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May 6, 2012

How can we stop the global warming?

The only way to protect the environment and curb global warming by limiting or stagnating economic growth. This is the conclusion of a group of scientists who, after a series of investigations, established a direct relationship between the main causes of climate change and global economic growth.

Researchers José Tapia Granados and Edward Ionides, University of Michigan, and Oscar Carpenter, University of Valladolid, Spain, measured levels of CO2 in the atmosphere from 1958 until 2010 and then sought the relationship between them and the rates of GDP in the world, increasing population and various natural phenomena that occurred in each particular year.

The results indicated that higher levels of carbon dioxide were observed in years when world GDP has been above normal.

The researchers noted that whenever the global GDP increased more than expected, shot CO2 levels.

"If we continue down the path that we, as if there were any problems, economic contractions are needed as the Great Recession or even more to reduce atmospheric CO2 levels," said Tapia Granados, cited by the journal Environmental Science and Policy.

In pre-industrial CO2 concentrations are estimated at between 200 and 300 parts per million (ppm) and are currently around 400 ppm, although the level to maintain a stable climate is around 300 ppm.

"One solution is the carbon tax charged on any activity that produces CO2 to create incentives for reducing emissions. The money raised would be returned to individuals so that the tax would not be a burden on the entire population, "says one scientist.

"What our study makes clear is that climate change will soon have a serious impact on the world, and increasingly have less time to take corrective action," he concludes.

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