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April 24, 2011

The Enigmatic Michael Gordon Scallion

Michael Gordon Scallion was a person who is unfortunate to have a health event in your life, turns around 180 degrees as in 1979 Scallion worked as a consultant in electronics. Without any events occur, while talking to a client, lost his voice.

He was admitted to a hospital, and during admission Scallion claims to have had a vision of a woman who was explaining future events that triggered a series of experiences out-of-body that eventually wore in the path of discovery self and conscious communication with your spirit guides.

When completed this vision Scallion recovered the voice and began to have the ability to have visions and turned metaphysical.

For several years he was doing readings and healings, until 1989, had a series of dreams, which took place over 29 consecutive nights, in which visualize the great changes that happen on Earth in successive years.

According to Scallion when making their own personal reflections of lived experience and the current ideas are evaluated, then we can understand our external experiences. For only during personal crisis in which lives from fear we assess the different degrees of importance of one's existence.

And this experience is influenced limit the physical body. It is then that creates an array to create connections Star. That before this occurred in the internal worlds: the dream state, the astral form in tune with the physical world: A good example here is Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. They took naps during their experiments and found that when they woke up from sleep, often solved the problems. Again, when altered states of consciousness incorporate access a growing library of knowledge.

Scallion's visions can get from a parent entity, which makes them look right on your computer. For the following years Sacallion followed the suggestions from your guide and travel to specific sites such as ancient Egypt, the Bahamas, Mexico and the Yucatan pyramids, Stonehenge and Avebury in Britain, and Chaco Canyon in the southwestern United States . While these sites he found he could soak up the history and people.

Once you start your trip ended on a self-meditation, eventually achieving the ability to have access to more advanced mental states, gaining insights into future reality.

Sacallion says: "In my future map of the world shows a world with the immense changes. The earth changes are a natural process, after cycles driven by stellar forces. However, such cycles can be amplified by the thoughts and acts of humanity and in part by influences of each region and its boundaries.

These thoughts can also reduce the effect of such changes for the positive treatment of the land and their worlds. "That is dependent in large part by nuiestras thought-forms as humanity.

The akasha is that force which all thoughts are recorded in what might be called a matrix. This matrix lies in the metaphysical world much as the specific function of a computer that can reside on its technology.

The matrix is ​​a portion of a real source from which the remaining forces are realized, for example, magnetism, color, sound, etc ... The mind of an entity (human) can make line in this matrix, and if the vibration are sought, such as a name on the birth of entity, or a sampling of the physical body or the morphology of the entity and so that are consistent with vibration. Edgar Cayce in his altered states had access to this array.

Many institutions now have access to the array, as more in the near future, as we move from the information age to the era intuitive.

Scallion said: "There karmas of individuals, nations, even planets and all life forms. For every thought there is a communal receptacle for this thought. We can identify them as positive or negative, good or bad, etc ... . Now these collective thoughts, which I call the colonies of thought, psychic force structure. While those there should come a time when the opposites must be found in the inner worlds. Such meetings are a symbiotic relationship with them in the world physical, predominantly being part of humanity. "

Scallion said that three large earthquakes shake the area of ​​Los Angeles.

The third and largest of them, will be approximately 8.3 on the Richter scale, and start the break in America. According to Scallion, the cause of this massive breakdown is a huge bubble of magma under the United States.

The first split will go from Eureka, California to Bakersfield. The land on the west side will begin to break and only a few isolated areas remain as islands. This great fracture will occur immediately or shortly after the third earthquake.

In their predictions incorrectly indicated that the first great fracture would occur before May 1993.

The second will occur before 1998 and will run from Newport, Oregon to Nevada.

The third major fracture will occur over a period of months until three years later.

This time, large portions of Utah, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado will be swallowed by the sea. Phoenix will emerge as a major port city.

While these changes occur on the west side, east also will be changes: large portions of New York will be inundated, Manhattan will lose pproximately 50% of their land, Rhode Island will be nearly black, as more than half of Connecticut . Long Island will disappear and 50% of Florida. Just as the earth will disappear in the ocean, new land - lots of Atlantis - appear on the east coast of North America, near Florida. Ruins of the Atlantic will be discovered in the Azores, the Bahamas, the Gulf of Mexico and the Sargasso Sea.

Just as America will change drastically physical area, so will the other continents.

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Canada: Hudson Bay and Foxe Basin will expand to form a long inland sea. Parts of the territory will be pushed up to 200 miles inland. The areas of Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and parts of Alberta will be the focus of survival at first. Migrations occur from Alaska and British Columbia.

U.S.: big changes will occur as the plate changes, creating 150 islands in California. Eventually the West Coast will move east to Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado. The Great Lakes and the Sea of ​​Lawrence and will be joined by the Mississippi River into the Gulf of Mexico.

Coastal areas from Maine to Florida will be flooded and driven miles out.

Mexico: Mexico coastal areas are flooded. Baja California will become a series of islands. Most of the Yucatan Peninsula is lost at sea. Seismic and volcanic activity will continue until the XXI Century.

Central America and the Caribbean, Central America will be flooded and reduced to a series of islands. Elevations above 500 meters are considered safe. A new water will flow from the Bay of Honduras to Salinas in Ecuador. The Panama Canal will be impassable.

Major changes occur, including earthquakes and volcanic activity. The earth will be shaken like a blanket made by both ends. Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil will suffer severe flooding. The area of ​​the Amazon will become an inland sea, and Peru and Bolivia will be flooded.

El Salvador, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and parts of Urguay will sink and the Falkland Islands. Another great sea tongue cover much of central Argentina. A new land mass will emerge and will be combined with the lands of Chile.
Europe will suffer the most rapid and severe changes. Most of Europe will be under the sea. Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark will be flooded, leaving hundreds of small islands only. Most of the UK, from Scotland to the Channel will sink, leaving islands of the size of what is now the Shetland island. London and Birmingham permanecerán.Irlanda sink, except for its higher ground.

Russia will be separated from Europe by a long new sea, formed by the Black Sea, Caspian and Baltic Kara. The new sea, separated by the Ural Mountains, Jenisej come to the river in Siberia. The weather will become more temperate, allowing Russia to provide food for most of Europe. The Black Sea will join the North Sea, leaving Bulgaria and Romania under the sea.

Most of France will collapse, leaving an island in the Paris region. A new river separates Switzerland from France, along a line from Genoa to Zurich. Italy will be divided by the sea. Venice, Naples, Rome and Genoa will be flooded, but the Vatican will be saved to be moved to higher ground. New earth emerge from Sicily to Sardinia.

The circle of fire that passes through Asia makes it a seismic area, and consequently, the most severe and active changes will occur in this region.

The land will flood from the Philippines to Japan and Bering Sea including Kuril and Sakhalin islands. As the Pacific plate changed its position at 9 °, the islands of Japan will sink, leaving only small islands. Taiwan and Korea most mar.La be lost in the coastal region of China will be pushed hundreds of miles inland.

Indonesia will separate, and will some islands, appearing in this new land area. Philippines disappear. Asia lost a lot of land mass, and a new earth will appear.

Africa is divided into 3 parts. The Nile will spread and grow significantly. A new stream of water separates the country from the Mediterranean Sea to Gabon. The Red Sea will expand, creating a movement to areas of Sudan. The new streams will be seen as a "Y", with the vertical line extending south to Cape Town.

In Egypt, Giza will sink, but before this happens, you make amazing archaeological discoveries. As we expand the Red Sea, Cairo will be lost at sea, and most of Madagascar. New earth will emerge in the Arabian Sea.

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