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August 23, 2011

Earthquake of 5.9 hits U.S. and Canada 23/08/2011

An earthquake of magnitude 5.9 shook the eastern coast on Tuesday the United States and Canada, from Virginia to Toronto, shaking buildings and forcing the evacuation of the Pentagon and the Capitol in Washington.

There were no immediate reports about large damage or injuries from the quake, which the United States Geological Survey (USGS, for its acronym in English) placed the epicenter in Mineral, in the state of Virginia, Charlottesville and Richmond between.
The magnitude of the quake was initially reported 5.8.

Washington Workers took to the streets after the quake, which lasted about five seconds and caused retail and office objects fall to the ground.
The quake was shallow, 966 feet.

The buildings of the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol in Washington were evacuated, and the courts in the city of New York.

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