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April 24, 2011

Prophecies Attributed to Merlin Magician


Welsh Merlin was a magician who lived, presumably, in the sixth century and is one of the central figures of the Arthurian cycle.

Another hypothesis is that Merlin does not refer to a person but to a degree, as was the title of Druid. It is the most famous magician of European history, and inspiring many magicians of world literature.

According to the specialist Breton Jean Markale, Merlin is a versatile figure who embodies different archetypes of the mythical Celtic, as the Druid, the Bardo, the wild man, the shaman and the prophet.

In this enigmatic character attributed to him many prophecies. Written around the year 400 AD. Which were attributed to the magician Merlin, were collected by Volta in 1450.

The Crusades for the liberation of Jerusalem.

Discovery of America and slavery

The wild men known to those coming from the sea. After the ships will be gold. Then Africa will be slaves, but slave dominate Africa.

French Revolution

Just a few years before the thing that once was born in Jerusalem has completed its eighteenth age, the great achievement that will have been among his ancestors, who at that time the French will be more hated that these ancestors. Blood will stain Gaul and the king's head be cut off. Queen's head will be cut. The prince's head be cut off. And the head of the king's friends will be cut. Horror times will come and many shed their blood. With new laws come new winds. (This refers to the 1789 French Revolution and the Declaration of Human Rights).

Loss of papal power and the destruction of Rome.

Before the thing born in Jerusalem reached its twentieth year (Twenty Centuries) age, country of Italy stumble. His name is Roman and a large part will be finished by the Apostle (the Pope).
There will be a Pope who dare not look to Rome. A similar thing that the Romans know inter alia, that before the turn of the century Pope, Our Lord will suffer such a shame that can not be rigged. And that's when the Romans know that begins its destruction, as punishment for their sins.

Third World War III

The world will be a lawn. And on the lawn three girls play. But beneath the earth I see the fire. And when one of the three girls throws the stone, all three girls will be achieved. The grass will be fire and each fire is write a name. But the name was written to forget.
When the mother of the Lord appears in several places and when the apostle has two names, it's time to prepare, for the sixth time will be next.

The three girls would be three countries, three countries capable of playing with the world is very powerful. Moreover, in recent years there have been apparitions of Mary and the current pope (the apostle) has two names. You mean the sixth hour, the end of the world, you are near??.

The end of time.

The dragon appears among mortals at the end of 2000. Victorious look, full of honors. But it is good that men maintain gaze upon Tuscany, because that side will appear the dragon. There will be sacrificed the virgins. The coast of Carthage will be swallowed by the sea and disfigure other lands. Dragon is the time of Babylon.
When the dragon of Babylon reaches the end, many signs pop out of the African soil. Cities of the followers of the dragon will be destroyed.

Near the end of the world, when the sun and moon change, faucets come to eat wheat. Countries will be filled with tears. The sun will be delayed in the East and the moon in the West, and they no longer follow its course. At that time men and women rarely have more children, people lose faith and the world is very wicked, the children were tightened. Taps will fly in Egypt.

Near the end of the world, the Pope and the Cardinals will have to flee Rome was a place where they go unnoticed, under difficult circumstances. He will die in a cruel way in his suffering in exile. The sufferings of the church will be greater than at any time past.

It seems that everything ends as it began. With the destruction of Rome and the persecution of Christians. Will the dragon among us now??

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