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April 17, 2012

Can whales predict earthquakes?

The whale behavior could predict earthquakes. Scientists have observed that the behavior of cetaceans changed a few days before a natural disaster, particularly earthquakes.

For example, two days before the strong earthquake that rocked Indonesia, on 11 April, several people who were at sea in Sri Lanka came to testify that several species of cetaceans, from huge whales to small dolphin, quickly disappeared .

The crews of the ships did not feel any change, but aquatic animals were more responsive to the changing environment.Also last year, before the occurrence of the earthquakes New Zealand and Japan in the latter also a tsunami, there were mass strandings of whales on the beaches of both nations.

But biologists say that the reasons for such behavior may be different, as chance, or human influence on climate change.At the moment there is no scientific evidence that cetaceans can predict earthquakes.


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  2. Whales can indeed detect earthquake precursor signals.



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