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April 1, 2012

"Global warming" is close to cause a catastrophe on our planet

The climate on our planet is located near a point of no return and the current decade can be crucial to your destination in London, said scientists at the conference 'Planet under pressure'.

"We are on the verge of great change," said Will Steffen, director of the National University of Australia, on climate change. "If we fail to maintain the temperature rise in the level of two degrees, we will cross the threshold beyond which the system is in a hot state."

The main emphasis was placed on the impact of climate change if rates are kept current and dynamic. Preliminary estimates indicate that if emissions of greenhouse gases continue at current levels, by 2100 the average temperature will rise by 6 degrees Celsius.

It is likely that the "response" of our planet is not linear, but catastrophic, so back to current conditions, simply by reducing the concentration of greenhouse gases will not be achieved. Catastrophic changes may be caused by two factors: the melting of glaciers and the disappearance of tropical forests.

The glaciers are slowing the pace of global warming, but their number decreases rapidly: about 200 cubic kilometers per year. As scientists propose measures rejection of power plants and the introduction of technologies to capture carbon dioxide in the Earth.

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