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February 29, 2012

The Vatican calls for a secret Bible found in Turkey


A secret Bible where Jesus is believed to predict the coming of the Prophet Mohammed to Earth has attracted serious interest from the Vatican.

Pope Benedict XVI says he wants to see the book 1,500 years old, which many say is the Gospel of Barnabas, which has been obscured by the Turkish state during the past 12 years.

14 million pound handmade tome with gold letters, written in Aramaic, Jesus' mother tongue, is said to contain his early teachings and a prediction of the coming of the Prophet.

The leather-bound text, written on animal skin, was discovered by Turkish police during a smuggling operation in 2000.

He was watched closely until 2010, when it was finally delivered to the Ethnographic Museum in Ankara, and will soon be back on public display after a minor restoration.

A photocopy of a page of handwritten ancient manuscript is believed to be worth 1.5 million pounds.

Turkish Culture and Tourism Minister Ertugrul Gunay said the book could be an authentic version of the Gospel, which was suppressed by the Christian Church for its strong parallels with the Islamic view of Jesus.

He said the Vatican had made ​​a formal request to see the writing - a controversial text that Muslims claim it is an addition to the original gospels of Mark, Matthew, Luke and John.

According to Islamic belief, the Gospel is Jesus as a human being and not a God.

Experts warn a possible change of magnetic poles of our planet


A report on the earthquake of magnitude 6.8 that struck the Tyva Republic in eastern Russia, Siberia, warns that increased seismic activity should be expected in the coming weeks and that this event is part of a set of tests each More and more evidence pointing to a "quick" change of magnetic poles of our planet.

The Director Seleznyov, and other scientists SB RAS, have been increasingly concerned about the last two weeks on this region after the 09 February and 12 February "mysterious explosions" in the Kemerovo region reminiscent of the Tunguska Event on June 30, 1908 which remains the biggest explosion of its kind in modern times that for more than a century has not yet been fully explained.

The "common bond" between these mysterious explosions and increased seismic events in Siberia, the report says, is due to the rapid displacement of the magnetic north pole of our planet, which has doubled in the last 50 years, and in the early 1990 "accelerated a big way," the north-northwest in the Arctic Ocean in more than 55 kilometers per year.

The most immediate effect on the Earth because of this "anomaly magnetic pole," the report continues, has been "strange alteration" of the jet stream in the northern hemisphere than in the North American side has produced the dry winter warmest in recorded history, but on the European side has caused record cold and snow that has claimed over 650 lives.

Although the director Seleznyov noted in this report that the evidence of a "full scale" geomagnetic reversal positions south magnetic and magnetic north are still under debate, our Earth, "without doubt", is currently undergoing a geomagnetic type " event "Laschamp geomagnetic excursion known as a.

A geomagnetic excursion, like a geomagnetic reversal is a significant change in the Earth's magnetic field.

Unlike investments, however, an excursion does not permanently change the orientation of the field scale, but represents a dramatic decrease, usually of short duration in the field intensity with a variation in the orientation of the poles of up to 45 degrees from the previous position.

The "Event" Laschamp geomagnetic noted this report is interesting on several levels, due to have occurred between 7.000 to 17.000 years covered by the schedule of work:

1) The flash freezing Siberia, where even today remain woolly mammoths found in nearly pristine condition

2.) The ECB 11th August 3114 start date of the Mayan Calendar that predicts apparently in 2012, actually experience another such cataclysmic event.

DEATH SCARE FLIGHT! Emergency Plane Landing, Newark Airport. Feb. 2012. Prediction.

Feb. 2012. Flight 5124 from Atlanta to New Jersey brought death scare to passengers on board due to mechanical problems encountered before landing.

CHILDREN TORTURED BY TERRORIST Syria & Elsewhere Feb.28,2012

Italian CRUISE SHIP Horror! 1049 People drifted in pirate infested waters! Feb. 2012. Prediction.

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2MIN News Feb29: Quakes, Debt, Iran, Sun

Asteroid could approach Earth in 2040

According to an old Irish custom, Feb. 29 is the day when it's OK for women to ask men to marry them; An asteroid is heading toward Earth; And broken hearts hurt just as much as broken bones.

February 27, 2012

2MIN News Feb27: Earthquakes, News, and Weak CME Impact

Major GEORGIA USA STORM - TORNADO 100 Houses Damaged/Destroyed Feb.22,2012: Prediction

INDIA AVALANCHE 16 Dead - Kashmir Feb.23,2012: Prediction

Mysterious LAMB DISEASE! Thousands die in seconds, Feb 2012. Prediction.

HAITI'S PM OUSTED ! after only 5 months in office, Feb. 2012. Prediction

February 2012 .Haiti has become the latest victim of a worldwide political crisis as government leaders both long term and short term are forced to leave office. Haitian Prime Minister resigned after just five (5) months in office.

Astronomers warn that an asteroid will touch our planet on February 2013


On February 2013 an asteroid about 50 meters in diameter, recently discovered by Spanish astronomers, will pass close to Earth.

According to preliminary calculations, at 19:25 (GMT) on February 15, 2013 the celestial body will approach Earth at about 26,900 miles closer than the geostationary satellite orbits (about 35,000 km) , as published on the website of NASA.

Asteroid 2012 DA14 was detected on 23 February by the specialists of the Astronomical Observatory of the Saga, located in southern Spain. Later observations of Spanish scientists were endorsed by French astronomers, Italians and Americans.

These scientists showed that the celestial body belongs to the family of the Apollo asteroids, whose orbits intersect the Earth. About two thirds of known asteroids that approach Earth are of this type. According to available data, the celestial body can be measured between 40 and 95 feet long.

Astronomers will continue to collect data on 2012 DA14 and specifying the information about his career.

February 26, 2012

CME Targets Earth and 10 MeV Proton Event (Feb 26th, 2012).

CME TARGETS EARTH, MARS: A coronal mass ejection (CME) launched from the sun on Feb. 24th appears set to hit both Earth and Mars. According to analysts at the Goddard Space Weather Lab, the cloud should reach Earth today, Feb. 26th around 1330 UT, followed by Mars two days later.

2011: A year of erratic weather - Space Weather

The Acopalypse`s Clock advances by 1 minute

On January 10, 2012 in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists clock ahead one minute Revelation was, is now so 5 minutes before nuclear midnight.

This clock is a symbolic clock was created in 1947 referred to the minutes till midnight and nuclear war in the world. So every day we are closer to nuclear war.

9.0 Mag Earthquake predicted for March 23, 2012

As the Earth gets back around to the side of the Sun that the brown dwarf star in coming from, puts us back in the alignment that tugs on the Earth Crust.

3/11/11 9.0 Japan
3/1/10 8.8 Chile
3/9/09 7.6 Tonga
3/20/08 7.2 China
2/20/08 7.4 Indonesia
3/6/07 6.4 Sumatra
3/25/07 6.7 Japan
2/22/06 7.0 East Africa rift
4/20/06 7.6 Russia

As this Heavy Mass Object gets closer year by year the earthquakes get stronger. Get prepared for at least a 9.0 this season. Sometime from NOW to early April

CME will impact Earth's magnetic field today February 26

The sun erupted during the early hours of February 24 and produced a coronal mass ejection (CME) that will impact the Earth's magnetic field of 26 February at 13:30 UT (+ / - 7 hours).The impact could cause a G2 geomagnetic storm.

2/26/2012 -- Global unrest = 6.8 magnitude earthquake in Siberia Russia

End Game - A Global Conspiracy - Full Length Feature

The world's ruling elite have fashioned an interlocking network of multi-national corporations that now posses more wealth and political autonomy than individual nations. What psychological pathology drives their single-minded obsession for absolute control? What high-tech schemes serve their diabolical End-Game strategies? As 2012 arrives, humanity's ultimate fate now hangs in the balance!

February 25, 2012

The Moon,Venus + Jupiter alignment 2012-02-25

The moon starting to align with the planets2-25-2012

Scientists show that our planet is drying up


Scientists showed that the soil in large areas of the Southern Hemisphere, including Australia, Africa and South America, has been drying over the last decade.

In reaching this conclusion, a group of researchers led by Martin Jung, Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry in Jena, Germany, analyzed the data on the phenomenon of 'evapotranspiration': the movement of water from the soil into the atmosphere.

And compared the rates since the early 80's, seasons, and in various parts of the world. Study results were published in the journal Nature.

Most climate models assume that the evapotranspiration would intensify with global warming due to increased evaporation from the oceans and high rainfall.

And that's what was occurring until the late 90's. But then they slowed down or stopped. In large areas of the world, currently the ground is drying, evaporating less moisture.

This abrupt change in the dynamics of global evaporitranspiración coincided with El Niño event of 1998, but to indicate, scientists assumed that this was the cause of the phenomenon.

"We did not expect to disclose this change in evapotranspiration in such large areas of the Southern Hemisphere," said Beverly Law porfesora, co-author of the article, adding that it is very important to continue long-term observations, because without monitor evapotranspiration over a period of longest time, scientists can not explain why this effect occurs.

According to the study, the drying up of the earth is seen in the southeastern part of Africa, significant areas of Australia and central India, in South Amercia and in parts of Indonesia. Although most of these territories is arid, several areas that suffer the drying recently considered tropical forest areas.

The information collected by scientists checked the data from satellite observations, published last week, which also show the acceleration of the circulation of water on the planet, probably caused by global warming.

Because the process has been studied for only a few decades, scientists still can not be sure whether this is a natural climate variability or a consequence of global change. But chances are that the limit of the acceleration of the hydrological cycle on land has been reached.

In this case the consequences can be dire, as this may involve disminuición of plant growth, destruction of natural cooling mechanism based on evapotranspiration and then increased warming of the earth's surface.

Alert in Hawaii for potential volcanic eruptions 2/24/2012

As in February and March last year, is producing a seismic swarm in Hawaii, which again put on alert for possible volcanic eruptions.

A year ago the volcano Pu'u O'o had its full dome collapse and spill the contents over the course of weeks in the countryside of Hawaii, through the fissures that opened up around the perimeter of the volcanoes.

February 24, 2012

Don't believe the rapture nonsense, Nibiru is real!

Researchers say that a drought wiped out the Maya civilization.


In this turbulent 2012 many people are aware of the Mayan prophecies that foretell the end of the world later this year, but many researchers are working to solve one of the greatest mysteries of this pre-Columbian culture: How did your own decay?

The classical interpretations indicate that climate change was a drought that wiped out the crops, which could have caused a famine migration.

Many scientists agree that the lack of rain could have punished these people. Now, new research published in the journal Science confirms this and explains in detail what happened.

The study shows modest reductions in rainfall between the time when the classic Maya civilization flourished and its collapse - between 800 and 950 -.

'' These reductions were only 25 to 40% of annual precipitation, but large enough so that water availability is reduced quickly. The data suggest that the main cause was a decrease in the activity of `` summer storms, says Eelco Rohling, a professor at the University of Southampton in the UK.

The study combines the records of past climate changes of stalagmites and shallow lakes. '' For over a century, researchers have linked the disappearance of the classical Maya civilization to climate change, and especially with the drought. But there were no estimates of the severity of the drought situation,'' said Martin Medina-Elizalde, the Yucatan Scientific Research Center in Mexico.

Some have suggested extreme scenarios, but the new research, which studied the balance between evaporation and precipitation, believes the lack of rain was moderate.

But how could finish a modest reduction in rainfall in the disintegration of a civilization well established?

Rohling it this way:'' The summer is the main season for growing and replenishing storage systems fresh water of the Maya, and no rivers in the lowlands of the Yucatan. Social disruption and abandonment of the cities are the possible consequences of a major water shortages, especially because it seems to have happened a rapid succession of droughts for several years.''

Scientists believe that this situation can be repeated. '' What looks like a small reduction in water availability can result in significant long-term problems `` they say.

'' This problem is not unique to the Yucatan Peninsula, but applies to all regions in environments where evaporation is high. Today, we have the benefit of conscience and should act accordingly.''

Meteorologists warn that tornadoes could devastate the U.S. in 2012


As noted by private meteorological service Accuweather.com is likely that in 2012 the number of tornadoes in the United States exceeds that which last year caused damage to about 30,000 million dollars.

Scientists believe that this possibility should indirectly to the current climate change on Earth, increasing the temperature of surface waters of the Gulf of Mexico. This favors the formation of thunderstorms, which in turn create the conditions for the occurrence of tornadoes, said Paul Walker, a meteorologist with Accuweather.

According to the National Climatic Data Center U.S., tornadoes recorded in the country in 2011 caused 28,700 million dollars in damage and claimed the lives of more than 550 people.

One reason why the cost of the damage was so high and the number of victims is so high that the most severe tornadoes hit populated areas of the country, particularly Joplin, Missouri, and Birmingham, Ala., said Walker.

The weather phenomenon La Niña could, scientists say, be to blame for the unusual storms hit the United States then.

From the point of view of insurance, tornado season in the spring of last year was the fourth costliest disaster in U.S. history, after Hurricane Andrew and Katrina and the attacks of September 11, 2001.

NASA warns that the clouds are closer to the earth's surface

                          Imagen de nubes captada por uno de los instrumentos de la sonda Terra de la NASA

The height of the clouds has decreased on average by one percent during the first decade of this century and this could have consequences for the global climate in the future.

Scientists at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, analyzed records of the height of the clouds from March 2000 to February 2010.

They used data from the radiometer spectrum multiple angles, multiangle Imaging Spectroradiometer, or MISR, one of the instruments aboard the Terra probe.

MISR was built by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA, or JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, and is one of five instruments aboard Terra. The instrument uses nine cameras at different angles to produce images of clouds around the planet, allowing to measure their height and movement.

The study, published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, showed a decreasing trend in the height of the clouds.

Researchers found complex patterns, with decreases in height in some regions and increases in others. But globally, the average trend is a reduction in height.

Professor Roger Davies, one of the researchers, said that although the records do not cover a long enough time to show definitive changes, they do provide an indication that "something important could be happening."

Scientists will monitor the long-term cloud height to determine how significant are the changes to the temperature of the planet.

A consistent reduction in the height of the clouds could contribute to the loss of heat into space and reduce the temperature at the surface, which in turn could slow the effects of global warming.

February 23, 2012

News! A total reversal of Earth's Magnetic Fields is coming!

Imagine our compasses starting pointing south someday. This is not science fiction. A total reversal of Earth's Magnetic Fields actually happened over 740 thousand years ago. The Earth's Magnetic Field is weakening.

Magnetic field strength is decreasing rapidly in certain areas of South America and South Atlantic; up to 12% in 30 years. The decay of Earth Magnetic Field will have serous effect on satellites in space and trains and electrical grids on the ground.

The prophecies of Alan Turing


The British Alan Turing was able to lay the foundations for some of the scientific fields that are highly topical today.

Among his many achievements, this visionary Briton is well known for his skill as a code breaker in times of war and as the founder of computer science, but also interested in botany, neural networks and quantum physics.

On the occasion of its centenary year, Nature magazine published a special in which he considers, as it can not be otherwise, as one of the greatest minds of all time.

These are some of the scientific fields in which Turing prophetic ideas have been an essential legacy:

1 - The reign of computers:

In 1936, Turing published his groundbreaking study "On Computable Numbers", which lays the theoretical foundations of what will be a computer, which he sees as an electronic brain capable of performing all mathematical operations. Also Turing Machine idea, the concept of algorithm, based on modern computing.

2 - The development of artificial intelligence:

The Turing Test is well known and is a very important part of the development of artificial intelligence, in which the machine is not only intelligent, but also sensitive, as close as possible to a person.

The test involves placing a person and a machine in a room while a judge is in another. The judge makes a series of questions and, as the answers you get, you must decide if you are talking to a machine or a human being.

Both opponents have the option of lying. No machine has managed to overcome it. Some AI researchers prefer to completely ignore this test because they believe that evaluates the "human behavior" of a machine, not the "intelligent behavior". After all, Deep Blue, IBM's supercomputer, defeated Garry Kasparov at chess in 1997 and is considered so smart.

3 - The human brain simulated on a supercomputer:

Turing's creativity was driven by the dream of reviving-possibly in the form of a computer program, the soul of Christopher Morcom, his first love and perhaps his only true friend, who died suddenly of bovine tuberculosis when both were teenagers. I want to "build a brain," he said.

Something similar, but if this aura of romance, try creating the electrophysiologist Henry Markram. This Human Brain Project (HBP, for its acronym in English) which aims to realistically simulate the functioning of our brains on a supercomputer, to know how they relate to our neurons and to test treatments for diseases like Alzheimer's, the Parkinson's, depression and even create new prostheses for the disabled. They think they can be ready in 2023.

4 - Patterns biological and tiger skin:

Alan Turing proposed the idea that regular repeating patterns in biological systems, such as tiger stripes or leopard spots, are generated by a pair of morphogens that work together as an "activator" and an "inhibitor". Researchers at King's College London have provided the first experimental evidence that confirms the theory of the great British mathematician.

UFO Mayan Secrets & Ancient Aliens Revealed - [HD]

February 22, 2012

Russian scientists warn of a future flood in Siberia


Russian scientists discovered that about 6500 years ago there was a catastrophic flood in Western Siberia and found information that would support a repeat of the scenario in the future.

Researchers from the Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics showed that the flood was caused by the advance of the lakes in the Pamir Mountains Asian.

As announced by a science team member Sergey Guskov, the study of bottom sediments of lakes Chany in Novosibirsk region, they found shells of one of the simplest types of marine organisms. These foraminifera, which are not able to live in fresh water, which quickly perish.

The carbon-14 dating conducted at the University of Arizona, USA. States., Showed that the age of the deposits is 6400 to 6700 years.

Currently, the nearest habitat of these microorganisms are the Aral and Caspian Seas. The researchers concluded that such a distance between the points of location of these beings is a result of floods in Western Siberia, during which a large mass of water moved from the Pamir Mountains along the Amu Darya River valley.

With further study of bottom sediments of the Aral Sea deluge theory was confirmed because it found clear signs of heavy erosion, while the age of the layer in which sediments were located practically coincides with the occurrence of foraminifera in Lake Chany.

The fact that the age of the shells is about 20 000 years, while sediments of this age in these areas have not yet been found-that is, in areas where shellfish are found, no sea-suggests that this was not the only flood that occurred in these areas, and is likely to recur in the future, warned the expert.

Abdusamatov Jabibulo prophesies the end of the world by 2014


As announced Jabibulo Abdusamatov, head of space research sector of the Pulkovo Observatory of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Earth has accumulated a large amount of heat and has already begun to cool.

What will result in only two years (2014) a new Ice Age will conquer the world due to a sharp drop in temperature. This glacial period will last at least two centuries and freeze the entire planet.

According to the expert, and can draw conclusions about global warming and future drops in temperature.

"We have evidence that the temperature begin to drop dramatically from 2014 to reach its peak in 2055," says the researcher.

The scientist explained the phenomenon to the existence of several cycles of solar activity. So today is about to end the cycle that is characterized by a sharp drop in the activity.

The temperature predicted continued decline would represent the fifth little ice age in the last nine centuries.

"The drop in temperature will lead to growing areas are significantly reduced. In addition to problems with food, will be much more difficult to extract oil and gas in northern latitudes, "said the expert, which emphasizes the serious problems of heat supply to the population will experience.

"The drop in temperature will affect many, almost all," says the researcher, noting that "as often happens, first there is talk that this is absurd, is not science, that this can not be, but then it that something after all takes place ".

"The recognition of the theory of decreasing temperature runs around the world," said Abdusamatov, which nevertheless gave hope to say that temperatures will not reach its critical level, so no one could speak of an absolute change and final the temperature of our planet.

Isaac Newton prophesied the end of the world by 2060


This year many people fear the fulfillment of the Mayan prophecy of the end of the world, however there are other prophecies of acopalipsis should also be analyzed.

For example, the prophecy of the famous English scientist Isaac Newton (1642-1727), which set hecatombepara 2060.

This interesting data and many more are revealed in the files of the scientist who had just been open to the public by the National Library of Israel.

Now a total of 7,500 manuscript pages of digitized files can be freely consulted online. This is the result of a project of the University of Cambridge started in 1983, according to which the writings of Newton, who came to this university by decision of their descendants 150 years after his death, began to be analyzed and decoded by a committee of experts.

Most of the work of Newton were not devoted to what today is considered pure science, but theology and mysticism. By analyzing carefully the texts of Scripture, the scientist concluded that human civilization will perish in 2060.

It was in the book of Daniel (Old Testament) where the geographical Newton found. The book said that 1,260 years would pass between the refounding of the Holy Roman Empire by Charlemagne, which occurred in 800, and the Apocalypse, an amount that results in the year 2060 AD.

In his time, Isaac Newton transformed physics, mathematics and astronomy, formulated the law of universal gravitation and the three laws of motion (inertia, interaction and action-reaction) that bear his name.

But by failing to establish our current distinction between natural science and rationalism on the one hand, and theology, mysticism and faith on the other, passionately studying the Bible, convinced that the scriptures are hidden solutions all the secrets of the universe.

IGR J17091: Striking black hole that acts as a cosmic hurricane


A team of scientists has managed to measure the fastest winds detected so far out of a black hole of stellar mass, moving at a speed of 32 million miles per hour, according to NASA.

The stellar mass black holes are those formed by the collapse of a massive star, whose size is between five and ten times that of the Sun and its discovery will help better understand this strange cosmic phenomenon.

The scientists measured winds using data from the space observatory Chandra X-ray and found that they move about 32 million miles per hour, about 3 percent of the speed of light, and ten times faster than they had ever seen one of these black holes.

"This is like the cosmic equivalent of winds of a Category Five hurricane," said Ashley King, University of Michigan, in a statement released by NASA. "Do not expect to see such strong winds in a black hole like this," he said.

The wind speed at the hole known as IGR J17091 is equivalent to that of some of the fastest winds generated by supermassive black holes that are millions or even billions of times more massive.

IGR J17091 is a binary system whose central star, equivalent to our sun orbits the black hole. It is on the ledge of the Milky Way about 28,000 light years from Earth.

Another unexpected result of the research is that the wind that comes from a disk of gas around the black hole could carry matters further away from being captured.

Curiously, experts explain that unlike the winds on Earth, the wind of IGR J17091 blows in many different directions.

February 21, 2012

THE SUN TODAY: 21 February 2012 - Magnificent Eruptions

Researchers say global warming will bring more forest fires


Forest fires kill 339,000 people worldwide each year, according to the first statistic that makes an estimate for dead by fire.

Most of these deaths are concentrated in sub-Saharan Africa where an estimated 157,000 people die as a result of exposure to these fires each year, ranking second in this macabre is occupied Southeast Asia, with 110,000 deaths.

'I was surprised that our estimate was so high when you consider that exposure to smoke from fires is intermittent, "said study author Fay Johnston of the University of Tasmania during the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Cienciaen that meets in Vancouver. "Even in Southeast Asia and Africa, fire is a seasonal phenomenon. No temporary fixed '

The study, according to Johnston is the first of its kind to estimate a death toll from fires, has been published in the latest issue of Environmental Health Perspectives.

The researchers analyzed the number of deaths from all causes in the areas that were exposed to smoke and fire between 1997 and 2006. We used satellite data and models for assessing chemical health impacts of particles smaller than 2.5 microns, an important byproduct of forest fires.

The number of deaths from fires that occurred was lower than expected and took into account previous estimates due to air pollution in rural areas (two million people per year) and urban air pollution (800,000).

However, the authors suggest that their findings indicate that 'fire emissions contribute significantly to overall mortality. "

Research also suggests a significant relationship between climate and mortality by fire. More than twice as many people died during the years that affect the weather phenomenon known as El Niño (over 532,000), when ocean surface temperatures rose in the tropical eastern Pacific Ocean.

Similarly the years during La Niña cooler with an average of 262,000. The deaths could be reduced if people stopped burning tropical forests to collect palm oil and other products, is the conclusion reached Johnston.

However, the fire will intensify in the future, according to Mike Flannigan of the University of Alberta, and government scientist Natural Resources Canada, who has conducted research in order to model what will be severe fires between the years 2081 to 2090.

Using a variable that he called 'cumulative daily severity score', the projections show that fire activity is' growing and acts on a larger share of the world, especially in the northern hemisphere, with a factor of two to three. 'That means we should expect' significant increases' in fire activity later this century as the planet warms.

'Is the extreme weather that drives fire activity, and if we expect more extreme weather in the future, which is happening, then things will get worse. It is reaching a point that is beyond our control. '

Between 350 and 450 million hectares burn each year in fires, which would cover an area roughly the size of India and to control and contain it costs billions of dollars. 'The risk to life and infrastructure will increase with climate change, "said Flannigan.

THE SUN TODAY: 20 February 2012 - A New Hope

February 20, 2012

Warning on Solar Geomagnetic Storm February 20, 2012


The Center for Space Weather Forecasting United States has a warning on solar geomagnetic storm of low magnitude.

The main areas of impact on Earth are the poles and regions at 60 degrees latitude, which can cause power fluctuations, the report said.

At air has a low potential impact on satellites. The aurora may be visible in high latitudes, for example in northern Michigan and Maine, Canada and Alaska.

The potential geomagnetic storm was found today at 00:41 UTC and is less G1 category. It is understood that the G1 level is the lowest alert and the G5 is the highest, affecting larger areas of land and longer.

The last similar phenomenon was recorded between 15 and 16 February, at a minimum.

L-level prediction of solar activity and coronal mass ejections or solar storm is expected indicates that very low, with little chance of an event of magnitude.

Did you know the tsunami that hit Fukushima measured 21 feet?


A group of experts from the University of Tokyo has concluded that the tsunami that devastated aFukushima was 21 meters high.

Experts have studied the impact of the tsunami in Fukushima than 28 points, all within the exclusion zone, about 40 miles offshore.

Among the items studied, the tsunami reached 21.1 meters in height in the city of Tomioka, while around the nuclear plant in Fukushima-1 was as high as 10 meters.

These findings contradict those of previous studies conducted outside the exclusion zone, which determined that the tsunami did not exceed 10 meters in height.

In this context, Professor Shinji Sato, who led the study, pointed out the need for continued research to discover why so high the waves reached around the nuclear plant and to establish effective security measures.

The Mayan Calendar's Prophecy/Conspiracy - in complete detail (19th Feb ...

Given the sophistication of the Mayan Calendar, is it really possible that the Maya could have accurately predicted the exact date of some sort of Earth changing event? ...and will such an event usher in new enlightenment to the human civilization?

February 18, 2012

Maya Codex causes a stir in Germany


This document is in Dresden since 1786 but now it has attracted great attention.

The flow of visitors increased from three years ago, when it was exhibited in commercial movie theaters is titled '2012 ', directed by Roland Emmerich, and that is the end of the world by a flood, according to reports made on Mayan codices .

Soon, Feb. 23, will open an exhibition at the precinct in which you will find the codex, which explains what is and efforts to decipher it. The exhibition will last six months.

'More and more people want to see the codex', told reporters Nitzschke Katrin, who is the director of that institution in Dresden, the capital of Saxony.

Many visitors want to know quickly which is what is in the codex about the 'end of the world'. Some heard about it during a vacation in the Yucatan and come to Dresden to see it.

The codex is displayed on the second floor of the Library and is open from 10:00 to 18:00, three hours longer than in previous years due to the number of tourists who bring tour operators and schools who organize visits to see the codex and long lines of visitors.

Before the interest aroused, few people came to meet him a month and now has become a magnet. In fact, most visitors are surprised by how small the codex that contains a prophecy of such dimensions. It is 39 leaves that are the size of postcards.

The Prehispanic vestiges was acquired in 1739 by the librarian of the Court of the Prince of Dresden, Johann Christian Götze. The purchase took place in Vienna, Austria, at a particular price for a very low, almost given away.

The leaves are fig tree bark, the background color is red-brown, outlined in black drawings and colored orange. The pages were worked down in book form, reaching a length of 3.5 meters.

In particular, the sheet containing the alleged prophecy is the only one that is colored. Displays a crocodile which sheds water day and night and with him is the goddess Ixchel, wearing a ceremonial robe and head a snake.

This deity in the act of pouring water and below it is the god of the underworld, wearing a black robe and with an excited owl on his head.

Among the prominent visitors in the course of the centuries that have come to Dresden to see the codex include Alexander von Humboldt, Napoleon and Lord Nelson.

According to readings made codices and the Maya stelae, especially Tortuguero, in the Mexican state of Tabasco, that civilization would have predicted the end of the Earth on December 21, 2012, although in reality it is a was a stage in the calendar itself, to start another.

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Why ancients can be trusted over Nibiru and 2012

February 17, 2012

February 16, 2012

The riddle of the'' Little Ice Age''


Since the end of the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century almost finished, the Earth went through a long cooling period scientists call the Little Ice Age, a time when alpine villages were wiped out by the unstoppable advance of glaciers and London citizens could skate on the Thames.

The origin of this long period of temperature reduction has always been a mystery wrapped in speculation, but now an international team led by researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder in the U.S., cree have the answer to the riddle.

The intense cold was caused, as published this week in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, by a huge volcanic eruptions in the tropics that initiated a chain of effects on climate.

According to new research, the Little Ice Age began suddenly between 1275 and 1300 AD succession after four massive volcanic eruptions in the tropics, some episodes that lasted fifty years.

The persistence of cold summers after the eruptions can be explained by the subsequent expansion of sea ice and a weakening of the Atlantic currents related, according to computer simulations performed for the study, also analyzed patterns of dead vegetation and data from ice and sediment .

Scientists have theorized that the Little Ice Age was caused by reduced solar radiation in summer, by erupting volcanoes that cooled the planet by emitting sulphates and other aerosol particles that reflect sunlight back into space, or a combination of both.

Scientists estimate that the beginnings of the Little Ice Age occurred thirteenth to the sixteenth century, but there is little consensus.

While cooling temperatures could affect as far away as South America and China, was particularly evident in northern Europe. The advance of glaciers in the mountain valleys and alpine villages destroyed period paintings show people ice skating on the river Thames in London and the canals of the Netherlands, places that were free of ice before and after .

Miller and colleagues radiocarbon dated to about 150 samples of dead plant material with intact roots, collected in Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic.

Found a large number of samples between 1275 and 1300, indicating that the plants had been frozen and enveloped by the ice for a relatively sudden event. They found one second rise in frozen plant samples for 1450, indicating a cooling segund0.

To extend the study, researchers analyzed sediment samples from glacial lakes associated with the ice of 367 square kilometers in the Langjökull, in the central highlands of Iceland, which reaches almost a kilometer high.

The annual layers in the cores suddenly became thicker in the late thirteenth century and again in the fifteenth century due to increased erosion caused by the expansion of the ice that cools the climate.

The scientists used a model that simulates water conditions from 1150 to 1700 AD, which revealed the existence of large eruptions that could have cooled the Northern Hemisphere enough to trigger the expansion of Arctic sea ice.

For scientists, one of the questions to reflect on the Little Ice Age is unusual is the current warming of the Earth. Previous research conducted by Miller in 2008 on Baffin Island indicated that current temperatures are the warmest in the last 2,000 years.

Our world is moving towards desertification


In recent years, the problem of desertification by unnatural causes, mainly attributable to human activities, directly affects approximately six hundred million people.

Among the natural causes that lead to desertification, one can consider the cyclical nature of the ice ages, resulting in global warming that occurs in interglacial periods.

In this regard, there are theories that blame the general desertification living Earth to this warming, as some scientists say could be living the high point of this interglacial period, that argument is countered by another important sector of the scientific community.

They are also natural causes the warming of the atmosphere caused by extraordinary phenomena such as giant eruptions of a volcano or the impact of large meteorites on Earth's crust.

In addition, the abundance of poorly consolidated rocks, prone to further erosion, contributes to the process of desertification.

With regard to unnatural causes, include EU agriculture and industry as the most human activities have affected the soils of the earth's surface. Among the first is the search for arable land and its subsequent exploitation, resulting in the removal of existing vegetation and, ultimately, sterility of the soil.

The loss of the vegetation and bare soil exposure decreased the water absorption capacity, due to increased runoff, and increase the surface albedo (reflection of sunlight from the ground in all directions).

The increase in albedo negative effect on cloud formation, decreasing therefore rainfall. The clearing of forests for soil cultivation, widely practiced throughout the world, is rapidly decreasing the amount and area of ​​woodland, especially in the tropics, and is changing the surface characteristics of large areas of the Earth .

Another practice that entails the destruction of the vegetation is overgrazing. It is normal in these activities deforestation and woodland arson in order to extend the grazing areas. Also the introduction of grazing causes massive loss of vegetation, because they prevent natural regeneration of plant species.

Industrial activities make up another large group of human practices provoking global desertification of the planet. They affect preferably on the essential elements of climate, unlike the previous ones, whose effects are felt mainly in soils.

There are two main consequences arising from the industrial processes involved in the general erosion of the planet, acid rain and the greenhouse effect.

Acid rain has become more industrialized areas of the world, the main source of pollution, deforestation can produce large masses of vegetation.

In Germany, for example, acid rain is responsible for the loss of half the forests in the most industrialized areas. Moreover, the greenhouse effect has been shown in recent years as the primary cause of global warming, and therefore processes desertification that this entails.

The greenhouse effect arises from the excessive emission of certain types of gases, especially CO2, which are suspended in the atmosphere, forming a layer that allows input of radiation from outer space but not out, because when it hits the surface ground and re-projecting outwardly are unable to penetrate the layer of gas, thus producing a gradual warming of the atmosphere.

CO2 emissions may occur naturally, but in recent years the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere has been so high that is associated with modern industrial processes and excessive burning of fossil fuels.

Scientists have calculated that the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere has been 15% during this century, and today the rate of increase is 0, 33% annually. With these data, concludes that the atmosphere is exposed to excessive heat, which is causing climate change that favors the processes of desertification of large areas of Earth.

Of course, the most likely to be affected are those with a relative degree of aridity or semi-arid.

The process of desertification affected areas of all continents: North and South Mediterranean basin, sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East, Australia, etc.. It is estimated that the extent of land affected by this problem is over 34,000,000 km2.

To tackle it is necessary from all over the world in the implementation of conservation policies, whose implementation, however, is hampered by the current dynamics of the global economy.

Control measures such as emissions of gases into the atmosphere, the reforestation programs of forest or agricultural development policies that take into account the regeneration of the land, are essential to prevent further spread of desertification by the Earth.

However, the results of these are unlikely to be substantial short-term.

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The volcano Popo registered 15 exhalations in the last hours


In the last hours, the volcano Popocatepetl reported 15 low-intensity exhalations accompanied by emissions of water vapor and gas, according to the National Center for Disaster Prevention (Cenapred).

The agency explained that the exhalations of greater importance were observed on Tuesday at 18:39 am and 6:17 hours on Wednesday, while the other parameters remain unchanged monitoring important.

In a statement, adding that at the time of reporting the volcano is not fully appreciated due to the presence of clouds in the area.

Cenapred said the prevailing scenario of moderate exhalations, ash emissions, sporadic bursts of low to moderate probability of emission of incandescent fragments within walking distance of the crater and incandescent light in the observable crater overnight.

Therefore, the ministry said that the light of volcanic alert remains in Phase II Yellow, and recommended continuing the safety radius of 12 kilometers and controlled traffic between Santiago and San Pedro Nexapa Xalitzintla via Paso de Cortes.

It also urged the Civil Protection authorities maintain preventive procedures, according to its operational plans and urged people to be attentive to the official information that is disseminated

Fukushima nuclear power plant is at risk from new massive quake


Scientists have issued a warning that the damaged nuclear plant in Fukushima is at risk of a new massive earthquake.

Research using data from more than 6,000 recent earthquakes have found that the disaster of last March has revived an almost seismic fault beneath the power plant.

Now scientists are telling the Japanese authorities urgently to shore up the damaged reactor preventing more massive earthquakes.

Fukushima Daiichi was the scene of the worst nuclear disaster in history after it was damaged March 11, 2011 by a magnitude 9 earthquake and following tsunami.

However, the epicenter of this earthquake was about 100 kilometers away, off the coast of Japan, and one much closer could happen in the future in Fukushima.

Dapeng Zhao, professor of geophysics at Tohoku University in Japan, said: 'There are some active defects in the nuclear area and our results show the existence of similar structural abnormalities as low as under Iwaki Fukushima Daiichi areas.'

Considering that a large earthquake occurred in Iwaki recently, think it possible that a similarly strong earthquake might happen in Fukushima.

On April 11, 2011, magnitude 7 earthquake in Iwaki was the strongest aftershock on March 11 earthquake with an epicenter inside.

This occurred 37 miles southwest of the Fukushima nuclear power plant, 124 miles from the epicenter of March 11.

The asteroid Eros 'embraced' the Earth


Astronomers and fans had the opportunity to sight in recent weeks the course of the asteroid Eros, the largest celestial body that is near to Earth, except for the moon.

Due to its proximity, many hoped to see in the sky appeared. However, only through telescopes was possible to observe this space rock perforated surface.

The asteroid 433 Eros came to 26.7 million miles from Earth on 31 January, which was nearest his journey to the planet since 1975. Remained visible until last February 10 and was a unique opportunity for both amateur astronomers to measure the solar system.

The asteroid, about 34 kilometers wide, was discovered on August 13, 1898 by astronomers Carl Gustav Witt and Auguste Charlois and named Eros, god of love and inseparable from Aphrodite, according to Greek mythology.

In the history of astronomy, Eros has a special role in the advancement of knowledge of space. One such occasion was when he came to Earth in 1931, which could further refine the measurements of the solar system and the distance between the Sun and Earth.

Astronomers from Germany, Algeria, South Africa, Japan and the USA. States. took photographs of the asteroid on the background of stars. By comparing images taken at the same time but in different places applied trigonometry to determine the exact distance of the asteroid and from then able to calculate the distance to other planets.

That was the biggest advance in the measurement of the solar system until measurements began to be calculated with interplanetary radio telescopes in the 1960s.

The "Asteroid of Love 'is also notable for being the first orbited by a human artifact. It happened on February 14, 2000, exactly twelve years ago, when the NEAR Shoemaker spacecraft of NASA landed on its surface.

With more than 160 thousand images of its surface could be identified close to 100 000 craters, which helped the researchers to define their composition.

According to scientists, Eros will not happen again at a distance so close to Earth until 2056.

Temporal rift in the magnetic field generated by multiple auroral


The Earth is surrounded by a force field magnéticauna bubble in space called the "magnetosphere" tens of thousands of miles wide.

Although many people do not know it exists, the magnetosphere is for all family, it is the planetary magnetic field which deflects compass needles here on the surface of the Earth. And it's important.


The magnetosphere acts as a shield that protects us from solar storms. According to observations made since 2003 from the IMAGE spacecraft NASA Cluster satellites and the NASA / European Space Agency, from time to time immense cracks sometimes develop in Earth's magnetosphere and remain open for hours.

This allows the solar wind would flow through the space.

Our very efficient magnetic shield against space storms, but when the energy is very powerful or open cracks can cause problems with the radio, and terrestrial energy systems.

The knowledge that the cracks are open for long periods was incorporated into computer models for prediction of space weather more accurately predict how our space weather is influenced by violent events in the Sun

The solar wind is a rapid stream of electrically charged particles (electrons and ions) blown constantly from the sun.

The wind can get gusty in violent solar events like coronal mass ejections (CME), which can shoot a billion tons of electrified gas into space at millions of miles per hour.

Earth's magnetosphere generally does a good job of deflecting the particles and magnetic fields caused by CMEs. Still, space storms and severe effects such as auroras that light up the sky over the polar regions have more than one hundred million watts of power, has long been said that the shield was not impenetrable.

In 1961, Jim Dungey of Imperial College, UK, predicted that cracks may form in the magnetic shield when the solar wind contained a magnetic field to orient in the direction opposite to a part of Earth's field.

In these regions, the two magnetic fields are interconnected through a process called "magnetic reconnection," forming a crack in the shield through which the electrically charged particles of solar wind could flow.

In 1979, Goetz Paschmann of the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Germany detected the cracks using the International Sun Earth Explorer (ISEE) spacecraft. However, since this spacecraft only briefly passed through the cracks during its orbit, it is unknown if the cracks were temporary features or if they were stable for long periods.

In the observations of 2003, the Imager for Magnetopause to Aurora Global Exploration (IMAGE) satellite revealed an area almost the size of California in the atmosphere of the high Arctic, where a 75 megawatt "proton aurora" exploded for hours.

The researchers estimated that the crack was twice the size of Earth in the limit of our magnetic shield - about 38,000 miles (60,000 kilometers) above the planet's surface. Since the magnetic field converges as it enters the Earth's polar regions, the gap was reduced to the size of California to near the upper atmosphere.

Fortunately, these cracks do not expose the surface of the Earth to the solar wind at this time. Our atmosphere protects us, even when the magnetic field does not. The effects of solar storms felt mainly in the high upper atmosphere and the region of space around Earth orbiting satellites.

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