco, was in custody Monday charged with cruelty to a non-livestock animal in a bizarre incident on June 14 when a man who claimed to be on the synthetic drug K-2 chased a neighbor while barking a growling like a dog and then attacked a family dog, which he beat, strangled and then started to eat.

Daniel was arrested Monday at his workplace without incident, police said. The arrest stems from an incident on June 14 at 4601 Athens in Waco where officers were sent after a caller reported that a man was "going crazy."

The man, who evidently assaulted several people at the home and told them he "was on a bad trip from ingesting K-2," got down "on his hands and knees and chased a neighbor while barking and growling like a dog," according to witnesses

Deadly landslide devastates Uganda villages

Massive landslides induced by torrential rains destroyed villages in the mountainous district of Bududa in eastern Uganda, with 30 people reported to have been killed and at least 100 people reported missing.

Colorado wildfire forces 32,000 people from their homes

A wildfire raging near some of Colorado's most popular tourist sites grew suddenly more ferocious on Tuesday forcing 32,000 people from their homes, prompting evacuations from the US Air Force Academy and swallowing numerous houses at the edge of Colorado Springs.

Heavy rains and landslides in Bangladesh kill 90

At least 90 people have so far been killed in Chittagong, Cox's Bazar and Bandarban districts due to landslides, house collapses, lightening and electrocution following heavy torrential rains over the past few days, says government statistics.

"Until 1:30pm, we have been confirmed of 90 deaths," Aslam Alam, Secretary of the Disaster Management and Relief Division of the Ministry of Food and Disaster Management, told reporters at his office on Wednesday noon.

"Rescue operation is on. The disaster-time volunteers, fire brigade and troops are carrying out the salvation operations," he added.

At least 15 people were killed in and around the south eastern port city of Chittagong, while 30 died in Bandarban.24 more died in the coastal district of Cox's Bazar near the border with Burma.

Officials say most of the deaths were caused by landslides, others by wall collapses, lightning strikes and water surges.Troops form the army have been deployed to the affected areas around Chittagong as rescuers search for survivors and recover bodies.

"Rescue efforts had been hampered as communications have been largely snapped because of flash floods and heavy rain," Bandarban administrator, Tariqul Islam told AFP.

The army has been deployed to help with rescue efforts in the affected hill region of Chittagong, said the region's chief administrator, Sirajul Haq Khan, who warned that the death toll could rise as more remote areas are accessed.

According to Khan, at least 89 people died in a series of landslides and flash floods in and around Chittagong port and the neighbouring districts of Cox's Bazar and Bandarban.Bandarban administrator Tariqul Islam said 32 bodies have been recovered from multiple landslide sites.

Meanwhile, flight in and out of Chittagong's international airport have been suspended.The country's Disaster Management Information Centre says around 50,000 people have also been affected by the floods, and many have been forced to seek shelter on higher ground.

According to the state Disaster Management Information Centre, around 50,000 people were affected by the flash floods, and many of them forced to take shelter on higher ground.More heavy rain is expected in the next few days.

June 26, 2012

The predictions fulfilled of Blade Runnerin 30 years since its release

It has been 30 years since the release of the film Blade Runner and 10 years since the release of Minority Report. Both are rich sources of predictions about the future. But what has come to be fulfilled?

Based on Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Philip K. Dick, Blade Runner by Ridley Scott, the story of a dangerous quest for four copies of humans, called replicants in fiction, is a classic vision of a dystopian future, set in 2019 in Los Angeles.

Minority Report, based on a Dick story of the same name and located in Washington DC in 2054, is another story about the abundance of technological possibilities, where crime is foreseen and therefore prevented.

But what predictions which can be seen in these films have been fulfilled?Besides English, in Blade Runner, some residents of Los Angeles in 2019 speak a dialect that is a mixture of European languages ​​and East Asia.

Certainly in the last 30 years there has been a linguistic change in Los Angeles, including doubling the number of Spanish speakers (who speak Spanish at home), 1.5 million in 1980 to 3.6 million in 2010 ( including Spanish Creole).

Interralaciones with gesture-based computer:

John Anderton, the character of Tom Cruise in Minority Report, it gets a data glove to use a gesture-based computer. Wired magazine reported in 2008 that such relationships would soon become a reality.

John Underkoffler, the scientist who devised the system for Minority Report, I Oblong Industries to develop and commercialize it. In the year 2010, Underkoffler told the BBC: "we have not done until all the computers in the world to work like this." The triumph of touch screens is a prelude evident.

Cars that are suspended in the air:

 In addition to flying, take off and land verticalment, the car used by the cop Rick Deckard - played by Harrison Ford - in Blade Runner is able to travel by land.

The vehicle driven by Anderton in Minority Report has an electric motor, body panels that change color, self-cleaning and can repair itself. The doors and the ignition require a trace of DNA, which means it can not be stolen easily.

Back in reality, in April, the company reported TekGoblin Terrafugia U.S. had created the first prototype flying car that meets the standards of the Federal Aviation Administration and National Traffic Safety.
But with a price of around $ 280,000, it appears that the air car will not be an everyday occurrence for many.

Iris recognition technology

While flying cars are still a fantasy, the iris scan of Minority Report is a reality for many air travelers.In the film, the crime had been removed with the help of technology that constantly monitors the citizens. Devices to scan human eyes confirm their identidades.Hoy days, the iris detection devices used in border agencies around the world.

Personalized advertising:

The iris recognition technology has led to Anderton being bombarded by images aimed specifically at him.
"We're not far from it," says science fiction writer Robert J. Sawyer. And Internet advertising can be customized to match the interests of users.

The parallels between Google services such as DoubleClick and the scene of Minority Report have been made. There has been much discussion about Facebook's ads are based on the information users share about themselves.

In 2011, a report by the Center for Futures Studies predicted that soon the ads would be able to adapt to your mood, a technology known as "gladvertising".

Predictions of misconduct:

 Predicting police is present in Minority Report. In it, three psychics, called Pre-Cogs, have the ability to see the future and to help stop criminal activity."This is the notion that crime is something innate in people," says Sawyer.

Obviously, no police force in the world will make the diviners the center of its strategy, but there has been a growing interest in the idea of ​​setting future trends of crime and even predict which people could become a problem.

The police department in Memphis, Tennessee, is working with IBM on a system that analyzes crime trends to predict where the police should be deployed. IBM says it has helped reduce crime by 30%.

Advances in artificial intelligence:

The replicants in Ridley Scott seems to synthetic humans instead of real robots. A key device in the film is that the replicants do not have a normal emotional range, which can be detected by a "Voight-Kampff" test to measure empathic responses.

This fact seems to echo the many tests currently used to measure progress in artificial intelligence (AI). However, even machines that have been created to combine human behavior, language and mechanics of human movement, says Sawyer.

Privatization of space exploration:

 Blade Runner envisioned a world where most of humanity had chosen to live in colonies outside the world more pleasant administered by private companies.We are now in an era of "gradual decline in available state funding for space exploration programs," says Sawyer.

Although private companies have begun to take over, Burnham says they are very far from being able to colonize other planets. The private sector has not yet found a way to make space exploration profitable over 25,000 kilometers.So it seems doubtful that people will migrate to other planets by 2019.

Morality of the Robot:

Blade Runner raises ethical questions about the consequences of the creation of intelligent life forms in our likeness.The complication in the film is that the replicants are not robots, are made from organic materials and blood, like humans. But they lack empathy and have been created artificially.

"The question is whether Blade Runner should be accorded the status of personhood to machines," says Dr. Anne Foerst, professor of computer science associate at the University of St. Bonaventure, New York.

Blade Runner goes "beyond" the issue of artificial intelligence using the metaphor of technology to explore why the company decided that certain groups of people are acceptable and others not.

Making intelligent robots to adapt to the moral rules is an area of ​​debate and research latent says Allen. We are currently working on developing a control system for military robots "to ensure that they comply with the rules of engagement" and the creation of robots for use in the care of older people.

June 25, 2012

Microchipping: The Mark Of The Beast Is Here

Discussing the mark of the beast from the book of revelation in the bible and the only possibilities of what it could be. Apologetics on the mark of the beast...microchip implant beginning in health care. Health care bill proposed by the Obama administration. 2013 healthcare law.

Tropical Storm Debby Tampa Florida

This is a video I made on June 24, 2012 from 4:00 PM through 8:00 PM of tropical storm Debby slamming the Tampa and St. Petersburg area in Florida. Floods and Winds take the Tampa Bay Area to it's knees. And it's not done yet??? Tropical Storm Debby has stalled and more rain and wind is on it's way.

Tropical Storm Debby Coastal Impacts on Sarasota Florida - June 24, 2012

HD video of various impacts from Tropical Storm Debby on Sarasota FL. Drifting boats running aground at Bayfront Park (Marina Jack), logger head sea turtle nests getting hit by surge on Lido Key Beach, crews digging out and relocating lifeguard towers on Siesta Key Beach. ENG weather news video.

Tornado Outbreak in Florida from Tropical Storm Debby--June 24, 2012

Two tornadoes spawned by Tropical Storm Debby, the first named storm of 2012 to enter the Gulf of Mexico hit Florida on Sunday, killing a woman, injuring a child and wrecking homes in the central portion of the state, an official said.

The twisters hit the southern end of rural Highlands County and wrecked four homes and damaged several others, a mix of mobile homes and concrete-block residences, spokeswoman Gloria Rybinski of Highlands County Emergency Management said.

"We have one confirmed death of a woman, and a child was severely injured and transported to a hospital," Rybinski said. Further details were unavailable.

The twisters came as Debby churned on an uncertain track toward Florida's Gulf coast on Sunday, bringing strong winds and waves that forced the closure of about a quarter of offshore oil and gas production in the Gulf of Mexico.

Debby was centered about 205 miles (330 km) east-southeast of the mouth of the Mississippi River and was moving slowly northeast at about 3 mph (5 kph) at 4 p.m. CDT (2100 GMT), the National Hurricane Center said. Debby, no longer expected to
gain hurricane strength, packed winds of 60 mph (96 kph), the Miami-based center said.

Citing a "significant change in the forecast track," the NHC said Debby was expected to hit the Florida Panhandle near Panama City on Thursday as a tropical storm.

Tornadoes from Tropical Storm Debby Hit Florida, One Dead - June 24, 2012

June 24, 2012

June 22, 2012


Paul Begley Baptized In Jordan River (1996)

Amazing Confession Egypt General "Seeks Idols" Prophecy Fulfilled?


An earthquake measuring 4.7 magnitude on the Richter scale rocked Lima, but so far have reported injuries or property damage, reported the Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP). The quake occurred at 17.17 local time (22.17 GMT) with epicenter at 38 kilometers north of Lima at a depth of 96 kilometers.

The earthquake was accompanied by a loud and prolonged in the Peruvian capital, sparking scenes of panic and hurried many citizens leave their homes and offices. After the movement is reported a brief collapse of telephone lines. Peru is located in the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire, an area that has more than 85% of the seismic activity in the world.



June 21, 2012


RFID Micro-Chip Commercial (Mark Of The Beast)

News Break: Ship Capsizes 200 Aboard Australia Coast!!

America Police Chaplains Told To Stop Praying In Jesus Name?

Psalm 83 war is coming!

Stereo Behind Lunar Transit Explained - Follow Up NASA Images

This is an explanation of the lunar transit as observed by the stereo behind spacecraft on Feb 25,2007 by proofing the event in Stellarium software.Free Astronomy Software : http://stellarium.org/

FLOOD DESTRUCTION in Duluth, Minnesota June 20, 2012

FLOOD Duluth, Minnesota June 20, 2012

June 20, 2012

50 Rockets Fired On Israel From Gaza 4 Injured!

Paul Begley On The Mount Of Olives Israel (1996)

Mushroom Clouds Over Beijing China Apocalyptic Sign?

Middle East War Coming! Bible Prophecy Alert!

Miracle Healing Of Tumor (Live Video) India 1997

Powerful Typhoon "Hits" Japan 10,400 Face Danger!

Dynamic Earth | NASA

Watch as this NASA animation shows the sun blasting out a giant explosion of magnetic energy called a coronal mass ejection and the Earth being shielded from this by its powerful magnetic field. The sun also continuously showers the Earth with light and radiation energy.

Much of this solar energy is deflected by the Earth's atmosphere or reflected back into space by clouds, ice and snow. What gets through becomes the energy that drives the Earth system, powering a remarkable planetary engine -- the climate.

The unevenness of this solar heating, the cycles of day and night, and our seasons are part of what cause wind currents to circulate around the word. These winds drive surface ocean currents and in this animation you can view these currents flowing off the coast of Florida.

This animation connects for the first time a series of computer models. The view of the sun and the Earth's magnetic field comes from the Luhmann-Friesen magnetic field model and two models that incorporated data from a real coronal mass ejection from the sun on December 2006.

NASA's Community Coordinated Modeling Center (CCMC) at Goddard Space Flight Center, a multi-agency partnership that provides information on space weather to the international research community, generated these two models. The ENLIL model is a time-dependent 3-D magnetohydrodynamic model of the heliosphere and shows changes in the particles flows and magnetic fields.

The BATS-R-US model is also a magnetohydrodynamic model of plasma from solar wind moving through the Earth's magnetic dipole field. It uses measurements of solar wind density, velocity, temperature and magnetic field by NASA's Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) satellite, which launched in August of 1997 and the Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO), two satellites that view the structure and evolution of solar storms.

Illuminati Symbolism In Australian Advert 2012

911 - The Science of 9/11 - Documentary

Freemason Ron Paul (2012) The Illuminati Illusion?

Greenpeace: From hippies to lobbyists

Its epic battles are legendary. Its influence is undeniable. And it is hard to imagine that, in 1971, it took just a handful of individuals who were strongly opposed to nuclear testing to give birth to this worldwide organisation. So where did it all begin?


Major Earthquakes Hits/ 6.0 Alaska /5.3 Victoria/ 5.2 off coast Oregon

A strong earthquake that struck a remote and sparsely populated region of Alaska on Tuesday was felt on the island of Shemya where the U.S. military operates an air station.The earthquake spread itself statewide, reaching as far as 10km across southwest of Moe in the state's south-southeast, 18km west of Morwell, 30km off Traralgon and 78km southwest of Sale

June 18, 2012

THE SUN EXPLAINED: 18 June 2012 -- Solar Storms


The epicenter was 72 miles southeast of Morioka on Japan's Pacific coast, the USGS said, updating an initial report that said the quake was of magnitude 6.3 and 95 miles off the coast.

Retracting Coronal Mass Ejection! June 17, 2012 - SunsFlare

The coronal material is being pulled back into to the sun by magnetic attraction over hundreds of thousands of miles happening live! Incredible!

Collision between the Milky Way and Andromeda

This impressive event will occur in 3000 million years, the Milky Way and Andromeda will collide and eventually melting into a massive elliptical galaxy. Our planet is not in danger.

UFOs Drain Sun Causing Worst Solar Storms,June 17 2012

June 17, 2012

The Aftermath A World Without Oil - Documentary

Wildfires rage near Athens, hours before crucial vote

Wildfires raged through different parts of Greece on Saturday a day before crucial elections which has already spooked voters, international banks and world markets. The first blaze was reported in Keratea, some 50km south of the Greek capital Athens at around noon local time , where flames spread through isolated houses burning down several homes.

As the day progressed fires were also reported in Pendeli and Marathonas, suburbs in the north east of Athens, and in Patras and Neapoli in the Peloponese. Four aircraft, one helicopter and more than 100 firefighters with dozens of engines battled flames surrounding the settlements of Synterina, Agiasmos, Katafygi and Palaia Fokaia.

Residents were running around wooded areas with water buckets and hoses to try to put out the flames The Greek radio station Skai said the Keratea fires were started accidentally by welders working near a wooded area. They said the Keratea fire is not threatening residential areas but because because it is spreading fast they evacuated villages and closed off roads.

What in the world are they spraying (Documentary)

The Jericho Report 06/16/2012

Coast to Coast AM - June 16 2012 - Catastrophic Events

June 15, 2012


Plague Of Locusts Hits California! Apocalyptic Signs?

Japan Waters Turn "Pale Yellow" Omen or Prophecy?

John The Baptist Bones Found? Is It Possible?

Bible prophecy Signs 06/15/2012

Mark of the Beast signs 06/15/2012


Saint Louis Missouri Shakes -- Charts show it -- USGS doesn't report it 6/15/2012

Tornadoes in South Canada and Louisiana -Midwest Hail / Damaging winds 6/15/2012

Armageddon - The Countdown (Documentary)

WikiRebels: The Must Watch Wikileaks Documentary

"Rock of Ages" (Tom Cruise) Illuminati Symbolism (2012)

June 14, 2012

The Fourth World - 54 minute documentary trailer

There's a hidden 4th world about to explode: the world of slums. These sub-populations survive in the direst of circumstances, excluded from mainstream society. What's more they're growing at an alarming rate.

In 2007 1 billion people lived in slums, by 2030 it will be 2 billion. This eye-opening investigation brings us inside the world's shanty towns and explores the reasons for their rapid expansion and the consequences if this mass of deprived humanity is ignored.

NASA launches 'black hole hunter'

NASA is calling it the black hole hunter, a newly launched telescope that could just change the way we see the universe.The nuclear spectroscopic telescope array, or NuStar, has just left a US military air base in the Marshall Islands, in the central Pacific ocean.

NuStar will become operational in about a week, when a long mast about the length of a bus will unfold in space.Once deployed, astronomers will be able to get a close look at what are known as high-energy fields in space like exploding stars and black holes.

Black hole hunting satellite launched

June 13, 2012

Clinton: "Russia Sending Attack Helicopters To Syria! Prophecy!

Record-Breaking Solar Flare On The Sun! Bible Signs!

Russia Is Forcing Syria Into Civil War!

Northeast Limb Prominence - SDO / AIA304 (6/12/2012)

Solar Flares Fire Up Protons, Make Gamma Rays (NASA.gov)

Solar flares produce gamma rays by several processes, one of which is illustrated here. The energy released in a solar flare rapidly accelerates charged particles. When a high-energy proton strikes matter in the sun's atmosphere and visible surface, the result may be a short-lived particle -- a pion -- that emits gamma rays when it decays.

NASA detects powerful gamma rays solar 06/12/2012

During a solar storm of March 7, the gamma-ray Telescope NASA's Fermi detected a light never before associated with a burst of X-ray solar flare.It was historically the largest gamma ray recorded by the Sun, with over 100 million electrovolts (MeV), the report published yesterday Fermi.

The peak of the flare was 2 billion times the energy of visible light, or about 4 billion electron volts (GeV), a record never detected during or after a solar flare. (See videos and image gallery).Was a gamma ray flux equivalent to more than 100 million electron volts (100 MeV), equivalent to 1000 times the release of gamma rays of the sun normal basalAnother notable features is that this high energy was recorded for 20 hours, which means a period of more than two and a half times as recorded historically.

The X-ray explosion March 7 was a magnitude X5.4, on a scale from A, B, C, M, where X is the strongest.So far, in four years of investigations, as the star physicist at the University of California, Nicola Omodei, the Sun had only weak and stable gamma ray sources.

"Now we can see what the Sun is able to do," Omodei described the meeting 220ava American Astronomical Society in Anchorage, Alaska.Fermi's team reviews the sky every 3 hours searching for gamma-ray energy range 20 MeV to about 300 MeV.With a second instrument, the Gamma-Ray Monitor (GBM), detects weaker energy of 8,000 eV to 40 MeV, which are energy ranges that detect interesting phenomena observed in the sky space, reports NASA.

With both teams on June 12, 2010, a sharp Fermi gamma ray, but much less than that observed on March 7, 2012.ImageryThe Fermi image shows the powerful gamma-ray flare detected on March 7, which indicates that measurement is greater than 100 million electron volts and (MeV), a thousand times its usual release. On the other side shows the ray source Vela star press.The sun produces gamma rays after a release of protons.

Particles accelerated protons collide with each other generating a pion particle emitting gamma rays. (See gallery)The first video shows how to form a gamma ray burst. The second is for the Solar Dynamic Observatory images (SDO), SLAR storm on March 7.

June 12, 2012


Afghanistan Quake Kills 80 / Italian Bank Freeze Accounts / Syria Kids

2012 Dead Birds, Fish, And Beast! Apocalypse Report!

Tornado-like whirlwind sweeps across Venice, Italy

Venice residents were amazed and frightened by a tornado-like spiral of wind that swept across the lagoon city. The whirlwind, which according to experts was not quite at the magnitude of a tornado, was seen spiraling across the waters of the city and captured on mobile phones.

At least five dead in floods in Taiwan

Days of torrential rain brought floods and landslides to parts of Taiwan on Tuesday (June 12) where five people have died, according to Taiwan's Central Emergency Operation Centre. A car park in the area collapsed throwing cars down a muddied bank, while a pregnant woman and her child were found stranded in deep water under a bridge.

Across Taiwan, 27 provincial and county highways were disrupted, 12 of which have been cleared. In New Taipei City, local residents were seen trying to sweep flood water away from their homes overnight. Agricultural damage has been estimated at 28,201,000 Taiwan dollars (941,570 U.S. dollars).

Severe floods sweep through China

A man holds on for dear life, as a raging torrent threatens to sweep him away. On Monday, rescuers in central China pulled him to safety after he was stranded for hours. Heavy rainfall has plagued dozens of villages and towns in Hunan Province, triggering floods and mudslides.

According to Chinese state media, local authorities have evacuated some 26,000 residents. At least 1,500 homes have been damaged, as well as thousands of hectares of farmland. Estimating losses up to 28 million US dollars, Chinese media reported that electricity and transportation services have also been affected. Seasonal rain storms hit parts of China each year. This year, the government has already warned of severe summer floods due to increased rainfall.

Boat Explosion off N.J. Coast - "9 Injured, 20 Still in the Water" (Police Audio) - June 11, 2012

A large boat exploded off the coast of Sandy Hook early this evening, causing several serious burn injuries and nearly two dozen passengers to abandon ship, according to the United States Coast Guard and TV reports.

The explosion occurred at around 4:20 p.m. about 17 miles out to sea, causing 21 people to jump ship. Some aboard escaped on lifeboats, the Coast Guard said.

Navy Drone Crashes in Maryland - June 11, 2012

Thick Yellow Fog Engulfs Wuhan, China - June 11, 2012

Alien Invasion Military Prepare For Attack 2012(false flag!!)

Anonymous the new face of Cyber War.

Illuminati Queen Beyonce Gets Permanent Free Pass from TSA (2012)

10 Most Devastating Natural Disasters

They caused death and destruction on a massive scale, presenting the 10 most devastating natural disasters.

Around 100 feared dead in two Afghan earthquakes

Around 100 people are feared dead, trapped under mud and rocks due to landslides caused by two strong earthquakes in Afghanistan. The first quake measured 5.4 on the Richter in the Hindu Kush region and then no sooner than that a 5.7 scaled aftershock happened north of Kabul.

These are the very first pictures to come from one scene as bewildered villagers assess the damage. Details are still sketchy but between 25 and 30 houses were destroyed across remote mountain villages in the Burka district in the northern province of Baghlan. The U.N. said in a statement that it was working with local authorities to try to help in the rescue effort but did not provide details.

This man, Abdullah, says he's lost eight members of his family and was urging the film crews to help remove other people from the rubble. A Principal Governor said two women had been rescued, the UN confirmed there'd been one death.

Up to 100 feared dead in Afghanistan earthquakes June 12, 2012

Afghanistan Earthquake: up to 100 Dead In Baghlan Province After Landslides

A massive landslide of mud and rocks buried houses so deep in the remote mountain village of Sayi Hazara that rescuers gave up trying to use shovels to dig through the buried buildings.As many as 100 people are feared dead in an earthquake and landslide that buried more than 20 houses in northern Afghanistan on Monday, officials said.

Rescuers have so far pulled two women's bodies from the rubble of the landslide in Baghlan province, said provincial Gov. Abdul Majid. The U.N. confirmed one other death and said houses were destroyed across five districts.

A massive landslide of mud and rocks buried houses so deep in the remote mountain village of Sayi Hazara that rescuers gave up trying to use shovels to dig through the buried buildings, said Jawed Basharat, a spokesman for the provincial police chief who was part of a team that examined the village after the slide. There were no visible signs of the buildings underneath.

Landslide engulfs Afghan villages 06/12/2012

More than 100 people are still feared trapped under the rubble after an earthquake-triggered landslide buried more than 20 houses in Afghanistan's Baghlan province.

AFGHANISTAN Dreadful 5.7 EARTHQUAKE 100 frd Dead; Landslides; Buildings Buried 6.11.12

June 11, 2012

THE SUN TODAY: 11 June 2012 - A Day Trip to the Sun

Pastor Terry Jones Hangs Effigy Obama / Miami Zombie Voodoo

Colorado "Wild Fires" 20,000 Acres Burning!!

Indiana Radiation Levels Spike Other States Alex Jones Reporting!

Japan's "Sardine Apocalypse" 200 Ton Dead Fish Blood Red Water!!

Jesus Must Be Coming Soon! 7 Salvations Last Night!

Asteriods Earthquakes Today 06/11/2012



3 M-Class Solar Flares in 24 hours! Sunspot 1504 - 06/10/2012

BREAKING NEWS: Four Comets! - 06/09/2012

Locusts invade Sacramento farm

A swarm of locusts has come down on a farm just outside Sacramento, Calif., leaving its tenants to try everything from molasses traps to turkey predators in an effort to purge the pests from their home.

A Radiation Risk in South Bend, IN?

Illuminati Subliminal in Hair-Care Ad (2012) "Fallen Angel DNA"? "Death of Christianity"?

June 10, 2012

Bangkok residents unite to fight floods

Severe flooding triggered by a tropical storm in 2011 wreaked havoc across Thailand, including parts of the capital Bangkok. About 815 people were killed and thousands had to flee their homes as 65 of the country's 77 provinces were declared flood disaster zones.

As many people criticised government efforts to bring relief to disaster-stricken areas, residents in Bangkok were forced to unite to prevent the floodwaters from causing further destruction of their properties.

In the face of growing danger, many locals put everything on the line to save their neighborhoods in the city.

June 8, 2012

Tsunami battered dock washes ashore in US

Officials in the US have found another piece of debris from the tsunami in Japan last year, a 20 m long, rusting dock that washed ashore near the city of Portland in the state of Oregon. The dock was originally one of four that were swept away by the tsunami, one has already been found near Misawa, but two more are still missing, perhaps afloat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Al Jazeera's Dominic Kane reports.

Breaking news : Huge Asteroid Moving Towards Earth found on google sky

June 7, 2012


High Radiation Levels Indiana And Michigan Loud Booms?

Great Hail In Colorado Apocalyptic Event?



A magnitude 5.9 earthquake has struck the FIJI REGION at a depth of 271.5 km (168.7 miles), the quake hit at 09:01:52 UTC Thursday 7th June 2012.The epicenter was 159 km (98 miles) Northwest of NUKU`ALOFA, Tonga.No Tsunami Warning Issued - No Reports of Damage or Injuries at this time

M 5.8 EARTHQUAKE - MAULE, CHILE 06/07/2012

A moderate earthquake struck Maule, Chile with 5.8 magnitude at a depth of 7 km this Thu, 07 Jun 2012 04:05:05 +0000. This can cause major damage to poorly constructed buildings over small regions. At most slight damage to well-designed buildings

RADIATION ALERT on multiple systems -- North Indiana - South Michigan 6/7/2012

SOLAR ACTIVITY UPDATE: M2.1-Class Flare/CME (June 7th, 2012).

Floating Dock (from Japan?) Washes Up On Oregon Beach - June 6, 2012

A mysterious dock has washed up along a beach in Oregon.Some speculate it may be from Japan, as the result of last year's tsunami.The dock has a placard with Japanese writing that they are attempting to translate. KATU out of Oregon traced a phone number on the placard to a business located in Tokyo."


Venus Transit 25 Angles Full Amazing

Panetta declaring war on Pakistan?

Drones strike again in Pakistan, this time killing the alleged number two leader of al-Qaeda, Abu Yahya al-Libi. According to government officials, Obama-led drones strikes have executed 15 al-Qaeda leaders, while the George W. Bush administration killed 16 throughout that president's two terms. Many are questioning the effectiveness of these unmanned attacks and are asking: is America safer? Scott Horton, contributing editor for Harper's Magazine, will help us answer this pressing question.

Scientists say that global collapse is imminent

A total of 18 scientists from around the world have predicted an imminent planetary collapse, calculated using scientific theories, ecosystem modeling and paleontological evidence.

In the article, published in Nature, the authors suggest that the increasingly extreme fluctuations that affect the Earth's biodiversity, climate change and ecosystems suffering the budget available to the radical change in energy sources, are driving the planetary status to a turning point.

As pointed out, the last turning point in Earth's history occurred about 12,000 years ago, when the planet passed from the time of the glaciers, to its current interglacial.

Once they reached the turning point, the most extreme biological changes that led to our current situation occurred in only 1,000 years, as explained by one of the authors, Arne Mooers.

Mooers said that "at present, the next change of global state will be very harmful to our civilization and, once a global change occurs, there is no turning back."

These projections contradicted the popular belief that the fact that anthropogenic pressures such as climate change, are destroying our planet, are still debatable and that any disaster would be gradual, and it would take centuries to occur.

This study concludes that it is better not to break the record 50 percent of the total transformation of the surface of the Earth, because, otherwise, we can not delay or prevent the collapse planetarium. We have already reached the 43 percent mark, which makes the Earth's environment is increasingly susceptible to an epidemic.

"In short, humans have not done anything really important to avoid the worst, and that social structures are not needed for this," said Mooers.

June 6, 2012

Another Zombie Attack In Louisiana!

A violent attack in Scott is eerily similar to a case out of Florida connected to the dangerous drug known as bath salts. The disturbing attack in Florida ended when police shot and killed the suspect after he would not stop biting and chewing at another man's face. Now, a similar case over the weekend in Lafayette Parish

Behind The Scenes: Miami Zombie Prank! (What Really Happened)

The Venus transit phenomenon

June 5, 2012

Simulation of a strong earthquake that would leave 50,000 dead in Lima

Peru on Thursday made ​​a mock earthquake and tsunami of 8 on the Richter scale, one of the three planned in 2012 as part of a campaign to prepare for an earthquake in Lima that could leave more than 50,000 dead, the worst case scenario.

The drill began at 10:00 local (15:00 GMT), estimated time of the earthquake, and sought to measure the responsiveness of the population and authorities to a natural disaster to turn warning systems and evacuation routes in areas where there could be a tidal wave.

The hypothetical epicenter of the earthquake was estimated at 190 kilometers west into the Pacific Ocean, creating a tsunami wave train which would take from 15 to 20 minutes of playing the Peruvian coast.

THE SUN TODAY: 5 June 2012 -- A Month in the Sun


Transit Of Venus Great Wonder In Heaven? Revelation

Introduction Of The "Anti-Christ"

300 Dead Dolphins In Russia , Quakes, "Hosea Prophecy"

SOLAR ACTIVITY UPDATE: M3.3 Solar Flare/CME Sunspot 1496(June 4th, 2012)

Eyewitness Describes Miami Causeway Zombie (Raw Video).

Prophetic signs of the end of the world: May 2012

Study reveals a cosmic ray bombardment against the Earth more than 1,200 years

The Earth was hit by a wave of powerful and mysterious radiation from outer space more than 1,200 years ago, reported the journal Nature.Those strange cosmic events, examined by experts from Japan, occurred in the eighth century.

According to the magazine, right between the years 774 and 775 AD space in our neighborhood, something happened that triggered a barrage of cosmic rays hitting the Earth with an intensity never seen before.A team of specialists from the University of Nagoya Nippon, led by Fusa Miyake, were found traces of that event in the tree rings and marine deposits worldwide.

Analyzing this phenomenon for years, Miyake and his team used data from carbon 14 (a radioactive isotope of carbon) and scored more than interesting.Measuring the index of that element of two old cedars in Japan, scientists realized that the rings for the years 774 and 775 had an increase of 1.2% carbon 14 relative to other years. (Keep in mind that the typical annual variation of carbon-14 is just 0.05%, this percentage increases as the standard 20 times).

The work of Miyake group aims to analyze two hypotheses for this phenomenon discovered. The first talk of a possible source of cosmic rays may have been caused by a powerful explosion on the Sun's surface is true that solar activity varies over periods of 11 years and sometimes surprises us with intense flares whose effects reach Earth.Under the second scenario, an event so powerful is due to the violent death of a star: the explosion of a supernova.

"This is very strange cosmic event. Yes we can say that an extremely energetic event happened in our space environment around the year 775, but the cause was a solar flare or a supernova, "said Japanese researcher.To complement and develop the studies, researchers at the University of Nagoya documented evidence are missing. However, no data on a solar flare of this intensity.

The other possibility has not been proven, because so far no documents were found, 774 or 775 to reflect an event, the brightness of a supernova, which should attract the attention of the inhabitants of Earth.Thus, the origin of most cosmic ray bombardment which the news is still a mystery.

"With our current knowledge we can not specify the cause of that event," acknowledged Miyake. To get to the origin of the phenomenon, Miyake and his team have to continue working.

Asteroids conducted with an alien force threatening the Earth

In the second half of this century, could approach the Earth and asteroids hitting the planet, and there are "plenty" of dangers of this kind, concluded a recent study by U.S. scientists.

At the same time, it is extremely difficult to calculate the trajectory of potentially hazardous asteroids because of a strange effect that can distort the path of the asteroid.The phenomenon is known as 'Yarkovsky effect' by the name of a Russian engineer Ivan Yarkovsky, the scientist who first predicted the phenomenon in 1900.

In the past 12 years, this phenomenon led to deflect an asteroid from its path about 100 miles, a figure not very significant for the huge space, but very important for the Earth. "It is important to understand this process and how it impacts on the asteroid to determine whether the celestial body will collide with our planet or not," says Josh Emery, University of Tennessee at Knoxville.

The effect is that the thermal radiation from the asteroid surface creates a weak pulse celestial body that gives an additional acceleration.Noting with NASA telescope to the asteroid 1999 RQ36, a small diameter of only a mile and would have to pass by Earth in 2135, scientists determined that the intensity of the 'Yarkovsky effect' depends on the surface of celestial body.

If the stone surface is a dense, then the heat is maintained for longer and, therefore, an enhanced phenomenon of thermal radiation. But if the surface is made up of dust or sand is then cooled much more quickly, which means that the 'Yarkovsky effect "will be lower, ie the lower the path deviation.Meanwhile, experts say the difficulty is that the asteroids are not divided strictly on sandy or stone materials. Its surface is different.

Furthermore, it is almost impossible to measure the effect somewhat, scientists emphasize in their article.However, knowledge about this phenomenon, together with data on the size, thermal properties and orbit, helped scientists determine the mass and density of the asteroid 1999 RQ36, which is located at a distance of several million miles from Earth. Proved to have the density of water and a structure as the foam.

Based on experience, astrophysicists hope to again assess the degree of threat to our planet by asteroids in the years 2170-2190. Moreover, if it is carried out successfully the U.S. mission OSIRIS-Rex in the next decade, scientists hope to receive more information about this topic.

This mission provides the launching interplanetary station of the same name in 2016, and his landing on the asteroid 1999 RQ36 in 2019. The unit will take soil samples and will have to return to Earth in 2023.

June 3, 2012

2MIN News June3: Volcanos, Egypt Erupts, Solar/Planetary Update

The Third Strong Earthquake In 2 Weeks Hit North Italy Tonight (6/3/2012)

A third strong earthquake rocked Northern Italy this evening. The 5.1 magnitude quake centered in Novi de Modena, Italy toppled buildings and the central clock tower, all of which were abondoned due to damage from the previous 2 earthquakes over these past 2 weeks.

Prophetic Update June 3 2012

Strong Earthquake strikes off of the coast of Panama's Pacific Coast while Italy is till shaking with Earthquakes and Economic uncertainty. Unidentified Species of Spiders attack India residents by the Swarms killing 2 people and many sick.

Geomagnetic solar storm affects Canada and Alaska

A brief geomagnetic solar storm was generated after the last coronal mass ejections from the Sun and is impacting the Earth in polar latitudes, according to the forecast center space. The warning report was issued at 22:24 and lasts until the morning of June 3.

The affected areas are the latitude to 65 degrees. Geomagnetic storms can induce fluctuations in electrical current and spectacular auroras by the collision of ions from the solar wind with Earth's magnetic field. Auroras are visible in Canada and Alaska.


A strong 6.0 magnitude earthquake has struck Salta, Argentina at a depth of 519.6 km (322.9 miles), the quake hit at 07:52:53 UTC Saturday 2nd June 2012 .The epicenter was 8 km (4.8 miles) Southeast of Yacuiba, Bolivia.No Reports of Damage or Injuries at this time.

Earthquake early warning drill in Tokyo school

History Channel Mega Disasters Earthquake In The Heartland

As they did in the Winter of 1811-1812, Earthquakes pose a serious but somewhat obscure threat to the Central United States! The largest sequence of Earthquakes in the history of the contiguous 48 United States were produced by the faults in the New Madrid Seismic Zone.

San Fernando Valley Earthquake 1971 Sylmar California

Men, Steel and Earthquakes presented by Bethlehem Steel

San Francisco Earthquake Aftermath (1906)

What Would a Large Earthquake Do to Downtown L.A.?

How Science Helps Communities Survive Earthquakes

Earthquakes can be far more than just geological phenomena—they can greatly alter the way we live.
In this video, "The Great Southern California ShakeOut: An Earthquake Scenario Based On Science," USGS scientists and their partners talk about the ways science is used to help build safer communities in Southern California.

1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake - Marina District

Alaskan Earthquake (1964) The Big Picture

San Francisco After The Earthquake And Fire Of 1906

Earthquake Below (1975)


The Reality Behind The Number 666

Santos Bonacci - Physics and the Myths: Light and the Bible (Preview)

Genesis 32:30 - "And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel..."

Lucifer is the God of the New World Order

USGS censors 5.1 magnitude earthquake in the Gulf of Mexico! 06/02/2012 --

Tornado rips through Colombian town

At least one person is dead, more than one hundred injured and about 5,000 people are homeless in the coastal town of Sabanalarga in Colombia after a tornado ripped through the centre of the town on Friday (June 1).

At least one thousand homes lost their roofs throughout five districts of the town. Local television images showed a large funnel cloud sweeping across the town and the aftermath in the wake of the tornado. Local officials said the area would receive aid and resources amounting to about $273,000 USD.

Waterspout Turned EF01 Tornado Causes $4.3 Million in Damage - Hampton, VA (June 1)

Prophecy inspires search for diamonds in Israel

 Israel is a world leader in polishing and setting of beatifuls stones . But in the country there are no mines that produce them, so the matter and work.However, the first and only company so far Israeli diamond seeker, it does not in pursuit of business and profits, but to comply with what some consider a prophecy.

Employees and Shefa Yamin machines have been working for a decade around the city of Haifa, determined to find the diamonds that have been buried "divinely" in the area, according to the version of a rabbi in New York .

Shefa Yamim, which means "abundance of the seas" in Hebrew, was founded in 1999 by Avi Taub, an Orthodox Jew, to verify the alleged existence of gems of Rabbi Menachem Schneerson who spoke to the then mayor of Haifa"The uniqueness of Haifa is that it has a sea and has a valley (...) and in the valley there are precious stones and gems.

The holy, praise, did a wonderful thing: the hidden in the depths of the earth," said Rabbi during the conversation that was recorded on video.Schneerson was considered by some of his followers as a kind of Messiah. Taub between them and therefore felt the need to prove what he said their religious leader. Israel is a leader in diamond processing, but no deposits of these stones.The work began amid skepticism from experts in mining, but now says Taub have found strong indications of diamond deposits in the so-called Holy Land.

The Israeli mining would have found "geological indications," including 77 macro and micro diamonds in the excavations, according to Taub, who is the chief executive the company."This is a mission. We are talking of divine providence. I hope to have the right to reveal it," Taub told the Reuters news agency at his office in the city of Akko.

The Taub is not the only mineral exploration company working in Israel following religious signs in the Holy Land.Zion oil company, with offices in Texas, is conducting surveys in the same area where he works Shefa Yamin, inspired by a map of the twelve biblical tribes of Israel.

With all the optimism and religious veneration that put these companies in their explorations, they have not come up with commercially viable discoveries. When Shefa Yamin wanted to sell shares on the stock exchange in Tel Aviv stock market makers delayed his public appearance to receive confirmation from the Ministry of Energy on the viability of the company.Finally the shares went on sale last April and has since maintained a market value of about U.S. $ 62 million.

The Shefa Yamim geochemical consultant, Mark Fedikow, believes that "there is no reason why you can not connect faith with economies in this case."According Fedikow is about accepting what he says the rabbi, but then "the later developments are not based on faith but on verifiable evidence."But statistical evidence that some are based to dismiss the chances of success of Israeli mining.

Only 1% of the geological structures that focus on diamonds that have been discovered are economically viable and are mostly in South Africa, Liberia, Australia and North and South America.In the past 15 years have not reported significant findings in diamond mining and industry thrives on the production of about 20 mines around the world.

June 2, 2012

'Israel's creation worst catastrophe to hit world'

Transit of Venus | Time Travel | Nov 24, 1639

A young astronomer by the name of Jeremiah Horricks recorded the transit of Venus on Nov 24, 1639 according to the Julian calendar. To view what he would have observed on that point in history, we can use software by entering in the date of Dec 4, 1639 which matches our current Gregorian calendar.

Mike Adams Exposes The Zombie Conspiracy.

Zombie Apocalypse 2012 its happening people cdc warned us back in 2011!!

ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE,CANNIBAL STRIKES IN MARYLAND - Kenyan Student eats Victims Heart and Brain


June 1, 2012

Japanese Tsunami Disturbed the Upper Atmosphere | Nasa Gps Satellite Space Video

The Japanese earthquake and tsunami caused a measurable disturbance in the upper atmosphere.

Earthquakes, Wormwood, Riots! Jesus Coming!2012

GLOBAL SEISMIC ALERT: Japan Researchers - Expect Massive Quake Off Boso Peninsula Soon!

Japanese researchers say a massive earthquake could occur off a peninsula to the east of Tokyo, in an area separate from the one that triggered the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923.

Japan Warns Massive Earthquake to hit near Tokyo & Fukushima Update 5/31/12

Alert : wave of magnetic storms 'attack' the Earth

The Sun has entered the phase of the overactivity that will continue over the coming years, experts warn. "In 2012 and the years to observe the maximum power of solar activity. Explosions and eruptions on the sun are becoming more frequent," says the representative of the Institute of Space Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Yuri Zaytsev.

Health Hazard "Both statistically and clinically proven already the influence of disturbances and magnetic storms, and atmospheric pressure on human health," says the expert, stressing that the phenomenon primarily affects people with cardiovascular disease. According to the scientist, "magnetic storms also have much influence on the astronauts, whose adaptation system is overloaded with many other factors for the flights they make."

At the same time, according to Zaytsev, "in the human body have not yet found an organ or particular cell type that plays the role of a sensitive receiver geomagnetic disturbances." However, the expert notes that even in the period when the sun is at its most active, well-being of healthy people in general will not be too concerned.

The sun goes through regular cycles of activity and approximately every 11 years the activity intensifies and storms occur sometimes deform and even cross the Earth's magnetic field, often interfering with communications systems.

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