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April 11, 2012

Missile silos to survive the Apocalypse

The monotonous prairies of Kansas, in the central United States, it will populate the new inhabitants: people willing to move to a former missile silo converted into a luxury residence, capable, according to its developer, to resist the end of time.

Larry Hall was able to convince four buyers to invest in your project. "Their concerns are from a solar flare to an economic crisis, past pandemics, terrorist attacks and food shortages," said Hall .Even the recent earthquakes in Mexico was reported a couple of calls from potential new buyers.

According to the project of the eccentric drive, threats, whether natural or manmade, are increasing. Once completed, Hall said that the tank will provide a haven of comfort and peace to their people, they will not have to worry about the chaos outside.

This investor has allocated $ 4 million to this work, including $ 300,000 spent on the purchase of the structure, by the time of the transaction in 2008, was flooded and hermetically sealed by massive doors.

The silo was built during the Cold War, is a kind of inverted tower that sinks into the earth up to 53 meters deep. Concrete walls three feet thick would withstand a nuclear attack.Larry Hall remodel half of the 14 floors of the building as apartments, whose selling price is not exactly within reach of all budgets: an entire floor costs $ 2 million.

Not surprisingly Hall potential customers, which have passed through there, are a football player, a racing driver, a film producer and several politicians.

So far, three apartments were sold. After two sales are realized more, already underway, there will be only two available.

And one of them will be used by itself as a second residence hall, said, praising the high point of his project: a future farm designed to produce enough vegetables and fish to feed the 70 people who do not want to venture out to the calle.Una pool, a cinema, library, medical center and a school are also provided.

In addition, to enable its inhabitants to live in a completely self-sufficient, the silo will have a power supply connected to the external power grid, and in case of failure, a wind turbine and generators. Water is stored in large tanks after filtering.

But what seems to be more Larry Hall is convinced of the reliability of your security system: a fence with barbed wire will surround the property and surveillance cameras will allow the occupants to prevent any intrusion attempt.

"If someone tries to climb the fence, we have the means to neutralize it," Hall said without elaborating. Inside the silo, the calm is impressive. "It's like an isolation tank, not really hear anything," Hall prides himself staring at the ceiling, three feet above.

Meanwhile, you are putting the finishing touches to the house of 167 square meters bought a wealthy businesswoman who plan to go there to live with their two children, and that will qualify as seen from the window between a landscape of forests, a view of Paris or New York or a beach ... scheduled on a video screen.

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