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January 31, 2012

Earthquake hits Peru and causes property damage and over 100 injured


At least 106 people were injured after a strong earthquake of 6.4 magnitude on the Richter scale that struck early Monday in the region of Ica (south), said the Civil Defence Institute of Peru (INDECI).

People who were affected suffered fractures, bruises and cuts as a result of collapse of walls, trips and falls on stairs as they left their homes.

The quake occurred at local 00H11 (05H11 GMT) with epicenter in the Pacific Ocean, 47 km southwest of Ica, at a depth of 48 km, according to the Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP).

The quake caused power outages and telephone service in Ica, capital of the department of the same name, and in the neighboring province of Pisco, but service was gradually recovering, said Defense Secretary Civil.Según Civil Defense Technical Ica, Erin Gomez, at least ten buildings were uninhabitable.

Some buildings suffered cracks in their structures in slums dominated adobe buildings, according to unconfirmed radio stations.

Among the buildings affected would find the Cathedral of Ica, which had been damaged in terretomo 2007.
The quake was also felt less intensely in the Peruvian capital and a large area of ​​the Midwest, without injury or damage reported.

The region of Ica was hit hard on August 15, 2007 by an earthquake of 7.9 magnitude on the Richter scale left more than 500 muertos.El IGP recalled that Peru is in the "Pacific Ring of Fire" , where there is 85% of global seismic activity

Radiation decreases in the last solar storm


On January 27 the sun unleashed a flare, and given the current scale between A, B, C, M and X X1.8 level was subsequently triggering coronal mass ejection (CME) with particles of protons and electrons in the direction of Earth, affected with high level of radiation to polar latitudes.

Some scientists said this phenomenon is like when you go to get a chest x-ray, but "free", should be in place at a flight of civil aircraft.

Severe solar radiation, and radio blackouts are part of geomagnetic storms and solar storms are the problems that are making space weather forecasters are increasingly prepared to predict the immediate effects that are advertised as new forecasting systems.

The last solar storm of January 27, in addition to the lingering effects of radiation, cut communications and radios at high latitudes while the former also caused geomagnetic storms, auroras latituddes even 55 degrees.

The alert levels of radiation reached S2, between levels S1 to S5, which is the maximum for today down to the lowest level of alert. However this may be higher in the future considering that the Sun is entering the peak period, which occurs every 11 years or so.

Effects on civilian air passengers:

The space warning signs indicate that solar radiation level S2 is affected flight passengers latitudes near the poles and "amounts to an X-ray radiography" and therefore not recommended for pregnant women .

As cited by Solar Storms organization during normal radiation from the Sun, the fetus or mother would have no problem traveling though recommended limits per year with a maximum of 400 hours.

In its report cited the Agency of Health Canada in 2002 reported that 1000 flight hours mean a 1% chance of cancer.

The effects of radiation and radio and communication blocks has therefore been a concern of some airlines.

During an exhibition at the House of Representatives United States Congress in 2003, as quoted by the organization, a witness said that in five years of flying to the north pole touched the need to alter flight plans in an average of two to three times month and in some severe cases resulted in the flight will alter air.

For travel between Chicago and Hong Kong was explained that the cost of travel may have a shorter route and near the poles, in the event of a blackout strong, gas mileage alone is more than the normal route more elongated

According to NASA, the recent solar storm event was the largest solar particles since 2005 and was detected by radiation monitoring instrument aboard the Mars Science Laboratory spacecraft on its way from Earth to Mars.

Inside the ship are important tools to assess the nature of Mars, are part of the rover mission called Curiosity and remain protected from exposure to radiation.

This exhibition, says NASA astronaut could affect a potential human mission to Mars but has no adverse effects on the laboratory.

In the case of the nave of the International Space Station flying around the Earth, this camera has a shelter, when large flares with strong radiation loads that can affect humans.

The problem has been raising the scientific level is as it is for the astronauts in case of future trips to Mars, where time is prolonged. It is very different than going to the moon, which is done in just 10 days.

Long travel times can be hazardous to health without adequate protections.

Live Journal magazine cited in a report to Rutherford Appleton British laboratory, and said they are working with a unique design of magnetic shielding for interplanetary missions. This magnetic shield would have the power to protect the flight crew of galactic or solar rays.

The report explains that this shield simulate the natural shielding that the Earth has this device in addition to protecting the ship could also have an accelerating effect.

Space weather forecasting new systems
Each more of ships traveling around the Earth so that space weather is playing a role.

With a computer technique already used by meteorologists to track potential impacts of hurricanes and other severe weather forecasters analyze spatial conditions together solar storms.

For meteorologists Goddard Space Flight Center of NASA, they announced that they will be capable of simultaneously producing up to 100 computerized predictions by calculating several possible conditions at the parameters of the heliosphere, reported on January 26.

"Space weather alerts already available, but we want to do something better," said Michael Hesse, head of the Laboratory Goddard Space Weather, recently appointed director of the Division of Heliophysics Science Center.

Hesse explained that the company relies more than ever in the area and now the communications, navigation, power generation, all susceptible to space weather.

"Once this is implemented there will be nothing like it in the world," the researchers wrote. "Nobody has done joint prediction for space weather."

Hesse's concern is that from the sunspot minimum in 2008, the Sun is waking up and must be prepared.

Solar storms last August and the latter were strong but explains one of the predictors, Antti Pulkkinen, the consequences will be worse for the future with a maximum for now is announced for 2013.

In the past, solar storms have disrupted power grids on Earth and has damaged the satellite instrumentation. They can also be harmful to astronauts and are advised to have a protective cover.
"Nobody knows exactly what the sun will do," Pulkkinen EXPICA. "We can not even say in a week, let alone a year or two, so the sun will do. All we know is that the sun is more active. "

Siege of mega-earthquake forecasting in Baja California


A report by the Institute of Physics Schmidt Earth (IPE) in Moscow, which is circulating in the Kremlin today warned that the 6.2 magnitude earthquake that shook the Chiapas region of Mexico on January 21, 2012 is a "potential precursor" to a "mega-earthquake 'of at least 7.5 to 8.3 is expected to reach the U.S. coast of the Mexican Pacific in the next 15 days.

According to the report, IPE, expressed great concern about this region after an earthquake measuring 1.4 degrees Richter scale, hitting the Mexican peninsula of Baja California on January 18 and is issued in the "range of 4.433 to 4.498 microns," variations "extreme" temperature of the atmosphere that are not normally associated with a tremor checked yesterday and again something happens in Chiapas.

Important to note about this region, the report says IPE, fears intensified after an earthquake of magnitude 7.2 Richter scale, shook the April 4, 2010 and was the first large earthquake occurring in this system particular fault since 1892, the seismic zone of Mexico links with massive system failure in California, and points to an "awakening" of the potential areas for these catastrophic events seismic / volcanic.

Equally important to note is that the extreme heat and / or rapid in the atmosphere over earthquake zones are now believed to be an accurate indicator of significant seismic activity, as has been documented before the big earthquake in Japan and tsunami of 2011, when before the March 11 earthquake hit total electron content in a part of the upper atmosphere called the ionosphere, increased dramatically at the epicenter of the earthquake, reaching a maximum of three days before the earthquake.

This report further states that IPE findings were confirmed by use of the latest information obtained from the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer (MODIS) satellite operated by NASA and is available for viewing [Note: This is a site of high U.S. government level that uses keystroke monitoring] by the international scientific community.

According to research, a major earthquake will occur in the port city of Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. A big secret meeting took place between the scientific elite in the first research center in Mexico is known as the Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education of Ensenada (CICESE).

This report details why prominent scientists from around the world working at CICESE has decided to move suddenly or flee the peninsula of Baja California because of a geophysical impending event of great magnitude.

The topic under discussion by the scientific elite is the fact that we now have confirmation that a geological or geophysical cataclysm is about to happen any time since at least destroy the port city of Ensenada (Mexico). Ensenada is only 68 kilometers south of the border to Tijuana / San Diego.

At least 300,000 people live in Ensenada. Among other things discussed to leave town as soon as possible. It has been revealed to us that, in fact, many foreign scientists working at CICESE and other well-connected individuals in the elite have left Ensenada Baja California.

If the end result of this report is how scientists predict IPE, the overall cost of natural disasters on our planet $ 109 billion in 2010 and rose to $ 366 billion in 2011, the trend line of disasters hitting our world is surely not going in the direction that no one would choose.

Climate Change Update (30 January 2012) Disturbing Noises from the Sky

From as far back as 2008, video recordings of strange and disturbing noises that seem to come from the sky have been appearing on the internet.

In the last 12 months, many more of these 'strange noise' videos have been recorded and uploaded by people from many different parts of the globe.

January 30, 2012

Disturbing predictions for 2030


In 2030, global food demand will have increased by 50%, 45% energy and 30% water.The big question is how the world economy will respond to these demands unprecedented in human history.

That is the key goal should focus from the mind and the power of governments and international organizations, according to a report released Monday by the High Level Panel on Global Sustainability.

The group of experts and officials, including the current Minister of the Environment of Brazil, Isabella Teixeira, and former environment minister of Mexico, Julia Carabias, was appointed by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon .

The panel notes that current consumption patterns, mainly in the West, are not sustainable and it's time to change the direction of the economy.

"The economies are fragile, inequality is growing and the temperature of the planet continues to grow. Need a dramatic change" High Level Panel on Global Sustainability

Health and education have improved, the fossil fuel subsidies should cease and governments should consider other economic indicators, in addition to the Gross Domestic Product, the panel warns.

The current economic model, "is pushing us inexorably towards the limits of natural resources and ecological systems that make life possible on a global level," says the report.

The panel recommends more than 50 measures to be implemented and warns that the current financial crisis "was caused in part by market rules that encourage and reward mentality cortoplazista sustainable investments."


By 2030, food demand will increase by 50%, 45% energy and 30% water.

The number of people living in poverty is declining, but the hungry people is rising

The unequal distribution of wealth continues to increase

Access to safe drinking water is improving, but 2,600 million people still lack acceptable sanitation systems.
Women are often excluded from economic opportunities

The financial crisis was caused by market rules that do not reward sustainable investments.

The current economic model, "we're pushing the limits of natural resources"

"Our report makes clear that sustainable development is more important than ever given the multiple crises currently affecting the world," he said during the launch of the report in Addis Ababa South African President Jacob Zuma, who co-chairs the panel next to the president of Finland, Tarja Hanon.

One focus of the report is the need to improve standards of fairness. The document notes that while poverty rates have declined globally, both the number of hungry people as the unequal distribution of wealth have increased.

Access to safe water has improved, but at least 2,600 million people worldwide lack acceptable sanitation systems.

Women, on the other hand, are still "frequently Excluded 'in economic opportunities.

"Eradicate poverty and improve equity should be a priority worldwide," said Tarja Halonen, who particularly stressed the "need to reduce the growing gap between the lowest and highest groups of income."

The report, entitled "Persons with resistance, resistance planet: a future worth choosing" includes 56 specific recommendations that if implemented, would have profound implications for all.


Ending subsidies to fossil fuels
Include in the price of goods the true environmental cost of producing

All products must carry on their labels about its environmental impact

Governments should develop economic performance indicators beyond GDP and measure sustainability

Governments must change the regulation of financial markets to promote more stable and sustainable investments.

Governments should include in the price of goods the true environmental cost to produce, leading to an economic system that "protects natural resources," says the document.

All products must carry on their labels about its environmental impact, to enable consumers to make decisions based on real data.

With the support of the UN, governments should develop indicators of economic performance beyond the Gross Domestic Product and measure the sustainability of the economic system.

The report also recommends that governments change the regulation of financial markets to promote more stable and sustainable investments.

And the subsidies that have a detrimental effect on the environment should be phased out, according to the document.

The UN estimates that global governments spend more than $ 400 billion each year to subsidize fossil fuels. And estimated that only the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, OECD, spends a similar amount of agricultural subsidies.

The panel notes that should set new goals for universal access to sustainable energy by 2030 and broadband internet in 2025.

It also states that there should be a "global fund for education," that enables the current Millennium Development Goals of achieving universal access to primary education in 2015 and secondary education in 2030.

This and other goals should be incorporated into a new set of sustainable development goals in the coming years, says the panel.

Many of the objectives and recommended actions are consistent with those included in a draft UN Rio +20 Conference on Sustainable Development to be held on June 2 decades after the Earth Summit 1992.

The high-level panel includes Gro Harlem Brundtland, former Norwegian Prime Minister Brundtland chaired the call in 1987.

The report released at that time contains one of the best known definition of sustainable development as "development that meets present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

Twenty years later, the new report concludes that while there has been progress in several fields, such as poverty reduction, the current development model is far from sustainable.

"This report is released at a time of global economic volatility and uncertainty," the report said.
"The economies are fragile, inequality is growing and the temperature of the planet continues to grow. We are testing the ability of the planet."

To address the current crisis, the report concludes, "we need a dramatic change, starting with changing the way we think about future generations and the ecosystems that make our lives possible."

Spctacular Solar Storm Janury 30, 2012


A large solar storm with a burst of X-ray bursts magnitude x1.7 and coronal mass ejection (CME), began on January 27, 2012 after 17 hours, which exceeded the storm registered on 23 January M.8 level.

At CME, astronomers and Heliospheric Observatory SOHO Soar describe them as shocks through the solar wind, "similar to a bow wave ahead of a fast moving boat."

Electrons and protons accelerated to nearly the speed of light and look like light rays when they hit SOHO detectors.

The Climate Prediction Center Space United States sent a series of alerts that include radio blackouts at R4 and R3 level today with solar radiation storms at S1 and S2 particles of 100 MeV protons are valid as 16:30.

At 11:28 UTC 2MeV flows [unit of measurement] electron particle exceeded 1000 pfu by the alert is active.

On the morning of January 27 the sun flames drove past another four hours UTC on 23 January and there was a storm of magnitude M.8 with geomagnetic storms that displayed beautiful aurora borealis. Following the storm were still ongoing effects of solar radiation at high latitudes.

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