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December 16, 2011

Stellar collision theory

A comet will collide with Earth?. I'm much more concerned about Gliese-710. Have you not heard of him? No wonder with a name like that. This is a red dwarf star, and probably can not see at a glance, for the moment!.

However, As time goes on will become more apparent. Until one day we'll hit. Not directly as understood, but be close enough to destroy the solar system.

Whether tearing to separate by gravity or by hitting the Oort Cloud. The Oort cloud is a huge collection of solar dust, ice and rocks some large (millions of them around our solar system).

If Gliese-710 strikes this cloud would send hundreds of asteroids some the size of a small moon at full speed in our direction. Not just a few of them, but enough to have to defend our planet for thousands of years.

This star is far away, so do not start to panic yet. It would take more than a million years. However, Gliese-710 is not the only star in our direction.

There are around 8 before it, which will arrive in our solar system. The nearest star called Barnard and hit us in 10,000 years. After this there is a double in the system called Alpha Centauri AB.

This can pull on us and burn, or it could catapult us into the open space and we would freeze. Or both.

However. It is very difficult to predict the trajectory of a star, so I hope that deviates enough to do any permanent damage. But do not hold your breath. Would be diverted by billions of kilometres.

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