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May 24, 2011

The preacher spoke of the final trial date was wrong says

The evangelical preacher prophesied that the Day of Judgement would come on Saturday has a simple explanation of why he was wrong, simply miscalculated.

Instead of the world came to an end on May 21 with a huge cataclysmic earthquake, as predicted, Harold Camping, 89, said he now believes that his prophecy will happen five months later, on October 21 .

Camping, which launched a countdown to Judgement Day in which some of his followers spent their life savings before you go to heaven, made his correction in his radio program "opem Forum in Oakland, California.

The headquarters of the Family Radio network stations had been closed for camping this weekend with a sign on the door that said: "The office is closed. Sorry."

During a 90-minute speech during which at times went through the branches and included questions and answers to reporters, Camp said he felt bad about that Saturday would not have taken place prediction.

Camping said he "had come to realize" that a "compassionate and gracious God" would be a five-month truce with humanity, saving a hell on earth and that "compress the physical apocalypse in a shorter time period ".

But he insisted that on October 21 has always been the high point of his own chronology of end times, or at least the last.

The former civil engineer, deep voice and prominent ears, has been wrong before. More than two decades ago, publicly acknowledged that he was wrong in predicting that Christ would return to Earth in 1994.

To publicize the announcement, the Family Radio network of stations placed more than 2,000 posters throughout the country, stating that the Day of Judgement was near, and the faithful took the message to the streets and shopping malls.

Asked what he would tell his followers who gave up much of their worldly possessions in the belief that the world was over, Camping compared it with the recent economic crisis in the country.

"We just had a major recession. Many people have lost their jobs, their home and all have survived somehow," he said.

"People will fight," he added. "We're not in the business of giving financial advice. We are in the count that there is someone with whom to talk, and that is God."

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