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May 28, 2011

The Day The Ocean Was Again Fearful

Current technology claims to have conquered the seas, or at least its surface. Major disasters such as the almost one hundred of the Titanic, have helped to improve naval technology to levels not previously imagined.

Today monstrous ships sail the oceans can carry thousands of containers, huge oil tankers and cargo of all kinds, nuclear-powered aircraft carrier majestic ... the ocean has been conquered! True, there are still accidents and, occasionally, some catastrophe, but for large vessels in the world is no longer afraid to venture into the deep ocean. Ancient sea monsters and do not decorate the maps and the old myths about whirlpools and huge waves as hellish mountains have also been forgotten. Or not?

Did not believe they were real. For centuries many sailors said they had heard stories, or even have miraculously survived, to encounter huge waves suddenly appearing in the ocean but have done nothing to suspect that water could enfuecer. It was not tsunamis, which are 'harmless' at sea.

Nor were waves caused by storms or strong winds, but as you said, if luck is not accompanying you, you may find your ship against a wall of water hundreds of feet high moving toward you without warning, a raging fury of the sea arose calm. No ship could overcome that. They were the true monsters of the sea but, as any monster did not exist. It was thought until reality proved that the ocean holds many more surprises than imaginable.

Over time they accumulate all sorts of stories about ships that disappeared in the sea for no apparent reason, imagined terrible triangle of death where malice aliens decided to send all types of vessels to the deep sea. Lacked imagination and fantasy in that category, included the giant waves.

 It was water walls incredible size but, despite the records, the absence of apparent cause for them, were deemed impossible phenomena. Today, thanks to satellite studies and several relatively recent cases, no doubt: in the ocean waves can be over thirty feet able to come out of nowhere for no apparent reason.

Despite the many mathematical models and other have been proposed to explain this phenomenon, it has not really come to find out the mechanism that moves those infernal walls of water.

The Caledonian Star in 2001:

Giant waves were still in the limbo between fantasy and reality, believing some of them, being denied by others, when the Caledonian Star was found on March 2, 2001 with something incredible.

This adventure cruise ship, now renamed the National Geographic Endeavour, with 2,557 tons, a length of almost 88 meters and six decks. It is small, much less, but was not prepared for what came upon him. In fact, there is no ship that can cheerfully face a monster like the one I 'attacked'. That day, sailing through the Drake Passage between South America and Antarctica, a stunning wave-shaped wall of more than thirty feet high struck the ship.

No tsunami, storm or similar phenomenon could be found to explain such an encounter. Just out of nowhere, in a sea relatively calm, there was the wall and swept the ship. The windows jumped, the bridge was broken and, by some miracle, the ship was able to overcome the shock. Drifting, completely disassembled, without electricity or navigation devices, the Caledonian Star had to be assisted by the Navy Argentina to reach fruition. Since that day, the sea returned to be inhabited by monsters.

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