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March 30, 2012

Scientists concerned about global warming

Global warming is causing storms, droughts and heat waves so intense that nations must prepare for natural disasters that cause deaths and unprecedented costs

The greatest danger is extreme weather in poor areas with high population density, but no corner of the globe is immune the report said.Scientists said some areas, particularly parts of Mumbai, India, could become uninhabitable by floods, storms and rising seas.

In 2005, dropped three feet of rain in 24 hours over the city, killing over 1,000 people and causing extensive damage. About 2.7 million people live in areas prone to flooding.

Other cities with less risk are Miami, Bangkok, Shanghai and Guangzhou, China, Ho Chi Min, Vietnam, Yangon, Mianmar, and Calcutta, India. According to the document prepared by climatologists Nobel prize winners, there will be stronger tropical cyclones and heat waves, floods and droughts more frequent.

The report of 594 pages gives the dimension of recent disasters and future to a combination of climate change induced by man, demographic changes and poverty.

In the past, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, founded in 1988 by the United Nations has focused on the slow and inexorable rise in temperature and sea levels as part of global warming.

This report is the first panel addressing extreme climate changes less common but much more noticeable, which recently have cost an average of 80,000 million dollars annually in damage. "Almost everyone has at extreme climate," said Chris Field, a climatologist at Stanford University who served as one of the main editors of the report. "That's where we have losses.

That's where we have the insurance payments. That's where things have the potential to collapse. " But not only in poor areas, "no risk of disaster almost everywhere," he added. The study predicts that some tropical cyclones such as hurricanes, will be stronger due to global warming.

The inhabitants of small island nations like the Maldives, may have to leave their homes due to increased sea levels and severe storms.

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