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February 26, 2012

9.0 Mag Earthquake predicted for March 23, 2012

As the Earth gets back around to the side of the Sun that the brown dwarf star in coming from, puts us back in the alignment that tugs on the Earth Crust.

3/11/11 9.0 Japan
3/1/10 8.8 Chile
3/9/09 7.6 Tonga
3/20/08 7.2 China
2/20/08 7.4 Indonesia
3/6/07 6.4 Sumatra
3/25/07 6.7 Japan
2/22/06 7.0 East Africa rift
4/20/06 7.6 Russia

As this Heavy Mass Object gets closer year by year the earthquakes get stronger. Get prepared for at least a 9.0 this season. Sometime from NOW to early April

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