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April 24, 2011

The Prophetic Irlmaier Alois

Irlmaier Alois (German, 1894-1959), a simple man who devoted much of his time helping people

His views will appear as "movies" and thus the visions describía.Estas premonitions reached beyond casual.

His gift was very special, which used to help anyone who knocked on his door. I also attended the local police constantly, so virtue of clairvoyance was what made him famous.

There were many police cases where their help was indispensable in helping to find missing persons and bodies of deceased individuals, etc. Both victims of war crimes victims in common. Similarly was wanted to assist in matters of German law courts, where he was renowned, assisting prosecutors with difficult cases.

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Visions of the Future

On this page you will find stories of Alois Irlmaier refer to the great war of the future:
Dr. Conrad Adlmaier 1927-1966. Executive Editor and distinguished German journalist. (Heimatboten von)

Dr. Adlmaier receive these stories in an interview with Alois Irlmaier published later. Narratives are also not published in his book, although later the indicated orally to a third party. Mr. Alois Irlmaier described in his narrative, the details of a great battle of the future, to better study which I divided between verses.
All call peace, Shalom!

Occurs suddenly - A new Middle East War suddenly turned. Naval forces face great hostility in the Mediterranean - the situation is tense. Although the spark that ignites the fire is in the Balkans. I see a "great" falling, a bloody knife lying by his side.

So ... "impact is on impact"

Two men kill a third of high rank. Were paid by other people.

The third murder occurs. Then the war begins ...

One of the murderers is a black man of small stature and the other a little higher for bright colored hair.

I think that will happen in the Balkans, but I can not say exactly ...

The year before the war will be fruitful with fruits and grains.
After the assassination of the third, everything will start during the night ...

I see clearly three numbers, two eights and a nine. But I can not say that means I can not set a time. The war begins at sunrise.
(08/08/2009; Note: The first nine ")

It comes very quickly.

The farmers sit in the pub, playing cards, while the foreign soldiers look through the windows and doors. Very black army coming from the east, however, everything happens very fast.

I see a three, but not if it means three days or three weeks. (My calculations indicate three days)

Comes from the golden city.
("Prague" - the capital of Czechoslovakia known as the golden city or the city of 100 towers.)

The first line starts at the blue waters of the Northwest and reach the Swiss border. Up to Regensburg, and no bridges crossing the Danube, they do not come from the south of the blue water.
Then ... "The impact is on impact"

A massive ejecito running from east to Belgrade towards Italy.

After three armed fronts move like lightning in the north of the Danube on Germany (westbound) towards the Rhine, without notice.

This will happen so unexpectedly that the population flee in panic to the west. Many cars clog the streets - if only they had stayed at home, or at least would not have used the main roads.

Everything will be an obstacle to the rapid advance of tanks on high speed roads and other rapid transit routes, the Danube on a bridge I can not see beyond Regensburg.
Almost nothing remains of the great city of Frankfurt ... The Rhine Valley will be devastated, mainly by air attack.

I see three broad fronts approaching.

The bottom goes to the forest, suddenly changes its course turning marching northwest parallel to the Danube.

The front is in Prague, Bavarian forest and northwest.
The blue waters are the southern border.

The second arrow goes from east to west on Saxony.
(Region East Germany, capital Dresden)

The third from the northeast to the southwest.

Now I see the earth as a large area in front of me. In which aircraft leave lines, as a large swarm of white doves rising from the sand.

The Russians do not stop anywhere, while a clean sweep of all three fronts. Day and night are to reach the Ruhr district, where many furnaces and fireplaces.
(District located in the region of Westphalia, western Germany)

The second line goes west on Saxon Through the Ruhr district, just as the third, which goes from northeast westwards over Berlin. Day and night the Russians run, your goal is inexorably Ruhr district.

Immediately the revenge comes through the mighty waters.
However, the yellow dragon invades Alaska and Canada simultaneously. But not far fetched ...
(The Yellow Dragon can be a combination of North Korea and finally China)

I see the earth as a sphere in front of me, where now the white pigeons fly near, many emerging from the sands.
Then it rains a yellow dust on the line.

When the golden city is destroyed, it begins.

As a yellow line going into the city at bay.

It will be a clear and calm night when they start throwing.

The tanks are still underway, but the crew they turn completely black. Wherever you fall, everything will die, no trees, no bush, no cattle, no grass, it becomes black and shriveled.

The houses still exist, not what it is and I can not be determined.

It's a long line. Anyone passing along this line dies.

Those who are on one side can not go to the other side. Suddenly everything in the front breaks. All they have to flee to the north, which carry the throw. "No one ever returned."

The airplanes drop a yellow powder between the Black Sea and the North Sea.

Then a death strip is created directly from the Black Sea to the North Sea, as wide as half of Bavarian. (Southeast region of Germany, and the largest in size of this country)

In this zone no grass grows, much less human life.
The Russian supply is interrupted
Swarms of pigeons ascend from the sand
Two troops get the combat area from the west southwest ...

The squadrons turn towards the north and cut during the third army.

There are many tractors (caterpillar) in the East, but on tractors all are dead, although the vehicles are still running, gradually will be standing alone.

Here the pilots also throw their little black boxes. Explode before hitting the ground, spreading a yellowish or greenish smoke or dust. Making contact with it, dies, whether human, animal or plant.

For one year no organism is allowed to enter this area, otherwise it is exposed to mortal danger. (Radiation)

On the Rhine the attack is ultimately rejected.

Of the three sides not one soldier never returned home.
These boxes are satanic, When they explode, a yellow-green dust or smoke arises, everything that comes into contact with it, it dies, whether human, animal or plant. Humans will become completely black and the meat is precipitated from their bones, so acute is this poison.

Due to a natural catastrophe or something similar, the Russians suddenly escape to the North near Cologne where the final battle begins

"... Over the Rhine I see a half moon, which wants to devour everything.

The horns of the sickle want to close. What does that mean, I do not know ...? "
Then they fly north in the center is a brand, then there is nothing alive, not humans or animals, or grass.

They fly through the quiet north, where the third front had come and wiped out everything.

None of the three armies never returned home.

But then I see someone flying, coming from the east, who does something fall into the large water so that something happens.

The waters rose as high as a tower, then plunging. Suddenly everything is flooded.
There is an earthquake and half of the Big Island will sink. (Great Britain)
All the action will not last long, I see three lines - three days - three weeks - three months, not exactly, but it will not last long.
A single plane from the east, throws something into the great water.
(In the Atlantic Ocean)
Suddenly, the waters are disturbed and rise like a tower and falls.

Everything is flooded.

There is an earthquake.

The southern part of England is immersed in water.

Three major cities remain in ruins: A will be destroyed by water, the second is the sea so high that only see the towers of churches and the third was gone.

One part of England away, when the seas fall sparse, as the pilot brought down.

Then the waters rose as high as the towers collapsed.

What is this thing? do not know ...

Coastal countries are threatened with heavy water.

The sea is very restless waves are as high as houses, is foaming, as if cooking on the floor.

Disappearing islands and climate change. (Changing the poles Earthlings)

A part of the proud island sinks, if things fall into the sea, the pilot drops.

Then the waters rising as high as a tower and then precipitated.

Does this thing is? ... Do not know,

When will come? ... do not know.
The January will be so hot that the mosquitoes will dance.

It may be because we are in time where there will be a normal winter at all, as we know it.
(In reference to climate changes incurred by the arrival of a stellar remnant)

During the war, the great darkness will come, that lasted 72 hours. (Check the solar system from a nebula expanding to block sunlight and made the moon a red color is the effect of stellar remnant = Hydrogen and helium gases. Apoc. 6: 12, Matt. 27:35 etc.)

During the war darkens the day.

Then a powerful hail, lightning and thunder will bring, flaws and cracks culminating with an earthquake.
(This phenomenon refers to the arrival of a blast wave of a supernova remnant in the star Hamal Arietis biblical reference to "the wrath of the Lamb" Hamal = Lamb in Arabic, in the constellation of Aries = Lamb)

Please do not leave home during this time.

The lights do not work, except the lights of candles.
(Electromagnetism nebula produced by all energy levels will increase globally in stopping all electrical transmission)

Who inhale the dust, have seizures and die instantly.

Windows will not cover it completely with black paper.

All water is poisoned, contaminated inn, also all exposed food that are not sealed.
(Poisoning by large concentrations of hydrogen and helium gas)

Also foods that are in glass vessels, not being completely covered.
(Effects of contamination by stellar radiation)

Outside the death invades the streets, many humans die.

After 72 hours ... everything has ended

But again, do not leave home

Do not look through the windows and keep their candles lit. And pray!

Overnight will die more humans than in the last two world wars.

Do not open the windows! ... within 72 hours.

The rivers have so little water that can pass easily.

The cattle perish, grasses turn yellow and dry, the human death becomes yellow and black.

The winds carry clouds of death to the East.

The city with the iron tower succumb victim of his own people.
(Paris in an effort to revolution in reverse)

They give you fire all the rules and everything revolution leads to madness.

The island off the coast is sinking, that the tide is minced.

I see large holes in the sea, which will be filled in full, when the enormous waves return.
(Hoyos and huge cracks caused by abrupt movements of tectonic plates)

The beautiful city in the blue sea sinks almost completely at sea and in the dirt and sand that expels.

I see three cities sinking in the south, northwest and west.

The large city with high iron tower is on fire. But this they have done their own people, not by those who came from the east.
(Paris in flames)

And I can see with certainty that the city will be torn to the ground.
(Babylon the great mother of harlots. Tower of Babel = Eifeel)

And in Italy there is devastation as well. They are killing many people there, and the Pope flees.

But many clergymen will be killed, many churches collapse.

Russia falls into a new revolution and civil war leads.

The corpses are so many that can not be removed from the streets.

The cross comes to be honored again.

Catholic Faith and unifies resumes

The Russians believe in God again.

The leaders and political leaders to commit suicide and the great guilt washed blood.
(Dictators and leaders of political parties; Note: All political parties ceased to exist)

I see a red mass, mixed with yellow faces. It is total chaos and horrible slaughter.
(The Russian Communists in the Chinese revolution and slaughter)

And then they sing the Christmas and offer candles in front of sacred divine images.
(They themselves become the catholic church and worship God)

Through the prayers of Christians the monster from hell dies, young people also believe again in the intercession of the Mother of God.
(The monster from hell is the "Republic" the false idea of ​​governing without God)

After the victory an emperor is crowned by the Pope who escaped.
(Descendant of Charlemagne, re-establishing the government stipulated by the union of government and the church)

How long does all this do not know.

I see three nines.

The third nine brings the peace.

When all is finished, a part of humanity will be dead, and one will be afraid of God again.

The laws that permit death to children will be abolished after the punishment.
(The false concept of "right to abortion" is abolished)

And the peace will last for a while. A good time.

I see three crowns flashing, and a bony old be our King.

Also the very old crown in the south back to practice too.
(The old crown = Charlemagne, in southern Europe = Spain or South America, returning from Argentina)

The Pope, who cross the water tube for a long time back.

When the flowers back to the prairies, he will return and mourn their murdered brothers.
(In Spring)

After these events will be a time of blessing.
Those who will experience it will be very happy and blessed.

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