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May 28, 2011

Japan's earthquake signals to anticipate that no attention was given

Weeks or even hours before the earthquake on March 11 in Japan, there were different signals in the atmosphere above the epicenter, several theories circulating trying to explain possible causes

The devastating earthquake in Japan on March 11, one of the most serious in the history of the planet in recent decades, it could be predicted before it happened, strange phenomena occurred in the atmosphere, scientists reported recently revealed by the press.

These phenomena recorded by experts from the United States and Australia aroused keen interest to scientists of the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism Ionosphere and (Izmir) from Russia.

A week before the earthquake, high above the epicenter of the quake zone was formed that began to warm gradually to a peak hours before people felt the first shock of the quake in northeastern Japan.

Days before the same area also increased dramatically the concentration of electrons in the ionosphere and its maximum value was recorded three days before the cataclysm, according to observations made by researchers at the Goddard Space Flight Center of NASA, in the state of Maryland.

According to Russian experts, the increase of temperature and electron concentration in the atmosphere over the territory which later became the epicenter of strong earthquakes is a valuable signal to understand the nature of earthquakes.

Russian scientists believe that these and other phenomena prior to earthquakes, are a complex algorithm which will identify appropriate interpretation on exactly when and where they can produce high-magnitude earthquakes.

The global warming is emerging as an important signal from satellites for NASA also obtained information on global warming on the city of Puerto Principe days before the devastating earthquake occurred in Haiti in January 2010.

The track on global warming regained interest because studies by experts IZMIRAN recorded a significant increase in the concentration of free electrons and heating of the atmosphere above the territory of India, days before it happened in the earthquake that left over 7,000 dead Gujarat state in the Northeast in January 2001.

Russian center records also found that the same phenomenon occurred in Mexico before the earthquake of a magnitude of 7, 6 on Richter scale in western and central China in 2003.

IZMIRAN According to experts, the chain, Gujarat-Mexico-Haiti, Japan, and is a circumstance that deserves detailed investigation.

Such studies should be compared with other theories such as the influence of solar activity and geomagnetic field disturbances, as early signals to earthquakes.

One hypothesis to explain the warming of the atmosphere indicates that the processes taking place in the basement of kilometers deep influence on the atmosphere and ionosphere.

More precisely this influence is conditioned by the emission of radon gas, radioactive chemical element.

These gases ionize the air, strongly catalyzes the condensation of water vapor, which in turn heat deliberate, later recorded by satellites.

Another theory dismisses the action of radon, and believes that the accumulation of energy in the tectonic plates causes earthquakes before the deliberation of ionizing fluxes in the atmosphere.

However, data on the observations collected by NASA on global warming warned other scientists and news media in Russia argue that the natural disaster occurred in Japan was the work of human intellect.

According to the media, the heating of the ionosphere are not signs of earthquakes but are the direct cause that produces them.

In this regard, the sources cited by "weather warfare", more exactly, the famous center HAARP facilities built with the help of the Pentagon in the territory of Alaska to affect the ionosphere, including through heating.

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