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April 15, 2012

Bunkers to survive apocalyptic disasters

At one point in the prairies of Kansas, USA. States., An entrepreneur builds a swanky underground bunker where dozens of rich can swim in the pool or watch movies while sucumbre Earth under the influence of apocalyptic disasters or the threat of zombies.

What was once a silo 53 meters deep, will soon become a hotel armored, armed and luxuriously equipped for those who prefer not to spend the day of Judgment exposed to all sorts of upheavals in the earth's surface.

Housed within the walls of 3 meters of concrete, the fourteen-storey ultra-modern design apartments withstand any disaster, from earthquakes of destructive solar flares, through terrorist attacks, starvation and deadly pandemics.

Tenants, a maximum of 70 people, will have everything you need to live like kings. This 'den for rich people' is provided with a ground-pool, a cinema and other plant-floor-library.

These apartments, which price amounts to two million dollars (one million by apartment), will have bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, dining room and two living rooms with TV (to avoid fights on what channel to posapocalíticas).

The bunker present curious 'windows' in order to purchase a screen that will show any picture ultramodern the planet, from the Alps to the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

In the event that disaster strikes, tenants can survive in the bunker with its own resources. The building will contain food reserves for five 5 years, will generate its own power supply through conventional and wind resources, and will house water tanks with a cleaning system, promises the developer Larry Hall, owner of the shelter.

In addition, this luxurious hideaway will have a farm and a farm, which will allow its 70 residents remain in the shelter for an indefinite period with reserves of vegetables and fresh fish.

It seems clear that if governments were overthrown and anarchy was imposed, the bunker would be exposed to many dangers. However, the creator of the bunker also has thought about it: to repel the enemy, the complex has an elaborate security system.

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