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April 19, 2012

The "Second Coming of Christ"

The "Second Coming of Christ"  was announced by Jesus himself when he talking to his disciples and to the proviso that he would but would return, and no longer in a mortal body but as king.

This advent is often confused or another event that is known as "the rapture of the church" described in the book of Thessalonians he describes in a very categorical that would be the fate of those who remain in obedience to God and deserve the gift of salvation that has been chosen and preserved for those who have accepted God's call.

Importantly, speak of the "Second Coming" and "Rapture" is talking about two different events. In the mind of most biblical scholars the "rapture", or lifting of the church could occur at any time because the Bible describes that no one knows the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh - referring to the second coming of Christ.

Besides this, when Jesus makes these statements compare this event as you would a "thief," it does so without warning, or as a bridegroom coming out to look for virgins, which would not know when the husband but you just have to be prepared when this happens there is no problem.

Therefore, we understand that the "Second Coming of Christ" would be the event in which God would establish His kingdom on earth-a-thousand-year reign as described in the book of Revelation.

That is, "rapture" and "coming" would prove to be distinct events referring to the same people of God who has been redeemed to ascend to heaven, the abode which God hath prepared for them, but then descend to earth to reign with the redeemed.

Reasons to the second coming of Jesus:

When referring to the second coming of Christ, there are many questions and points for discussion. So much so that there is no universal interpretation that describes the events in the order as would occur. However, if what many agree is on what are the reasons for the great advent.

If we go back to the sin committed by man in Eden, we would understand that God's salvation plan is intended to rescue humanity from this separation that man was by God. Consequently, Jesus came to reconcile or make peace between God and men.

The reason is basically the second coming to judge mankind, to condemn those who decided to go with the enemy of God and his people, Satan and establish His kingdom on earth where everything will be as before, before the man sinned, for a period of 1000 years.

Some believers have clear is that Jesus comes to judge the living and dead, contrary to how many individuals who are not believers that the world is running out for those who muren.

The book makes a dramatic description Thessalonians and that to the ordinary reader of fiction could be, which describes those who are dead, but who remain in Christ and this is the rapture-rise first and then would be caught and united in heaven with the living.

In the great advent of Christ what is expected is a great trial, called the "white throne judgment" where all will be judged by his deeds, whether good or bad. Here it becomes evident that while salvation is a gift and not by works, but good works will weigh very important because the purpose of Christianity is that those who are in God must do good works.

How Is The Second Coming sustains Biblically?

Although many religions, sects and pseudo-Christian movements promote the coming of Jesus in many ways, the scriptures provide enough information on this future event.

The books of Daniel, the Gospels, Matthew, and specifically the book of Revelation are the most important in describing the eschatological events, or events of the end-fragments that describe how interesting would be the coming of Christ to earth a second time and as this coincides with a global apocalypse or end of the world. Even as the great coming is imminent for all of these, that the Jews expected Jesus for the first time, based on the promise God made to Abraham, father of the Hebrew nation.

Speculation About The Great Advent:

Statements that Jesus gave his disciples are of great importance to study the end times. One of the major concerns outlined in the scriptures is that Jesus' disciples were interested in knowing that signals occur in the latter times.

Jesus described the character of the times and said the day or the hour of his coming no one knew, not even the angels in heaven. Notwithstanding this, many movements today have announced the end of the world or the coming of Christ and has exact date, and even the right time. As is known, all these speculations have failed, and there are many dates to be known even to speak of a high end or coming apocalypse.

As a result, all have failed in these predictions and indications are that the meeting that no one knows the time is right.

The second coming of Christ includes the advent of Jesus to establish His kingdom, to judge everyone, alive and dead. Those who have done good deeds will receive heavenly crowns and prizes. However, those who have done evil deeds will be cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the worm does not die and the suffering and regret not end.

In the book of Revelation describes three entities with which these would be damned for eternity. These are the False Prophet, Antichrist and Satan.

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