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May 2, 2012

Mega-earthquake alert for May 20, 2012 (Nostradamus)

On 9 August 2005 a crop circles appeared in England. This was special and different to those known from 1983.When hundreds of scientists and researchers in the UFO phenomenon saw it , they discovered inside  drawn symbols and represented the Mayan calendar, along with an oval picture was investigated, the conclusion was:

Notice of an annular solar eclipse that as measured by the calendar happen next May 20, 2012, just as the sun of the Maya aligns with the Pleiades, the earth, sun, moon and the center of the galaxy .

Coincidence? The mega-earthquake May also have been announced by the Maya.
In the book of the prophecies of Nostradamus is information that has led researchers to match the date mentioned above.

In its announcement, Nostradamus gives clear signs of a great event that, according to the text, is about to occur:

"Day twenty of Taurus the earth will tremble so strong,
The large sink crowded theater,
The air, earth and sky darken and quake,
Then God in his holy overwhelm the infidel "
"In the place where his ship was making Hiero,
Be so great and so sudden flood,
There is no place or refuge lands,
The wave will reach the Olympic Fesulano "
"Venus will have a course so virtuous
That obfuscate the Sun every law. "
What announce the prophecies of Nostradamus?
Twentieth of Taurus: May 20
Venus will bring a course so rigorous: in 2012 Venus will transit the Sun to be completed on June 6.

As reported by those who studied the texts, Nostradamus announces that there will be a great earthquake with a devastating tsunami that would cover the entire Italian Peninsula.

Did Mayan know it ?

On May 20, 2012 is the date of return of the snake Jaquar in the Pyramid of Chichen Itza and the return of Quetzalcoatl. The Maya knew this date and much has been said of this day as the "Return of the Gods"

¿A coincidence? Just another ad catastrophic as the thousands who are around this year?
Everyone who draw their own conclusions.Posted by Nostradamus and researchers of crop circles, this day marks a particular astronomical event, anticipate, could make way for a mega-earthquake.


  1. Lets not forget the crop circle that pointed to both of these days that popped out in 2008.

  2. people make those crop circles and we all know how stupid the human race is.

  3. Don't panic and enjoy the life and path you where given.

  4. If you can't see it all happening by now your blind my friend,the economy crash,ww3,extreme weather,solar flares, mass animal deaths...I forgot everythings going to be OK were American and nothing bad can happen to us just The rest of the world.were in the end time trust me get right with the lord and you'll see the truth .......!!!!!!!

    1. I was blinded by the worlds lies for the longest time.now i have new eyes which i see it all clear now. I have proof of Gods anger. I videoed it for the world to see it. I am from Arkansas about 5 miles from where the dead drum washed up. Its on youtube under dead fish and birds in Arkansas 2011. Its going to be on national geographic international in the fall called paranatural. Im trying to save people and get them back to god and get organized before it is too late. Most people dont care until its happening. The government knows and is not hiding it. Wake up everyone! !!!

  5. The one prophecy that will most definately come true on may 20th 2012 is; there will be a lot of people that were right and a lot of people that were wrong.
    However, I do believe that most, if not all, (believers and non believers) desire change.

  6. Anything is possible. Just let's be aware, prepared and know our status in life and with the Lord.

  7. hello earthquakes....

  8. the night of 20/05/2012 strong earthquake in Italy near Bologna, felt by all the center-north Italy. Magnitudo 6.0 at 4:04 italian time.

  9. il teatro olimpico fesulano si trova a vicenza in nord italia , diciamo che nostradamus ha quasi indovinato la zona del terremoto, io abito a ferrara e vi posso assicurare che è stata una scossa sismica molto forte

  10. the night of 22/05/2012 earthquake in Macedonia near Strumica

  11. Según mi interpretación la gente se equivoca con respecto a la fecha de la profecía .
    Nostradamus vivió entre Diciembre de 1503 y July de 1566 antes que, unos años después, el Papa Gregorio cambiara el calendario.

    Además cabe notar que de acuerdo a la astronomía (que no es la fecha usada en la actualidad para los horóscopos) Sol permanece en la constelación de Taurus durante 38 días entra el 14 de Mayo y sale el 20 de Junio.
    por lo tanto en el calendario actual la fecha a la que se refería Nostradamus es el 2 de Junio de 2012 (Tauro 20 ) auque por convención digamos que estamos en Géminis.

    Por lo tanto para saber si Nostradamus tenía razón habrá que esperar al próximo domingo.

  12. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

  13. Nice Blog! I would love to read more about this topic.


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