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March 29, 2012

Breaking news: NASA recorded a rare giant solar tornado 3/30/2012

A giant tornado in the Sun, five times larger than the diameter of the Earth that rotates at a speed of 186,000 mph (297.6 km / h) was recorded by the Solar Dynamics Observatory NASA.

This is the first time a solar phenomenon of this type is captured on video. The solar tornadoes, known as solar prominences are formed by the Sun's magnetic field and often during the explosions of massive amounts of solar plasma.

This tornado has 124,000 miles high (198 km) and was filmed on September 25, 2011, but was the public on Thursday at the National Astronomy Meeting in Manchester, UK.

Li Xing, an astronomer at the University of Aberystwyth in Wales, believes the finding is a "true gem of an event to trigger the imagination and is a good way to study magnetic structures in the Sun's atmosphere."

Scientists believe that the study of solar tornadoes help understand the causes of space storms in general, which remains one of the great mysteries of our solar system.

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