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May 28, 2011

Japan's earthquake signals to anticipate that no attention was given

Weeks or even hours before the earthquake on March 11 in Japan, there were different signals in the atmosphere above the epicenter, several theories circulating trying to explain possible causes

The devastating earthquake in Japan on March 11, one of the most serious in the history of the planet in recent decades, it could be predicted before it happened, strange phenomena occurred in the atmosphere, scientists reported recently revealed by the press.

These phenomena recorded by experts from the United States and Australia aroused keen interest to scientists of the Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism Ionosphere and (Izmir) from Russia.

A week before the earthquake, high above the epicenter of the quake zone was formed that began to warm gradually to a peak hours before people felt the first shock of the quake in northeastern Japan.

Days before the same area also increased dramatically the concentration of electrons in the ionosphere and its maximum value was recorded three days before the cataclysm, according to observations made by researchers at the Goddard Space Flight Center of NASA, in the state of Maryland.

According to Russian experts, the increase of temperature and electron concentration in the atmosphere over the territory which later became the epicenter of strong earthquakes is a valuable signal to understand the nature of earthquakes.

Russian scientists believe that these and other phenomena prior to earthquakes, are a complex algorithm which will identify appropriate interpretation on exactly when and where they can produce high-magnitude earthquakes.

The global warming is emerging as an important signal from satellites for NASA also obtained information on global warming on the city of Puerto Principe days before the devastating earthquake occurred in Haiti in January 2010.

The track on global warming regained interest because studies by experts IZMIRAN recorded a significant increase in the concentration of free electrons and heating of the atmosphere above the territory of India, days before it happened in the earthquake that left over 7,000 dead Gujarat state in the Northeast in January 2001.

Russian center records also found that the same phenomenon occurred in Mexico before the earthquake of a magnitude of 7, 6 on Richter scale in western and central China in 2003.

IZMIRAN According to experts, the chain, Gujarat-Mexico-Haiti, Japan, and is a circumstance that deserves detailed investigation.

Such studies should be compared with other theories such as the influence of solar activity and geomagnetic field disturbances, as early signals to earthquakes.

One hypothesis to explain the warming of the atmosphere indicates that the processes taking place in the basement of kilometers deep influence on the atmosphere and ionosphere.

More precisely this influence is conditioned by the emission of radon gas, radioactive chemical element.

These gases ionize the air, strongly catalyzes the condensation of water vapor, which in turn heat deliberate, later recorded by satellites.

Another theory dismisses the action of radon, and believes that the accumulation of energy in the tectonic plates causes earthquakes before the deliberation of ionizing fluxes in the atmosphere.

However, data on the observations collected by NASA on global warming warned other scientists and news media in Russia argue that the natural disaster occurred in Japan was the work of human intellect.

According to the media, the heating of the ionosphere are not signs of earthquakes but are the direct cause that produces them.

In this regard, the sources cited by "weather warfare", more exactly, the famous center HAARP facilities built with the help of the Pentagon in the territory of Alaska to affect the ionosphere, including through heating.

¿Is the comet Elenin a danger to our planet?

Elenin comet was discovered near Jupiter on December 10, 2010 by Leonid Elenin Russian astronomer at the Institute of Applied Mathematics Keldish, while reviewing images from the International Scientific Optical Network, a series of robotic telescopes that probe the sky.

The astronomer, after months of observation found that the comet will reach perihelion (closest point of the orbit of a celestial body around the Sun) on 10 September this year

The novelty, released during the first days of March, just went around the globe and the impact, obviously, had its epicenter on the web. Immediately, rumors and all kinds of apocalyptic theories began to circulate. A video was posted on YouTube on March 8 this year, two days before the earthquake that devastated Japan. The author shows that the alignment that would occur between 11 and 15 March and had occurred on February 27, 2010. Coincidentally, the day of the earthquake of 8.8 Richter in Chile.

Some fans warned high probability that opened in March 2011 an earthquake occurred in large proportions, this was because Elenin be aligned with the Earth and the Sun, although their distance was 2,115 AU (average distance between Sun and Earth), actually the rumor became truth, March 11, we witnessed one of the largest earthquakes in the history of Japan and the world.

According to statements from various experts, Elenin has some connection with the Earth's tectonic plates, that experts say was demonstrated on March 11, 2011. Although it is noteworthy that during the coming months Elenin pass close to Earth, And only God knows what influence have on plate tectonics.

The possibility also exists that is not an ordinary comet, which is a companion of the "comet planet" old, the eternal visitor of the ages. Nibiru or Planet X, so this ability is to produce great cataclysms to be close to the ground. United States has sought to distort the facts, planet X called Nibiru means "Planet of the crossing", which means the place where this anomaly breaks the solar system, seeing our system like a plane. In fact this planet comet or massive planet with a tail enters perpendicular to the solar system, and plays at a crucial point in his career. The only major mass stellar object is Elenin, which crosses the system in a vulnerable location. Or is it that the famous Elenin is Nibiru?

How to play U.S. and NASA scientists?, Distort and minimize the phenomenon, because the call comet made of ice and dust, would have no significance in their path. But if you say it is a massive planet with a tail, and explain that their closeness is destabilizing all the planets of the Solar System, for years, things change. By the way is explained the phenomenon of two suns, which explains why no one understands.

Why are two suns? Elenin Comet is not the cause of the disturbances originating in reality is a system. Formed by a gravitational center, a brown dwarf, and some scientists call it, (Tyche, is called by others) that is what is seen near the sun, is actually in opposition to the land. This brown dwarf (the real Nibiru) would actually be the cause of all disturbances to Pluto, Jupiter, Venus, solar explosions that shows the sun exaggerated.

A chilling report prepared for President Medvedev Seryukov by the Minister of the Russian Ministry of Defense on the construction of 5, 000 bunkers "bomb" additional in Moscow warns that while this progress, the emergence of the new Comet Elenin in our solar system means they will add "additional resources" immediately "as the date to end in 2012" might not be enough time. "

The cause of the fears of the Minister Serdyukov said in that report, based on new calculations of the orbit of Comet Elenin, seems "very likely" that this celestial object is under a kind of "intelligent control" and approach Earth "much more" than originally thought for next fall.

At the time of its discovery, Comet Elenin was traveling near the ecliptic plane to over 4 astronomical units (375 million miles) from the Sun and headed towards the interior. Original perihelion (point on the orbit of a planet, asteroid or comet which is nearest the Sun) was calculated to happen quite inside the orbit of Earth around 0.45 astronomical units (42 million miles) from the Sun will happen on or about September 5, 2011, being visible to the naked eye in the sky before dawn in the constellation Leo.

The most shocking in the report of the Minister Seryukov is his claim that Elinin Comet seems to be in "direct contact" with the mysterious planet the size of Jupiter discovered beyond the orbit of Pluto and also, goes to the Sun . This mysterious planet that is said about the size of Jupiter, beyond the orbit of Pluto could be our brown dwarf, Tyche, X, etc..

U.S. scientists Daniel Whitmire and John Matese of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, have made this mysterious planet, the name of Tyche, but ancient peoples of our planet was known by other names. Planet X, Nibiru, planet of the crossing, etc.

Interestingly, on Comet Elinin is that while the U.S. space agency NASA has said "Due to the possibility that the comet's orbit deviates, there is no guarantee that would not touch the earth", they, too, contrary, have expressed that "Comet Elenin not approached at any point on Earth. The closest (the September 10, 2011) will be more than 25 million kilometers of our planet."

Elenin key is-NINE ELEVEN. Eleven, which relates to the year 2011, the month NINE 9 September.

Comet Elenin addition does not come alone, but precedes a train of large cometary bodies, whose career is quite diffuse and not a trace appears to obey conventional comet, but an avalanche of bodies from the Oort cometary-Kuiper. The suspicion to look to what comes after Elenin, "" The cluster of Nibiru or Tyche comet?. NASA prepared the tremendous deception, called Tyche, is Nibiru. All this is related, Nibiru and the cometary clauster revolve around their center of gravity, which is our sun.

This great body, however described approaches the sun. Again the name is not important, is its action on the solar system. It is clear that other bodies revolve with it, the famous comet Elenín. Now the U.S. has a way and an excuse to play certain contentious issues, rather than speak of planet X, there is talk of a comet Elenín. Well if that satisfies them, the elite who build their bunkers to escape the catastrophe caused by a comet.

The history of Nibiru date from the time of the Sumerians, from whom the term was used to denote a transition point or a crossroads. In Babylonian mythology, Nibiru was the star of Marduk, the deity who ruled the cosmos.

A t present NASA is tracking the "black star" under the name of Leonid comet ELEnin and combination with the Earth and the sun is expected this coming March 15. And supposedly the shift on the planet is actually due to the interference that the brown dwarf star, Nibiru, has since 2004. And confirmed the conspiracy versions on this astrological phenomenon, we could face a series of disturbances that would significantly alter the physical laws around our planet.

All matches in the spiritual aspect, Revelation speaks of Wormwood. Chapter VIII, verse 10. And the third angel sounded, and fell a great star from heaven burning like a torch, and came to fall into the third of the rivers and springs of water. Revelation says that the bombardment of cosmic material harm a third of the planet's waters. Water damage, will present a reddish color, and a bad taste. Crops were destroyed by the cosmic material of the comet tail and the cluster "comet, an avalanche of rocks and darts into the atmosphere. Do not know the impact that red dust and the cosmic material would have for life on the planet. What kind virus comes with it? We are able to give an answer, if everything has been a continuing deception of the developed countries, the elite that is prepared to survive the apocalypse.

A Collapse of The Bees Threaten World Food Supply

The mass death of bees around the world hinders the processes of pollination and this greatly affects the production of food in the world.

Einstein once said: "If bees disappear, mankind would only have 4 more years of life."

Throughout the second half of this decade has confirmed a disturbing phenomenon: the mass death of bees. Known as CCD for its acronym in English (colony collapse disorder) the collapse of bee colonies around the world could, Albert Einstein predicted as well, generating a radical imbalance in the Food Network.

About a third of global agricultural production depends on animal pollination (largely running the honey bees). Regrettable multiple causes ranging from mysterious plague apparently caused by parasites, the use of pesticides that affect them indirectly fatal bee colonies, or a synergy of destructive causes, are causing a rapid disappearance of the honeybee population in the world .

So far the crisis connected with the bees have been treated as a niche problem. But as food prices still exceed their historical peaks becomes highly important to understand to what degree may be affecting this problem, the collective collapse of bee colonies and the implicit effects of this phenomenon in pollination.

A disturbing evidence shows that over a third of honeybees in the United States did not survive the winter. This is the fourth consecutive year that this happens and the second in Britain which also has a similar percentage.

Over 3 million colonies of bees have died in the USA since 2006 and more than a billion bees have died in this period in the world.

The importance of these animals historically associated with the deity (Zeus, Venus, the Merovingians) can not be underestimated, contributing 38 billion into the global economy and a third of everything we eat depends on pollination by honey bees.

Some experts believe that the bees go extinct. While not yet fully know the cause of this disorder that has caused the collapse of many colonies (CCD). Scientists believe that the main reason could be the pesticides (found more than 121 pesticides in samples of bees, pollen, and wax).

Another phenomenon that has puzzled scientists is that many of the settlements are abandoned, but they are the bodies of bees, in what has been called the Mary Celeste Syndrome (as inexplicably abandoned ship). Some scientific studies relating the effect produced by the towers of mobile communication and the disorientation of the bees that were prevented from returning to their hive, so this could also be a cause which would not be very convenient to accept for the industry telecommunications.

Many of the companies involved in beekeeping facing serious economic problems while the research to find the causes of desaparción of millions of bees has a number of funds proportionate to the seriousness of the problem. People in the field simply announces resignation: it is a mystery.

Bees may be the most important animal for the kind of life we ​​lead, a world without bees could be a world without honey, also in the metaphorical sense.

Possible Future Flooding in Venice

Changes in storm patterns in the Adriatic Sea could be a local impact of global warming and this may offset the higher sea levels in a city where the emblematic Plaza de San Marcos and other historic sites are often under water.

"Higher sea levels will be offset by less severe flood storm," he told Reuters Alberto Troccoli, Pye Laboratory of the Organization of Scientific and Industrial Research of the Commonwealth in Australia.

"There's a balancing effect" between the impacts of climate change, said about a study conducted with colleagues in Italy and the United Kingdom and published in the journal Climatic Change this month.

"The episodes of flooding by the tide could not be exacerbated during this century, with potentially beneficial consequences for the conservation of the city," wrote about Venice, one of the cities most exposed to the growth of sea level.

The team projected that the number of floods and storms in a northerly direction across the Adriatic, causing flooding in Venice would be reduced by 30 percent by 2100 due to the storms tend to veer further north in Europe.

Under certain wind conditions, the Adriatic acts as a funnel in which water accumulates to Venice at the north end. Italy is building flood barriers to protect the city.

The most severe combination of storms and high tides in recent decades occurred during the Great Flood of 1966, which raised water levels in Venice about 194 inches above normal.

If sea levels around the world grew only 17 cm by 2100, matching the growth of the twentieth century, the study suggested that "the frequency of extreme tides in Venice would be almost unchanged" because the number of floods and storms would fall.

However, Venice is facing other problems like subsidence caused by extraction of water from aquifers beneath the city, especially the 1950 and 1970.
Venice may be less threatened than was feared by rising sea levels due to the damaging storm surges are likely to be less frequent this century as a side effect of climate change, according to an expert.

The Day The Ocean Was Again Fearful

Current technology claims to have conquered the seas, or at least its surface. Major disasters such as the almost one hundred of the Titanic, have helped to improve naval technology to levels not previously imagined.

Today monstrous ships sail the oceans can carry thousands of containers, huge oil tankers and cargo of all kinds, nuclear-powered aircraft carrier majestic ... the ocean has been conquered! True, there are still accidents and, occasionally, some catastrophe, but for large vessels in the world is no longer afraid to venture into the deep ocean. Ancient sea monsters and do not decorate the maps and the old myths about whirlpools and huge waves as hellish mountains have also been forgotten. Or not?

Did not believe they were real. For centuries many sailors said they had heard stories, or even have miraculously survived, to encounter huge waves suddenly appearing in the ocean but have done nothing to suspect that water could enfuecer. It was not tsunamis, which are 'harmless' at sea.

Nor were waves caused by storms or strong winds, but as you said, if luck is not accompanying you, you may find your ship against a wall of water hundreds of feet high moving toward you without warning, a raging fury of the sea arose calm. No ship could overcome that. They were the true monsters of the sea but, as any monster did not exist. It was thought until reality proved that the ocean holds many more surprises than imaginable.

Over time they accumulate all sorts of stories about ships that disappeared in the sea for no apparent reason, imagined terrible triangle of death where malice aliens decided to send all types of vessels to the deep sea. Lacked imagination and fantasy in that category, included the giant waves.

 It was water walls incredible size but, despite the records, the absence of apparent cause for them, were deemed impossible phenomena. Today, thanks to satellite studies and several relatively recent cases, no doubt: in the ocean waves can be over thirty feet able to come out of nowhere for no apparent reason.

Despite the many mathematical models and other have been proposed to explain this phenomenon, it has not really come to find out the mechanism that moves those infernal walls of water.

The Caledonian Star in 2001:

Giant waves were still in the limbo between fantasy and reality, believing some of them, being denied by others, when the Caledonian Star was found on March 2, 2001 with something incredible.

This adventure cruise ship, now renamed the National Geographic Endeavour, with 2,557 tons, a length of almost 88 meters and six decks. It is small, much less, but was not prepared for what came upon him. In fact, there is no ship that can cheerfully face a monster like the one I 'attacked'. That day, sailing through the Drake Passage between South America and Antarctica, a stunning wave-shaped wall of more than thirty feet high struck the ship.

No tsunami, storm or similar phenomenon could be found to explain such an encounter. Just out of nowhere, in a sea relatively calm, there was the wall and swept the ship. The windows jumped, the bridge was broken and, by some miracle, the ship was able to overcome the shock. Drifting, completely disassembled, without electricity or navigation devices, the Caledonian Star had to be assisted by the Navy Argentina to reach fruition. Since that day, the sea returned to be inhabited by monsters.

May 27, 2011

Russia built the Ark of the future

We already have a precedent in 1995, this futuristic film, Waterworld, starring Kevin Costner, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Dennis Hopper in the lead roles, in which the planet earth had become the world ocean, and the survivors went at loggerheads for those oceans with floating houses and cities had been reduced to a minimum their modus vivendi and brought back to almost prehistory habits, though, that if, armed to the teeth.

It was a disturbing film that did not stop or pause a moment to the viewer by offering a bleak picture for a future that is sensed disaster for humanity to follow the path of energy waste.

It appears that Russia has designed a futuristic building, after what happened in Japan, is presented as a valid alternative but to (no one yet) to what has been done to date anti-disaster architecture .

It is an ambitious project and look good on paper. A nothing to keep the promises that flow from its advertising can be very valid, given the alarming predictions that members of associations and environmentalists predict green for the earth.

May 25, 2011

5-24-2011 Seismic Watch: Japan, Alaska, California, Turkey, USGS Censors...

Breaking news: 6 people died in new U.S. tornadoes 05/25/2011

A series of tornadoes hit the Midwest, killing at least six deaths in Oklahoma and Kansas.

Oklahoma City and the surrounding area suffered the passage of five tornadoes during the afternoon of Tuesday that killed at least four people and extensive material damage.
"We have a large number of injured and many homes were totally destroyed, "said county emergency director of Canadian, Jerry Smith, according to Reuters news agency.

On the other hand, in Kansas, the police reported the death of two others when a tree was defeated on the vehicle in which they were due to strong winds in the city of Saint John.

These tornadoes occurred two days after a destructive tornado leave at least 122 dead in the city of Joplin, in the state of Missouri.

Freaky Radar Sigs During Tornado Apocalypse - May 2011

Death toll rises after US tornadoes

Tornado devastation in US Mid-West-05/25/2011

Amounted to 124 dead by the tornado of Joplin

The death toll caused by the violent tornado that struck the city of Joplin, Missouri, United States amounted to 124, U.S. authorities said.

They further indicated that the number of injured has now risen to 750.

Emergency services are working to rescue survivors in the area.

The tornado crossed the city on Sunday, leaving behind an enormous corridor of destruction. The company Eqecat risk assessment estimated the value of property damage could reach $ 3,000 million.

More than 8,000 buildings suffered the brutal effects of the passage of the tornado

U.s. Tornado Left Scores of People Killed

At least 30 people were killed in the tornado that struck the city of Joplin, Missouri, USA.

The city was the "direct impact" of tornadoes and several parts of the city were destroyed, local media reported.

The governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, declared a state of emergency and warned that more storms are coming.

Last month, tornadoes and storms claimed the lives of at least 350 people in Alabama and six other southern states.

John Miller, forógrafo local newspaper, described the bleak landscape in Joplin: "Home Depot was destroyed. Walmart destroyed. Gasoline stations, buildings. Wherever you look damaged or completely destroyed."

Witnesses said ambulances were lined up outside a Wal-Mart store amid reports that hundreds of people were trapped inside.

Officials from St. John's Hospital in Joplin said the building had been severely damaged. A resident who lives 45 miles away said the hospital debris had landed in her yard, including medical supplies, X-ray.

County Coroner Mark Bridges, told Reuters news agency by telephone that at least 30 people were killed.

In their tour of Ireland, the U.S. president sent his condolences to those affected.

"Michelle and I send our deepest condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in tornadoes and bad weather that affected Joplin, Missouri, as well as communities throughout the Midwest," he said in a statement.

"We commend the heroic efforts of those who have responded and are working to help their friends and neighbors in this very difficult time."

Nixon informed the governor that the storms also caused damage in Missouri

"They continue to pose a significant risk to our lives and our property," he said in a statement.

"As a state, we are deploying all available resources and agencies to give security to the families of Missouri, look for the missing, to provide emergency medical care and start rebuilding," he said.

World's End rescheduled for October 21

That's the good news. The bad news is that, according to Camping, the great universal cataclysm will take place within five months, ie on 21 October.

The pastor, 89, returned to his radio show a little with their tails between their legs, but alive, to tell his listeners about the negative impact that had on him that would not end the world destroyed by a incalculable earthquake intensity, as predicted.

Camping also promised ascension to heaven of some 200 million Christians.

"When the May 21 and nothing happened, he began a very difficult time for me," admitted the American pastor, founder of Family Radio station.

"I wondered what was going on. Check in my head all the promises God had made. I prayed a lot, God, what happened?" He said.
The new date

That same question is that will be doing many of the followers of Camping, especially those who quit their jobs or who donated $ 100 million or more, costing the ad campaign to spread "good news" of Judgement Final.
Notice of the Final Judgement.

Warnings on the Final Judgement were dated and were everywhere.

One of them, Robert Fitzpatrick, spent his life savings (about $ 140,000) to spread the word.

The other is Jeff Hopkins, who set up an ad on the roof of his car and went back and forth between Long Island and New York to publicize it.

"It was like getting a slap in the face," said Hopkins, a television exproductor.

The pastor Camping, meanwhile, claims to have felt so bad when his prophecy did not materialize, he took refuge in a motel with his wife.

However, to revisit the scriptures, soon made him the light, God had wanted to take the hell on earth for five months.

Camping insisted that their latest calculations give a date October 21 inevitable.

The pastor, however, had been wrong with a similar prediction in 1994.

The question therefore is whether the third will be the charm.
The evangelical Christian preacher Harold Camping, who garnered jeers to predict, wrongly, that the world would end on 21 May, admitted having made a mistake in their calculations.

May 24, 2011

The preacher spoke of the final trial date was wrong says

The evangelical preacher prophesied that the Day of Judgement would come on Saturday has a simple explanation of why he was wrong, simply miscalculated.

Instead of the world came to an end on May 21 with a huge cataclysmic earthquake, as predicted, Harold Camping, 89, said he now believes that his prophecy will happen five months later, on October 21 .

Camping, which launched a countdown to Judgement Day in which some of his followers spent their life savings before you go to heaven, made his correction in his radio program "opem Forum in Oakland, California.

The headquarters of the Family Radio network stations had been closed for camping this weekend with a sign on the door that said: "The office is closed. Sorry."

During a 90-minute speech during which at times went through the branches and included questions and answers to reporters, Camp said he felt bad about that Saturday would not have taken place prediction.

Camping said he "had come to realize" that a "compassionate and gracious God" would be a five-month truce with humanity, saving a hell on earth and that "compress the physical apocalypse in a shorter time period ".

But he insisted that on October 21 has always been the high point of his own chronology of end times, or at least the last.

The former civil engineer, deep voice and prominent ears, has been wrong before. More than two decades ago, publicly acknowledged that he was wrong in predicting that Christ would return to Earth in 1994.

To publicize the announcement, the Family Radio network of stations placed more than 2,000 posters throughout the country, stating that the Day of Judgement was near, and the faithful took the message to the streets and shopping malls.

Asked what he would tell his followers who gave up much of their worldly possessions in the belief that the world was over, Camping compared it with the recent economic crisis in the country.

"We just had a major recession. Many people have lost their jobs, their home and all have survived somehow," he said.

"People will fight," he added. "We're not in the business of giving financial advice. We are in the count that there is someone with whom to talk, and that is God."

Camping Faithful Preacher Must Continue Waiting for The Apocalypse

 The announcement about the arrival on Saturday of the Final Judgement by the American preacher Harold Camping aroused the ridicule of skeptics, but there were people who ran to hide or repent of their sins.

Camping's prophecy was that at 18H00 local country in the world will be an earthquake, after which good Christians would be raised to heaven.

According to the preacher of 89 years, which broadcasts programs through a radio station called Family Radio, which are not good people will live a hell on Earth until 21 October, when God, angry, destroy planet and all that exists.

New Zealand was one of the first countries affected by the wave of apocalyptic predictions as Camping, who had previously unsuccessfully predicted the end of the world for 1994.

But 18:00 passed without the occurrence of earthquakes in the island country, amid the indifference of the local media.

Similarly, in Europe, the fatal hour passed without incident.

Meanwhile, numerous internet made fun of the issue and planned to create a false apocalypse, if the predictions of Camping will be revealed again misleading.

Through Twitter, skeptics have suggested old clothes and shoes on the floor and gardens to give the impression that someone had actually been raised to heaven, and inflatable dolls free into space.

Other Internet joked about the tremendous work that the authorities would if they were sent, only joking, thousands of reports of missing persons.

In Washington, it was expected that at least 400 people celebrate the fact that the apocalypse does not arrive at the 'End of the World Party'.

However, telephone lines were installed to prevent a wave of suicides, according to The Washington Post, because of fears that supporters of Family Radio disappointed they suffered from severe depression if the apocalypse does not materialize.

In the U.S., where the headquarters of the evangelical group for camping, many people quit their jobs to go to encourage other people to repent of their sins before it is too late.

LeCorps Gregory left his job "in a medical center a few weeks ago to take his wife and their five young children traveling the country to warn everyone that the apocalypse is near, wrote the Journal News New York.

"We in recent days," said LeCorps, who hoped to reach a South Carolina beach for the day of Judgement.

In Vietnam, thousands of people from the Hmong ethnic group met several weeks ago in Dien Bien province (northwest), having heard the global issue of Camping, in which Jesus said that he sold to Earth on 21 May.

It is believed that hundreds of those Vietnamese were to hide in the forest after security forces dispersed to those who awaited the return of Jesus Christ of course, said a local resident.

Camping that has already been wrong in their predictions made earlier that even great personalities they mocked him.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is Jewish and therefore can not ascend to heaven with Jesus and God as the prophecy of Camping "he said in his weekly radio program that would suspend the current system of parking vehicles in your town if the world ended on Saturday.

In New York, there is a city rule that requires motorists to move their vehicles from one side of the street to another to allow passage of the cleaning operation.

The portal 'web' of Craigslist published tens of thousands of advertisements of skeptics who offered to buy the mundane objects of those who thought raised to heaven, while a group of American Atheists sold hundreds of contracts to provide rescue and adopt pets.

Camping made his prediction after making biblical calculations assume that it would add 7,000 years to the date of the Flood in 4990 BC, to calculate the date of Judgement, because in the Bible, God reminds us that one day represents 1,000 years. "

Then, Camping stole a year to this calculation, arguing the existence of a technical fault that would have occurred to move calendars from the Old to the New Testament.

May 20, 2011

May 21, 2011—NOT Judgment Day!

Unemployment Extension

I also wanted informal in this article the existence of a page with useful information for those living in the UnitedStates, the site is: http://www.unemployment-extension.org/

The current crisis affecting all countries around the world, some more than others, and one consequence is that the labor situation is overwhelming, soI want to inform to Americans residents that there is an interesting plan of the government to help to solve the business problems of its citizens.

The plan is Unemployment Extension:

As of 2011, US Government allows 99 weeks of unemployment pay with unemployment extension benefits in many states. This program is providing working people with an extra 13 to 20 weeks of receiving unemployment insurance benefits from the state in areas with a specific rate for unemployment. Generally, this extension is given through the program if individuals use up the normal state benefits in addition to the Emergency Unemployment Compensation.


It is always best to file your unemployment documentation online instead of visiting your local unemployment office if your unemployment payments have recently run out. The majority of states allow online filing, and you have certainly come to the right place.

Unemployment-Extension.Org allows you to file a new unemployment or unemployment extension claim, as well as check the status of your existing unemployment compensation claim.
Be sure to keep in mind that every state varies. Certain states may offer Unemployment Insurance, and in most cases you can file an Unemployment Insurance claim by filling out the online application. Besides online submission, you will also have the ability to print out your claim, and mail or fax it to the address referenced for your area after completion.

There is also a toll free number for you to call for filing over the phone.

Your Social Security Number
Your Driver's License number if applicable
Mailing address, including zip code and phone number
Your mother�s maiden name
Information of your last employer (name, address, phone, etc.)
From your W2 form or pay stub: Employer�s Federal Tax ID Number
The Date in which you started employment
The date you ended employment
Your pay amount
Generally, employer information for the last two years is requested.

To learn more go to: http://www.unemployment-extension.org/

BREAKING: LIBYA Large 8.4 Magnitude Earthquake - 19-05-2011

Earthquake hits Turkey May 20, 2011

What is happening in the world? Each month the planet suffers earthquakes attacks, was first Haiti, after Chile, Japan, Spain and now Turkey.

Today I woke up with the sad news that an earthquake measuring 5.9 degrees on the Richter scale shook western Turkey

The epicenter was about 50 kilometers from the city of Usak and 4.6 kilometers deep.

The earthquake was felt in the capital, Ankara, some 300 kilometers northeast of the epicenter.

Turkey has suffered numerous earthquakes in recent years, the most important occurred in 1999 and killed at least 18,000 people.

I hope that all these predictions and prophecies that the world will end soon coimcidencias be simple with all these phenomena of nature.

Earthquake Listing Libya 8.4, Italy 4.7, Turkey #4 - 6. mags 5-19-2011

5.9 Magnitude Earthquake in Turkey, 2 Dead and Many Wounded

Magnitude 6.0 earthquake hits Turkey 20-5-2011

May 17, 2011

Signs Marking The End of Our Era

Many people believe that the world as we know it will end on December 21, 2012.The honest answer is that the end of the world as we know, has already begun.

It means the destruction of the world, but must be understood as the closure of one era and the birth of a new one. Is a transition between ages. This transition in particular, however, promises to be for man, the most tumultuous and costly transition I've ever seen.

But do not wait until December 2012 to find the signs.

Here are some signs that the world as we know is falling apart at this time. In the future, we will look back and call all this a key moment in history, but as we live through it, seems to move at a pace almost a snail.

We are living through the first chapters of the end of the world as we know it, and on the other side of all this will emerge a new world that is very different from what we know today.

Here are some signs:

        Tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis

At first it seemed a stroke of luck, but now is a pattern. The weather is becoming more extreme. More than 120 tornadoes hit the Midwest recently the U.S., Mexico is on fire and suffering through a severe drought.
And where there are fires and droughts, floods. This is just the beginning in the most extreme weather watch for the next 18 months.

        The Silence of the Bees

Bee colonies continue to accelerate its collapse in North America. We know that this is being caused in part by chemical pesticides, but the chemical industry is devoted to a complete cover-up to deny this truth, whereas the pollinators of our world are suffering a devastating collapse of the population.

           The failure of nuclear science

The catastrophe in Fukushima, Japan proves one thing: Scientists are dangerously arrogant in their planning of large-scale projects do not take into account the awesome power of Mother Nature. Nuclear science has promised clean, green energy, but we have been given a poison silent, invisible, which infects our world.

The vicious persecution of Wikileaks

In an era of total deception, no room for truth. So those who tell the truth (WikiLeaks) are brutally persecuted as criminals.

The increasing frequency of food shortages and crop failures

Have you noticed the increase in food prices? This is just the beginning: the food prices continue to soar in coming years due to extreme weather, loss of pollinators and global contamination of crops with industrial waste.

Real food is becoming scarce in our world. It is best to think about starting a garden in our house ...

The destruction of our world by the power companies

Fukushima fallout is not the only way in which energy companies are destroying our world: Do not forget the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, a spill that has not ended, indeed.

        Corexit still spraying in the Gulf of Mexico, one year later!

   Contamination from genetically modified organisms on our planet:

This may be the worst chapter in the collapse to come: The widespread genetic contamination of our planet through GMOs. This is a crime against nature and against humanity.

This is a spillover of genes "that can not be contained as it spreads through the DNA of food crops in the world, resulting in poor harvests and consequently world hunger. The use of GMOs is the closest thing to 'evil' that we find in modern agriculture.

        The scale of counterfeiting in the money supply:

In a failed economic system takes advantage of the collapse, inept leaders only think of "solutions" that actually accelerate their own downfall.

The counterfeiting of money out of control by the Federal Reserve from different countries (with its "quantitative easing" and other methods of counterfeiting) is a classic sign that the end of our current system is quickly approaching. Economic follies are evident to anyone who can still do math.

The fall of the intelligence of the masses:

One of the most disturbing signs that we are in the collapse is made for zombies television that dominates our landscape offering absolutely nothing of value to the world.

The complete and utter fabrication of the major news
Much of the mainstream media is totally and completely made of these days: The information in the news about the war, coverage of the economy, the hunting of most wanted terrorists is all so absolutely true that an intelligent person not watching the news can fail to explode with laughter.

It is a sign of the collapse that the sources of information relied on by the masses are unable to report the truth and has to resort to weave fiction around politically expedient.

        The ongoing pollution of our world pharmaceutical:

Beyond GMO contamination and radiation pollution of our world, we are also experiencing massive pharmaceutical pollution of our planet.

It is not just pharmaceutical factories that dump their products into rivers, is also the fact that more than half of the population is taking medication almost daily, and drugs pass through their bodies and end up in the supply water, where they contaminate the food we eat from the sea.

  Radioactive contamination of global food supply:

Here's one that is more insidious: The world's food supply is contaminated with radioactive rainfall from the Fukushima nuclear disaster. We are told that the levels are "low" but not telling the truth

December 2012, a date can be useful as a sort of middle of the crisis, or perhaps as a due date of a certain acceleration faster unraveling of society.

But make no mistake: We're living in the collapse of our modern world. And we have a front row seat! Exciting?

Consider what is happening around us these days. These are the most heartbreaking signs of the last desperate civilization built on totally unsustainable practices by not valuing the lives of our world.

These are the days of the end of the business oligarchy, monopoly machine-profit corporation that destroyed everything in our world in exchange for slight gains in a quarterly report.

In search of more money, mankind has slaughtered their food supply, their pollinators, oceans, forests and soils.

Human greed driven by unscrupulous people who have used others as fodder for medical experiments. We have created wars to sell more pumps, and I have introduced the disease to sell psychiatric chemicals.

These are the practices of a failed civilization ... and whose days are numbered.

4 Days to The End of The World

A U.S. religious group has long been trumpeting the Day of Judgement for May 21.

Some time ago a group of utopians had found a spot in the French Pyrenees, Bugarach, where they settled in the already named "Valley of the End of the World" to protect the global catastrophe that would happen according to Mayan prophecy, the end of 2012.

Italian group also built another location in Yucatan, on land fenced, which would be ideal to withstand all types of natural or manmade disasters that may occur according to the Mayan Prophecy of the end of time.

In Spain exite a very active group calling itself the GSE 2012 (Survival Group Spain) who gives lectures all over the peninsula showing videos to raise awareness that the end of time was near.

It seems that the events in Japan give new strength to those who have nothing better to do than create panic among the gullible.

In recent weeks it has become a regular presence on the streets of America a Christian group that announces the end of the world for the month of May.

"The end of the world is approaching. Judgement Day God will hold the May 21, 2011. " This message has resonated in the media in the country and has been accompanied by billboards in some cases are paid by individuals convinced of the arrival of doomsday.

In its official website Family Radio group based in California says that the Day of Judgement God will destroy the world for man's sins and asserts that the Bible provides the correct and accurate information when it will be. In their time will be 6 pm, Eastern time that day and come in the form of earthquakes that will continue until 21 October.

The organization behind this campaign is Family Stations, Inc. founded in 1958 in San Francisco by Harold Camping. Currently there are 66 stations in the country operated by the company.

Camping, leader of the Final Judgement Day on 21 May and warned the world of a similar event in the past. In a previous campaign, predicted the world would end on September 6, 1994 something did not happen and that justifies that had not yet completed its investigation of the Bible. On this occasion Camping says he believes its calculations and refers to numerology and their interpretation of the Jewish calendar.

May 16, 2011

May 14, 2011

The Theory of The End of The World Most Controversial

This list contains some prophecies of 2012, likely disasters and interesting rumors.

1.-Solar Storms

In August 2010, NASA reported that there would be a solar storm sometime in 2012.

Every 11 years or so, changes in our star's magnetic field cause an increase in sunspots, solar flares and coronal mass ejections.

The result is a barrage of charged particles released into the Earth. A solar storm is a sudden explosion very fast charged particles from the sun.

The solar storm could be the result of a solar flare or a coronal mass ejection (CME) or both.

A coronal mass ejection (CME) is a massive explosion of solar wind (streams of charged particles ejected by the sun).

A solar flare is a sudden eruption of magnetic energy that is released from the sun's surface, usually accompanied by bursts of electromagnetic radiation.

Ultraviolet light and X-ray radiation of solar flares often lead to electromagnetic disturbances in the Earth's atmosphere.

Solar storms affect power grids, thereby wasting electricity.

The solar storm itself would not cause an apocalypse, but also lead to a domino effect.

People lose access to your heating / air conditioning, refrigeration, telephone service and GPS.

In addition, the distribution systems of drinking water could be disrupted.

Typically, a "Faraday cage" protects the satellite's internal equipment from external sources of electric charges, but the constant bombardment may cause malfunction of satellites.

There are more than 936 operating satellites in space, with an estimated value of $ 200 billion dollars.

2.-Super Volcano

There are about 500 active volcanoes in the world. There are three super volcanoes known in the U.S., (including Yellowstone), Lake Toba, in Indonesia, Taupo in New Zealand and Japan Aira Caldera.

A super volcano is a volcano capable of producing a volcanic eruption with an eruption more than 1,000 cubic kilometers

Super volcanoes are the most dangerous, with a volcanic explosive index of 8. This is thousands of times larger than most historic volcanic eruptions. Geologists believe that the Yellowstone super volcano is the candidate for the next eruption, as has been showing signs of unrest, with thousands of earthquakes, ground deformation, considerable heat and gas emissions.

Earthquakes are the primary indicator that a volcano is about to explode. The Yellowstone caldera has more than 1,500 earthquakes a year. The last eruption of Yellowstone was 640,000 years ago.

If this volcano erupts it is expected that half of U.S. can be eliminated, and have important affectations in the global climate for years. Residual volcanic ash in the atmosphere will bring the devastation of world agriculture and a severe disruption of food supplies as a result a terrible famine. Yellowstone could emit 2,000 million tons of sulfuric acid, and could produce the equivalent of a "nuclear winter" when the dust and debris blocked sunlight for several years.


A pandemic is when an epidemic of a disease strikes large numbers of people in a given area simultaneously.

The epidemic becomes a pandemic that spreads over a wide geographical area or throughout many countries.

Although most epidemics are caused by infectious organisms, the term can also be applied to an outbreak of chronic illness such as cancer or heart disease.

Bubonic Plague (1300-1400), typhus (1501 - 1587), SARS (2002), recurrent epidemics of scarlet fever, typhoid and yellow fever (1865-1873), and HIV (1980-present) are some infectious diseases have become pandemic.

Our ancestors could not predict when it would happen, but recent outbreaks of swine influenza and avian flu, it seems likely that such other flu looms on the horizon.

The last great plague (Spanish flu) hit between 1918-1920. Researchers estimate that between 20 million to 100 million were killed by this great pandemic.

The call for health reform and development of new vaccines by the end of the nineteenth century, put an end to the rapid spread of the plague.

However, since then the incidence of infectious diseases has increased steadily over the past 100 years.

4.-The geomagnetic reversal

The geologist Gregg Braden has made the claim that Earth's magnetic field has decreased by 38% (as measured by magnetometers) in the last two thousand years (about 1.9% per century), and the rate of decline has increased 6% in the last century.

Basically, the global magnetic field is declining at an accelerating rate towards zero, when the polarity of the earth will reverse.

It is unknown whether the decrease of the magnetic field will increase. The magnetic field was changed last 780,000 years ago, but the time between investment has varied from a few thousand years to 35 million years.

The effects of this change are difficult to predict. Some scholars say it will have no effect on humans.

Trusted modern electricity and electromagnetic effects (radio, satellite communications, GPS), the world will be uninterrupted technological change for a full field.

One effect that can occur during a magnetic reversal is that the Earth can not be protected from charged particles from the sun.

These particles are called the solar wind, and could be life threatening if they reach the Earth's surface. The amount of radiation reaching the Earth's surface undoubtedly increase, but not by much. More people suffer skin cancer, but not all die horribly of radiation poisoning.

5.-Galactic Alignment

On December 21, 2012, the sun will align with the dark rift in the Milky Way. The dark rift (Great Rift) is the widest part of the Milky Way and corresponds to the direction of the center of the galaxy.

In this alignment occurs, the solstice meridian will align with the point of intersection of the ecliptic (the path of the sun, moon and planets) and the plane of the galaxy, called the galactic Ecuador.

The alignments occur every 36 years, but this line is unique.

At this moment the sun seems to play only part of the dark rift that winds along the galactic Ecuador.

This is an area of ​​the night sky that is considered important in Maya cosmology mythology about spiritual rebirth.

In some versions, the combination of galactic black hole and the sun will cause earthquakes, tsunamis, floods or bad weather.

In other versions of the lineup will make the more esoteric issues, such as a blockage of an undefined type of energy from the black hole, or from the galactic core, or both.

The alignment could cause serious disturbances in the orbits of the inner planets. Some people believe that this event could put Earth in danger of being sucked into a black hole in the center of the dark rift in the Milky Way.


A bot is a tool used to speed-read the Internet to find patterns or patterns of behavior.

Established in 1997, originally to predict stock market trends. The Web Bot or webbot conceptualized a pattern of future behavior, based on new and recent consultations of the masses.

Webbot works by using a form of "wisdom of crowds" (the process of taking into account the collective views of a group of individuals rather than a single expert), to web crawlers that search the Internet about 300,000 keywords.

Web Bot is something like a prophet of the Internet, the creation of the prophecies of things to come is based on what we talk around the world.

There have been six reports in total Web Bot. The first was launched in 1997, and the final report was released on March 12, 2010.

Web Bot claims to have predicted the terrorist attacks of September 11, the Anthrax Panic of 2001 and the Columbia space shuttle disaster.

The Web Bot has foretold that a cataclysm will destroy the planet in 2012, possibly a reversal of the Earth's magnetic poles or a small number of nuclear attack will lead to a major attack during the year.

7.-Third World War

A world war is a war in which more than two continents, in which at least 20 major countries participate in an attack against a common enemy, and has the civilian media attention due to the significant loss of lives .

Many scholars say that the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and subsequent war with Iraq is the beginning of World War III. Initially, 40 countries were part of the coalition that invaded Iraq. From August 2010, 4.733 coalition soldiers had been killed in Iraq.

Since the beginning of reconstruction efforts in Iraq., 224 U.S. civilians have died in Iraq (report, 2007.)

The missile crisis (in 1962) is generally considered the point at which the risk of World War III was the closest. With the globalization of trade and commerce and the spread of nuclear weapons, has become increasingly costly and suicidal to start World War III.

In theory, nations try to avoid the war, however, the U.S. is on the verge of another war with Iran. Increasingly, higher oil prices, economic depression, the American Union and the declaration of martial law in the U.S. are supposedly the factors contributing to the next world war.

The World Ends on 21 May 2011, According to Harold Camping

In the United States are doing too much noise that the world will end this May 21, 2011.

Speaking of themes of conspiracy and false prophets, fashion in the United States and you are doing too much noise in this country is that the world will end this May 21 2011, but then wonder where this news comes at the end of our world as we know, what Nostradamus? Any Codex Aztec or Maya? Does Wikileaks alleged plot decipher some alien?

Not at all it is an evangelical preacher named Harold Camping, founder of the radio station called Radio Family Worldwide, which has received some attention due to its apocalyptic speeches.

Harold Camping at the age of 89 years came to the conclusion after 70 years studying signals and some incorrect interpretations of the Bible. That our world would end on May 21, 2011, a fact that has generated attention, and in some U.S. cities are now, scenic and posters proclaiming the end of the world.

I think we should get used to and that from now until December 21, 2012, many false prophets we are inundated with apocalyptic theories.

Predicting The End of The World in 4006

A case study reveals a hidden code in "The Last Supper", whereby the operator provided another great flood that will end the world on one November 4006.

The Da Vinci Code there, only it is different from the Dan Brown bestseller. This emerges from a study by researcher Vatican Archives Sabrina Sforza Galicia, which has echoed The Times newspaper today.

The specialist said that "The Last Supper contains a hidden code, based on astrology and mathematics, which has finally been deciphered and reveal their predictions about the end of the world.

The how and when to end humanity is under a formula coded in the window in the center of the wall, just above Jesus. In particular, Da Vinci predicted that the March 21 start of 4006 another flood that would destroy our existence down on 1 November the same year.

This research also tracked throughout the genius of his thoughts and beliefs about doomsday. In this sense, Sabrina Sforza notes that, as revealed in Revelation, Da Vinci had seen that the history of humanity leads to "the sum of all things, the Final Judgement," and that it saw the beginning of a new era.

Sabrina Sforza Galicia also states that it is not unusual to find coded messages in his creations, and that Da Vinci lived hard times and thus protected them from harm.

List of All Predictions in The History About The End of The World

enThroughout history many have predicted the end of the world and have even set a date for this terrible event. For now have all failed, even this kind of estimates are made, and interest cause excitement and fear.

These are the year-old star of the predictions over the History of the End of the World

30: Jesus prophesies that the end could occur very soon after his words. "This generation shall not pass before all is fulfilled."

90: San Clemente says that the outcome will start any time now.

200: The group of climbers announces that Christ will return soon to set in Asia Minor, the New Jerusalem.

400: Estimated by St. Martin of Tours for the outcome.

500: Panic Over the half millennium. The antipope Hippolytus and Julius Africanus theologian announce the Final Judgement for this year.

968: The army of Emperor Otto III plays a solar eclipse as an eloquent sign of the prophecies.

992: In Germany it is believed that the Antichrist is already on earth and in heaven is fought between 3 suns and 3 moons.

1000: The millennial hold that Christ will reappear on January 1, and unleash a wave of panic in Europe

1179: Looking at the alignment of certain planets, Juan de Toledo says that the Apocalypse will happen in 1186.

1300-1400: The great epidemics of plague are considered signs of mass destruction.

1524: A group of astrologers reports that the world will be submerged under water.

1669: Twenty members of the Russian sect of "Old Believers" are burned alive to save himself the Antichrist

1736: According to the English mathematician William Whitson, October 13 begin a new Flood.

1790: The Catholic prophetess Suzzette Labrousse experiences a vision of the End of the World in 1800

1824: Many theologians claim that the midnight of March 21 is the day calculated in the book of Daniel for the purpose of the Times

1834: According to Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormons, Jesus will return in 1890

1850: Ellen White founder of Seventh Day Adventists, said the world would end in a few months.

1881: Hundreds of people are afraid to see fulfilled the prophecy of Mother Shipton call "the world would end in 1881"

1910: The twenty-seventh sighting of Halley's comet is interpreted as a sign of the Apocalypse: in many countries there are hundreds of suicides, people leave their homes and properties, and Oklahoma is to make the sacrifice of a virgin to appease the divine wrath.

1914: The Jehovah's Witnesses identified the First World War to the beginning of the great cosmic conflagration.

1948: The founding of the state of Israel is considered the final step for the return of Christ.

1960: The followers of the sect's brother Emman come together at the foot of Mont Blanc to expect the Messiah.

1969: Charles Manson reveals that the Beatles are angels mentioned in Revelation, and their songs Helter Skelter and Revolution Number 9 contain coded messages about the end of the universe.

1970: David Berg, leader of a Protestant denomination in the U.S., reports that in 1973 a comet crashed into Earth and destroy at least throughout the country.

1978: In Jonestown, Guyana, committed suicide a few thousand members of the People's Temple cult, led by James Warren Jones. Seek to be spared the End of the World.

1980: Leland Jensen, leader of Ba'hai, argues that a nuclear disaster marked the beginning of 20 years of conflict that concluded with the Kingdom of God on Earth.

1980-2000: Osho leader of a powerful sect in the U.S., reports that as a result of severe natural disasters Tokyo, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Bombay will be wiped off the map.

1994: Wave of suicide among members of the Order of the Solar Temple seeking to escape the destruction of Earth.

1998: The visionary Makdeovna Lemey Natalia holds that Jesus is about to be born in Slovenia

2000: At the turn of the millennium revive old fears among fundamentalist movements. The "millennium bug" in computer equipment is considered a clear warning of the end. Some groups say the triple 6 of Revelation should be interpreted as www: Internet is the theater of Evil

2003: Malachi York's disciples built a shelter in Atlanta where they wait until a ship from the Galaxy lllyon go to pick them up before the world is destroyed.

2012: According to Michael Drosnin, author of The Bible Code, a comet crashed into Earth and annihilate all life.

21/12/2012: Day that according to the accounts based on the Mayan prophecy, will be the beginning of the End

23/12/2012: End of Mayan Calendar, which predicts the end of an era but, based on calculations by the stars, the Mayans predict that at this time the sun will align with the center of the Milky Way and this would cause various disasters that meant the end of an era.

2076: According to the Venerable Bede (672-735) in this year found just the sixth millennium to the sixth day of creation: the Antichrist is coming. Other sects are waiting for the order for the same date as it coincides with the Muslim calendar year 1500

In 90 Years The Human Race Could Disappearin 90 Years The Human Race Could Disappear

The end of the world is near.Lord Martin Rees, believes that civilization has only a 50 percent chance to survive through 2100 without suffering a manmade catastrophe.

And Scotland's Astronomer Royal, Professor John Brown, has an equally bleak, but the fear of a random event that comes from outer space and that this is the most likely cause of our demise.

They presented these positions during the debate "Fire in the sky: cosmic threats to Earth. "

Despite having very different views, these two titans of astronomy tells us that among the strongest possibilities where humanity is at risk is global warming, overpopulation, terrorism, an asteroid destroying the earth or a solar flare and are very valid reasons for not letting us sleep in peace.

"The catastrophic asteroid impact earth in an average of 10 to 100 million years.

Lord Rees said: "We can not rule out a mid-century global political realignment and a new confrontation between superpowers.

"In addition, al-Qaeda terrorists may someday acquire a nuclear weapon."If they did, they would be willing to detonate in a city, killing tens of thousands of people along with themselves, and millions hailed as heroes."

A Man Spent All His Money Advertising on 21 May Will be The End of The World

Robert Fitzpatrick, is so convinced the world that the end is near, you are betting your savings on it.

The former employee and retiree has spent $ 140,000 on an advertising campaign to warn everyone that the world will end on Saturday.

"The World's Largest Earthquake: Judgement Day, May 21," the ad appears above a picture of the night in Jerusalem, with a clock that is about to aim at midnight.

"I'm trying to warn people about what's coming," Fitzpatrick said 60 years of Staten Island. "People who have knowledge (of the end of time), have an obligation to warn everyone."

His doomsday warning has appeared on 1,000 posters in subway cars at a cost of $ 90,000, and bus stops around town, for $ 50,000 more.

Fitzpatrick mania began after he retired in 2006 and began to listen to evangelist Harold Camping on the prfedicciones the "end of days."

Using numerological calculations, Camping has determined that the world will end on Saturday, May 21. Using Biblical mathematics could identify when Abraham was circumcised (2068 BC) and when the earth was created (11,083 BC).

Camping predicted the end of the world once before, on September 6, 1994. When the sun rose on September 7, Camping admitted he might have failed.

However, Fitzpatrick believes that the final is next week.

Prediction of a Powerful Earthquake in Mexico or California in 2011

A new report released by the Kremlin that was made to Prime Minister Putin by the Institute of Earth Physics in Moscow, warned that the region of Mexico, Central and South America are in danger of having a mega-earthquake proportions catastrophic in the coming days or months with a specific emphasis is placed aa coastal regions of the United States, Mexico, Central America and South America.

The increased concern that a mega-earthquake occurs, says the report, are the increase of subtle electromagnetic signals are being detected on Earth, it is important to note that Russian and British scientists are at the forefront of the prediction earthquake based on these subtle electromagnetic signals and have joined in an effort to put satellites in space to detect more of them.

After the devastating earthquake that was raised in Chile in 2010, the earthquake earlier this year in New Zealand, and the terrible, chaotic earthquake and tsunami in Japan, the Pacific tectonic plate with very strong earthquakes recorded in three of its four corners , and continue, the next quake will occur in the San Andreas fault and Cascadia.

These failures are caused most earthquakes in the California coast and also affect the Pacific coast of Mexico.

The most devastating earthquake in Mexico City have had their epicenter in the Pacific coast.

December 21 2012, Change of Consciousness

In my personal opinion I think this date will not end with our world but if you think there will be a change in consciousness something that arched our bases.

Actually nobody knows what will happen on December 21, 2012.

We expect when the signals are more than obvious natural disasters, political conflicts, loss of stable, death from new unknown viruses, with the mother earth is tested, after this come the mass deaths of birds and fish without any scientific explanation ,

Something we can not forget is the pain that it causes to our planet our species has plundered 100 percent to our home, until he very sick.

The prophecies of all cultures in the world in different times match, the Aztecs, the Mayans, the Hopi, Indian, Sumerian, etc.

Many scientists have shown means that the center of our Milky Way is very powerful source of energy.

These magnetic wires as they are called and are at the center of the Milky Way exert a powerful effect on all the stars, planets and objects in our galaxy.

The date of December 21, 2012, Earth has one of the most crucial day when passing near this source so powerful

What will happen? change our consciousness about life? Will we be killed?

Until that day just hanging around speculation on our mind

Nasa States That The October 8 2011 There Will be a Dangerous Meteor Shower

On October 8 2011 a powerful meteor swarm through space for seven hours.

Draconids, a storm of tiny space rocks that occurs every fall, but come next year, if estimates are not wrong, in a particularly violent outburst, to the point that can blast satellites and spacecraft Earth orbit as the International Space Station (ISS) or the Hubble Space Telescope.

NASA has begun assessing the risk to our refineries up there and plans to reorient the international station even in the most extreme case, a drastic measure that, nevertheless, does not expect to perform. Apparently, the operators of the ships have already begun to receive data to plan defensive actions.

Explains William Cooke of the Marshall Space Flight Center of NASA (Huntsville, Alabama), experts predict a very strong burst of Draconids in the form of a major storm on 8 October 2011. Wait until a peak of several hundred "hornets' space per hour.

How can damage the vessels? Two other strong outbursts Draconids in 1985 and 1998 did not cause electrical problems in the artifacts. This time the probability of electrical anomalies is not high. However, Cooke says that prevention is better and the next storm should not be ignored.

The ISS is a shield against space rocks and, if necessary, may be redirected, an extreme measure that Cooke does not believe that a reality. The same applies to the Hubble telescope. As each ship has different thresholds of damage, the scientist encourages developers to determine if it is necessary to prepare defense strategies. "If a sporadic meteor hits you bad luck. If you do a meteor shower, is negligence, "notes the scientist.

From Earth, the Draconids can be a spectacle, although it is one of the favorite meteor by fans to watch the sky.

New York and Shanghai could be flooded in 90 years

The coastal cities of New York and Shanghai could be flooded in 90 years, as environmental experts predict that sea level will grow to 1.6 meters by 2100, according to a study by the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program

"The global sea level would rise between 0.9 meters and 1.6 meters by the year 2100, Arctic ice melt will contribute significantly to this rise, " calculated.

Thus, the report indicates that the amount of water supplied to the ocean due to melting flood coastal cities, so the growing sea-level "increases the risk of flooding in cities like Shanghai and New York, "they say.

In addition, the Centre warns of the "evidence" of global warming and the effect of this phenomenon in the Arctic Ocean, which is producing the disappearance of sea ice and the existing snow "melts before. "

This situation directly affects tourism regions such as those mentioned in the study, and could cause a drop in the reception of tourists.

In 2010, New York received 48.7 million visitors, marking an increase of 6.8% over the same period last year. This figure is expected to be increased to 50 million visitors in 2012.

On the other hand, Shanghai is one of the cities in China receives more tourists per year, in 2010 China received the visit of 56 million people.

If theforecasts of the Centre are met , it could produce a change in the ranking of countries receiving tourists ,because the U.S. and China occupy the number two and three, respectively, behind France and ahead of Spain, so it could be a decline in their positions.

Apocalyptic prophecy causes the suicide of a man in Taiwan

A Taiwanese died  jumping from a fifth floor, frightened by a prophet who announced the destruction of the island of Taiwan on 11 May by an earthquake and massive tsunami that will kill millions.

The man, aged 70, committed the act of suicide on the night of Thursday, but succumbed to his wounds until Friday.

According to the family, the person suffered from depression and had deteriorated badly after the tsunami in Japan, which had affected him greatly.

The prophecy of who calls himself Professor Wang has brought dozens of people to build shelters with containers, which are considered safer than ordinary dwellings. The court has decided to initiate an investigation into the activities of the Professor

Experts say sea levels could rise up to 1.6 meters in 2100

The precipitation of climate change on the Arctic Ocean, including the melting of Greenland could raise sea levels by up to 1.6 meters by 2100, according to an international report released Tuesday.

An increase of this kind - over the previous scientific estimates - would add threats to coastlines around the world, from Bangladesh to Florida, the Pacific islands located at sea level and cities like London and Shanghai. Also increase, for example, construction costs antimaremotos barriers in Japan.

"In the last six years (until 2010) have been the warmest period on record in the Arctic," according to the Monitoring and Assessment Programme Arctic (AMAP), headquartered in Oslo, which is supported by the Council of eight Arctic nations.

"In the future, there are projections of sea level rise of 0.9 to 1.6 meters by 2100 and the loss of ice from Arctic glaciers, ice caps and the Greenland ice sheet will make a substantial contribution" he said. The projection was made about 1990 levels.

"The Arctic glaciers, ice caps and the Greenland ice account for about 40% of the increase in global sea level of about 3 mm per year between 2003 and 2008," he said.

Foreign ministers of the nations of the Arctic Council-US, Russia, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland - are to meet in Greenland on 12 May. The Arctic is warming at twice the speed of the global rate.

The United Nations Intergovernmental Committee on Climate Change (IPCC) said in its last major report in 2007 said that global sea levels were likely to rise between 18 and 59 cm by 2100. Those numbers did not include a possible acceleration of warming in the polar regions.

"It is worrying that the latest science points to an increase in sea level much higher than expected so far," he told Reuters the European Commissioner for Climate, Connie Hedegaard.

"The study is another reminder of what has become urgent to address climate change, but its urgency is not always obvious or public debate or under the pace of international negotiations," he added.

UN talks to address climate change are moving slowly. The UN says that the national promises to limit the emission of greenhouse gases, mainly from burning fossil fuels, is insufficient to prevent dangerous changes.

The AMAP study, prepared by hundreds of experts, said there were signs that the warming is accelerating. He said the Arctic Ocean could be nearly ice-free in summers within 30 or 40 years ahead of schedule by the IPCC.

According reduce the reflective snow and ice, will be displayed larger areas of darker land or water. These dark areas absorb even more heat from the sun, thus accelerating the melting of other ice and snow.

"There is evidence that the two components of the Arctic cryosphere - snow and sea ice - are interacting with the environment to accelerate climate change,"

List of the most disastrous nuclear accident of all time

Three Mile Island in America, March 1979 (level 5 on the International Nuclear Event Scale INES), Chernobyl in Ukraine, April 1986 (level 7) and Fukushima in Japan, March 2011 (level 7), leading the Big Three disaster of the nuclear age.

- At Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania, the crash began on March 28, 1979 to 0400 in reactor number 2 by a simple power failure of the steam generators. A series of technical and human failures led to the merger of part of the reactor fuel.

Ten hours after the accident, an explosion occurred without causing further damage. Almost half the fuel melted and mixed with elements of the structure, falling to the bottom of the tanks without drilling and without exposing the environment to radioactive materials.

Chernobyl after the fire suppressed.

- In Chernobyl reactor number four exploded on April 26, 1986, the fuel rods were broken and containing uranium pellets exploded from the heat. The explosion lifted the concrete cover of about 2,000 tons, leaving the reactor outdoor directocon contact the atmosphere.

- In Fukushima, the accident was caused by a magnitude 9 earthquake, the largest recorded in Japan, and the tsunami it generated, on Friday 11 March. The emergency system was launched but soon was damaged by the tsunami and stopped. Reactors 1, 2 and 3 were quickly stopped but continued to warm, until a partial meltdown. The accumulation of hidrógenoprovocó explosions, one of which could have damaged the reactor containment enclosure No. 2. A fire occurred in reactor number 4 affecting the pool of spent fuel storage at the risk of direct expulsion to the atmosphere of radioactive material.

In Fukushima, a technician was killed and eleven were wounded after the explosion.

Health consequences:

- According to U.S. authorities, the accident at Three Mile Island, which did not cause direct death, spoke to about two million people to a very low level radiation.

- In Chernobyl, among the 600 workers who were involved from day one, exposed to higher doses, two died immediately of burns, 28 in successive weeks and 17 more during the following years.

The United Nations says the accident caused 4,000 dead. But the balance would be tens of thousands dead as assessed by various NGOs.

- In Fukushima, a technician was killed and eleven were wounded after the blast on Saturday. The level of radioactivity detected around the place, evacuated within a radius of 20 km, poses serious health risks.

Three Mile Island.

Below is a list of major nuclear accidents since 1952 in chronological order:

* March 11, 2011 .- It recorded a series of explosions at the nuclear plant in Fukushima (Japan), badly damaged in its cooling system after an earthquake of 9 degrees of intensity and a subsequent tsunami. Of its six reactors, three failed.

* April 8, 2008 .- At least two killed by a gas leak at the Khushab nuclear power (Pakistan) which was evacuated the population within a radius of 16 kilometers.

* August 9, 2004 .- Five workers die as a result of a leak of steam in the turbine room of one of the reactors of Mihama Nuclear Power Plant (Japan).

* September 30, 1999 .- A leak of uranium at a nuclear fuel core of the company in Tokaimura JCO (Japan) kills two workers and other 438 people are affected by radiation.

* April 6, 1993 .- The explosion of a container filled with a solution of uranium in secret plant in Tomsk-7 (Siberia, Russia), dedicated to the reprocessing of nuclear fuel, located 20 kilometers from the city of Tomsk (500,000 inhabitants), contaminated about 1000 square kilometers.

* September 13, 1987 .- An accident radioactive contamination caused by a capsule of cesium-137 in the Brazilian city of Goiania causing four deaths and 240 injuries.

* April 26, 1986 .- The explosion of a reactor at Chernobyl (Ukraine) causes the largest nuclear accident in history. Were thrown into the atmosphere 200 tons of fissile material with a radioactivity equivalent to between 100 and 500 atomic bombs was dropped on Hiroshima. According to Ukrainian experts, Chernobyl killed over 100,000 people in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, the countries affected by the catastrophe ", a figure environmental groups like Greenpeace, rising to 200,000.

Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima: Who's next?

* March 8, 1981 .- Leakage of radioactive water from the plant in Tsuruga (Japan), not released until six weeks later, at which 300 people were exposed.

* August 7, 1979 .- A thousand people were contaminated by radiation emitted by a secret plant near Irwin (Tennessee, USA).

* March 28, 1979 .- A series of human and mechanical failures caused the worst U.S. nuclear accident in Three Mile Island plant in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Thousands of residents were evacuated before the radioactive cloud was formed, about thirty square kilometers.

* January 3, 1961 .- Three U.S. Navy technicians killed in the Idaho Falls facility in an accident with an experimental reactor. It was the first U.S. nuclear accident.

* October 7, 1957 .- The fire in a reactor at the Windscale nuclear plant in Sellafield, Liverpool (United Kingdom), produces a radioactive leak that contaminated an area of ​​300 square kilometers.

* September 30, 1957 .- An explosion in central secret Chelliabinsk-40, known as Mayak in the Ural Mountains (the former USSR), caused at least 200 people dead and contaminated with strontium 90 square kilometers. It was the second worst nuclear accident after Chernobyl (1986). A total of 10,000 people were evacuated and tens of thousands were exposed to radiation.

* December 12, 1952 .- The first serious nuclear accident occurs at the Chalk River plant in Ottawa (Canada), the core partially melted, causing no injuries. In May 1958, a fire at the plant caused a radioactive leak.

International Nuclear Event Scale (INES).

Quantum says:

The scale INES (International Nuclear Event Scale) was designed to identify the degree of existing damage in a nuclear event. Of these events, the events of level 1 to 3 have no significant impact on the population and the environment are called "nuclear incidents." The events at higher levels (4 to 7) are classified as "nuclear accident". There are 7 levels in the scale:

Level 7: Accident more

Impact on people and the environment. There is a greater release of radioactive material that threatens the general health and the environment and requires measures of opposition. Examples: Chernobyl, nuclear accident Fukushima I.

Level 6: serious accident

Impact on people and the environment. Following release of radioactive material that requires implementation of measures likely opposition. Example: Kyshtym disaster.

Level 5: Accident with broad implications

Impact on people or the environment. Limited release of radioactive material that might require measures of opposition. Several deaths from radiation. Radiological damage and control barriers. There is serious damage to the reactor core and causes the release of radioactive material in a facility that generates risk of public exposure that could result from a critical accident or fire. Example: Accident at Three Mile Island, Windscale fire, Goiânia radiological accident.

Level 4: Accident with local impact

Impact on people or the environment. Minor release of radioactive material that may be required, albeit unlikely, measures of opposition. At least one death by radiation. Radiological damage and control barriers. Molten fuel or damaged and release significant amounts deradiación with probability of public exposure. Example: Tokaimura accident, accident nuclear reactor RA-2, Argentina.

Level 3: major incident

Impact on people and the environment. Exhibition of 10 or more times the legal annual limit for workers and non-lethal effects produced by radiation. Radiological damage and control barriers. Exhibition of more than 1 Sv / h in a work zone. Impact on the defense in depth. Example: Incident Vandellós centralnuclear.

Level 2: incident

Impact on people and the environment. Exposure of a member of the public to more than 10 mSv and exposure of a worker in excess of legal limits annually. Radiological damage and control barriers. Radiation level in an operational area of ​​more than 50 mSv / h and radioactive contamination within the facility is not prepared in the design. Impact on the defense in depth. Example: nuclear plant incident in disgust.

Level 1 anomaly

Impact on the defense in depth. Greater exposure to legal limits annual member of the public, minor problems with security elements and components to defense in depth remaining and theft or loss of a source of low-level radioactivity.

Level 0: standard

No safety significance. Any event that does not comply with any conditions specified in one of the INES levels.

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