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May 28, 2011

A Collapse of The Bees Threaten World Food Supply

The mass death of bees around the world hinders the processes of pollination and this greatly affects the production of food in the world.

Einstein once said: "If bees disappear, mankind would only have 4 more years of life."

Throughout the second half of this decade has confirmed a disturbing phenomenon: the mass death of bees. Known as CCD for its acronym in English (colony collapse disorder) the collapse of bee colonies around the world could, Albert Einstein predicted as well, generating a radical imbalance in the Food Network.

About a third of global agricultural production depends on animal pollination (largely running the honey bees). Regrettable multiple causes ranging from mysterious plague apparently caused by parasites, the use of pesticides that affect them indirectly fatal bee colonies, or a synergy of destructive causes, are causing a rapid disappearance of the honeybee population in the world .

So far the crisis connected with the bees have been treated as a niche problem. But as food prices still exceed their historical peaks becomes highly important to understand to what degree may be affecting this problem, the collective collapse of bee colonies and the implicit effects of this phenomenon in pollination.

A disturbing evidence shows that over a third of honeybees in the United States did not survive the winter. This is the fourth consecutive year that this happens and the second in Britain which also has a similar percentage.

Over 3 million colonies of bees have died in the USA since 2006 and more than a billion bees have died in this period in the world.

The importance of these animals historically associated with the deity (Zeus, Venus, the Merovingians) can not be underestimated, contributing 38 billion into the global economy and a third of everything we eat depends on pollination by honey bees.

Some experts believe that the bees go extinct. While not yet fully know the cause of this disorder that has caused the collapse of many colonies (CCD). Scientists believe that the main reason could be the pesticides (found more than 121 pesticides in samples of bees, pollen, and wax).

Another phenomenon that has puzzled scientists is that many of the settlements are abandoned, but they are the bodies of bees, in what has been called the Mary Celeste Syndrome (as inexplicably abandoned ship). Some scientific studies relating the effect produced by the towers of mobile communication and the disorientation of the bees that were prevented from returning to their hive, so this could also be a cause which would not be very convenient to accept for the industry telecommunications.

Many of the companies involved in beekeeping facing serious economic problems while the research to find the causes of desaparción of millions of bees has a number of funds proportionate to the seriousness of the problem. People in the field simply announces resignation: it is a mystery.

Bees may be the most important animal for the kind of life we ​​lead, a world without bees could be a world without honey, also in the metaphorical sense.

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