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April 24, 2011

St. Malachi : Prophet of The Popes

The real name of Malachi was O'Morgair, He was born in Armagh, Ireland in 1094, and died at Clairvaux in 1148. At 25 he was a priest.

Then became a monk and abbot, bishop of Connor and archbishop of his native city. Although he held many positions within the church hierarchy, was a wise man but with a lot of initiative, even to found the monastery of Ibrach.

In 1138, he went on pilgrimage to Rome, and during this trip he met the Order of Cistercians where he befriended San Bernardo, who later would write the biography of St. Malachi where it would highlight was a humble man with a spirit Gospel. These conditions gave him the love of the common people, and respect among their peers.

In 1138 complete without going to Rome where he visited the Pope Innocent II, returning to his homeland visited the king of Scotland. During the visit, the king's son was cured of a serious illness in a miraculous way.

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Due to a strange coincidence, on that date of November 2, Bernardo had planned a special ceremony dedicated to the deceased's Monastery, a ceremony that included the transfer of the remains to the new cemetery. Malachi died that day alone.

He is credited with prophetic list of 111 popes. San Bernardo however not mentioned in the biography of Saint Malachy. It is certainly strange, because in the story are discussed much less important facts. But St. Bernard wrote to warn the reader that his work is an account <>. What if miracles are recounted.

While still lying dead, a young man who was paralyzed arm, healed by placing his hand on the hand of the deceased. Who if he wrote about the prophecy of the popes was Arnold Wion in his book entitled "Lignum vital", a work that contains biographies of prominent men in the order of St. Benedict, transcribed for the first time in a book.

St. Malachy But not only did this prophecy, for example, said this prophecy about Ireland:

"Ireland will suffer the English oppression of centuries for a week, but will always be faithful to God and his Church. At the end of this period, Ireland will be free and the British, in turn, will have a severe punishment. However, Ireland will play a big role in the return to the true faith of the English. "

As was true that Ireland would suffer domination for seven centuries, continuing faithful to its ancient Catholic faith.

But without a doubt, this is written by St. Malachy's prophecy of the popes. In reality the prophecy has 111 currencies associated each to a pope from Celestine II (1143) to the last pope of the list, the order and logic would happen to the 110 which is the current Pope is when you get That's when the world will end his days. You might think that it could refer to the end of the Catholic Church, but it is very clear when he says that's the end of humanity.

In short, according to St. Malachi the world will end and this humanity, when Pope John Paul II happens to govern the Church

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