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April 30, 2011

Predicting The Future with The I-ching

The Chinese believed that anyone could understand the I-Ching would be able to answer all questions, solve all the problems and cure all diseases.

The I-Ching was written between 1000 and 500 a. C., although it was used thousands of years earlier. Nothing is known about the author of the book, but in subsequent years was supplemented with comments from scholars such as Confucius.

Today, many Westerners have discovered that the "mutations" are not only useful for divination, but also for philosophical contemplation. The eminent psychologist Jung put the I-Ching as an example of what he called synchronicity, ie, important or meaningful coincidence, and recommended the study to lovers of self-knowledge and wisdom, in its quest for universal truth.

At the heart of I-Ching is the principle of polarity by polarity in the West understand the existence of two opposites. However, the Chinese understood as two opposite but complementary energies. One can not exist without the other or, more exactly, one is inherent to the other. This is depicted in the ancient Tai Chi symbol.

The ancient Chinese did not consider the existence of additional light without darkness, or day without night. Thought impossible to understand the concept of light without having experienced the dark.

The energies that exist in the universe are generated by these polar energies. From observation of these relationships the idea of ​​change. In the same way as the Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, "Everything flows", the Chinese discovered that the universe and everything in it is in constant motion. This observation is especially important in light of modern discoveries in physics on particles. The sun reaches its highest point at noon, to continue its course towards the horizon, it reaches at sunset. In the night sky, the moon grows, reaches its fullness and then decreases. Looking at the sea, we see that when the tide reaches its lowest point, imperceptibly changes direction and begins to rise. This follows a regular cycle. Therefore, it concluded that there are guidelines in existence that can be discovered by those who investigate.

The Trigrams

For the Chinese, was probably a natural way to visualize the change cycle as follows:-MOVEMENT SLEEP-REST or REST-MOVEMENT-MOVEMENT

Lass figures of three lines are called trigrams. There are eight possible combinations of these, whole or broken lines, forming a series of relationships and representing, for example, family, seasons or types of energy.


Ch'ien (The Creative) K'un (The Receptive)

Ken (The quiet) Sun (The Soft)

Chen (Lo suscitante) Kan (The abysmal)

Li (the stick) Tui (The serene)

The Hexagram

A trigram can be placed on top of another to symbolize heaven on earth. This is therefore a figure of six lines called hexagram. The example of used computers before we will see a row of 6 switches that can be turned on or off. There are 64 possible combinations, which is the number of hexagrams that make up the I-Ching. Are believed to represent the total number of situations that occur naturally in the ever-changing pattern of life. Some argue that this pattern was first seen in the shell of a turtle.

Whatever its origin, only a small step between the perception of the pattern and the desire to implement, in an attempt to understand the human condition. Imagine a person standing on the earth (Yin) looking up to heaven (Yang) and wondering, "How do I fit in the order of things?" If you use an appropriate method of selection, a hexagram can help you find the response.

Use of currencies

There are many methods in use for years guaranteed to obtain a hexagram that allows the intuitive person answer a question or find the solution to a problem. Traditional methods of counting yarrow stalks, rice grains or pebbles, say they will achieve the right state of mind, as they all need practice time to master. In the West the most popular method is one in which we use three currencies, throwing six times and the resulting combinations result in a hexagram.

First, sit comfortably and quietly for a few minutes to come up with appropriate wording of the question. Write it on paper and leave it in front of you. If the question is too vague, give yourself a little more time and let your mind wander until you think of appropriate words, then write them again. Avoid asking for options, since the response you receive will be ambivalent. If you ask the question correctly, the answer will be precise and definite.

If your ideas are vague on the question type you want just a tip on a specific issue, you can write, for example, "employment" or "house." The resulting hexagram may not have an obvious meaning, but reflects on him will be surprised at your convenience. Sample question: "Should I accept this job?"

Now take the coins in your hands and shake until you feel the time is right, then let them fall and enter the sum. Remember that the first line is always the bottom of the hexagram. Trace the hexagram from the bottom up.

We have the complete hexagram, for identification purposes, we divide it into its corresponding trigrams, the upper and lower.

Superior trigram

Chen and Thunder

Lower Trigram

Ch'ien or Heaven

This combination corresponds to the hexagram number 34, which is "The Power of Great, which suggests that it is okay to accept the project but the sheer force of will is not enough. We must persevere in the task and carry it out with the right attitude. To make the project successful will be used for skills. In other words, if you use the best talent you have and will have to persist long enough in the project, then it will be favorable to go ahead and accept it.

If the resulting hexagram had been number 33, "The Collection", it would be best to postpone the project to better understand every detail.

This is all you need to know to consult the I-Ching. If you play for a while have the feeling that the ancient oracle has life and personality, will help to clarify their ideas with precision and often with a touch of humor, as you would a dear and wise friend.

Throwing Coins

Take three coins of the I-Ching or three coins equal. Give the value 3 faces and crosses the value 2. Thus the amounts will be 6, 7, 8 and 9.

Coin toss

If the total is 6, trace Yin
If the total is 7, trace Yang
If the total is 8, trace Yin
If the total is 9, trace Yang
If you toss the coins six times, a six-line hexagram is the title of the answer to your question.
Sixth shot:
Cara / Face / Cruz 3 + 3 + 2 = 8 (Online Yin)
Fifth shot:
Cara / Face / Cruz 3 + 3 + 2 = 8 (Online Yin)
Fourth shot:
Face / Cross / Cruz 3 + 2 + 2 = 7 (Line Yin)
Third shot:
Cara / Face / Face 3 + 3 + 3 = 9 (Yang Line)
Second shot:
Cara / Face / Face 3 + 3 + 3 = 9 (Yang Line)
First printing:
Cara / Face / Face 3 + 3 + 3 = 9 (Yang Line)

Earthquake in Rome on May 11 Prophesied by Raffaele Bendandi

Raffaele Bendandi born in Faenza in 1883 and died in 1979 at the same location, this restless man, attracted to science for very young but uneducated and completely self taught, built his own telescopes and seismographs from an early age.

Shocked by the tragedy of the Messina earthquake of 28 December 1908 that killed 80,000 people, Bendandi unscientific developed his own theory on the relationship of the heavenly bodies in the solar system and earthquakes.

He also studied the dates of past earthquakes to predict the future. Never explained in depth the workings of his theory by academic criticism that his work was subjected. His fame in life was due to the fact that you will catch an earthquake in 1924.

Sure of the success of his theory in 1923 recorded a prediction notary announcing a tremor in the Marche region on 2 January 1924. The quake actually happened in the town of Senigallia, but two days later. Despite this, the daily Il Corriere della Sera announced its success on the front page, calling him "the One who foresees the earthquakes." His fame became international.

However, given the large number of predictions (mostly error) and caused alarm in the population, the authorities banned publication in Italy, although he managed to perform in foreign media.

At his death, found his body at his home surrounded by many of its predictions of future destroyed, probably due to the very Bendandi repentance. However a few were preserved, including one that advertises a devastating earthquake on 11 May 2011 in Rome. And that kicks in Internet and e-famous chains.

Apparently, thieves have found in this rumor a good opportunity, and have begun to appear leaflets, purportedly signed by Civil Protection, which encourages people of Rome to leave the city on those dates.

Obviously the agency has refused to have anything to do with the publication of such advice, and alert the public to be alert to the actions of the foreign friends.

If you are going to be in Rome during that time, remember that we published recently on this blog about the impossibility of predicting earthquakes, and enjoy visiting the beautiful Eternal City.

April 24, 2011

St. Malachi : Prophet of The Popes

The real name of Malachi was O'Morgair, He was born in Armagh, Ireland in 1094, and died at Clairvaux in 1148. At 25 he was a priest.

Then became a monk and abbot, bishop of Connor and archbishop of his native city. Although he held many positions within the church hierarchy, was a wise man but with a lot of initiative, even to found the monastery of Ibrach.

In 1138, he went on pilgrimage to Rome, and during this trip he met the Order of Cistercians where he befriended San Bernardo, who later would write the biography of St. Malachi where it would highlight was a humble man with a spirit Gospel. These conditions gave him the love of the common people, and respect among their peers.

In 1138 complete without going to Rome where he visited the Pope Innocent II, returning to his homeland visited the king of Scotland. During the visit, the king's son was cured of a serious illness in a miraculous way.

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Due to a strange coincidence, on that date of November 2, Bernardo had planned a special ceremony dedicated to the deceased's Monastery, a ceremony that included the transfer of the remains to the new cemetery. Malachi died that day alone.

He is credited with prophetic list of 111 popes. San Bernardo however not mentioned in the biography of Saint Malachy. It is certainly strange, because in the story are discussed much less important facts. But St. Bernard wrote to warn the reader that his work is an account <>. What if miracles are recounted.

While still lying dead, a young man who was paralyzed arm, healed by placing his hand on the hand of the deceased. Who if he wrote about the prophecy of the popes was Arnold Wion in his book entitled "Lignum vital", a work that contains biographies of prominent men in the order of St. Benedict, transcribed for the first time in a book.

St. Malachy But not only did this prophecy, for example, said this prophecy about Ireland:

"Ireland will suffer the English oppression of centuries for a week, but will always be faithful to God and his Church. At the end of this period, Ireland will be free and the British, in turn, will have a severe punishment. However, Ireland will play a big role in the return to the true faith of the English. "

As was true that Ireland would suffer domination for seven centuries, continuing faithful to its ancient Catholic faith.

But without a doubt, this is written by St. Malachy's prophecy of the popes. In reality the prophecy has 111 currencies associated each to a pope from Celestine II (1143) to the last pope of the list, the order and logic would happen to the 110 which is the current Pope is when you get That's when the world will end his days. You might think that it could refer to the end of the Catholic Church, but it is very clear when he says that's the end of humanity.

In short, according to St. Malachi the world will end and this humanity, when Pope John Paul II happens to govern the Church

The Prophetic Irlmaier Alois

Irlmaier Alois (German, 1894-1959), a simple man who devoted much of his time helping people

His views will appear as "movies" and thus the visions describía.Estas premonitions reached beyond casual.

His gift was very special, which used to help anyone who knocked on his door. I also attended the local police constantly, so virtue of clairvoyance was what made him famous.

There were many police cases where their help was indispensable in helping to find missing persons and bodies of deceased individuals, etc. Both victims of war crimes victims in common. Similarly was wanted to assist in matters of German law courts, where he was renowned, assisting prosecutors with difficult cases.

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Visions of the Future

On this page you will find stories of Alois Irlmaier refer to the great war of the future:
Dr. Conrad Adlmaier 1927-1966. Executive Editor and distinguished German journalist. (Heimatboten von)

Dr. Adlmaier receive these stories in an interview with Alois Irlmaier published later. Narratives are also not published in his book, although later the indicated orally to a third party. Mr. Alois Irlmaier described in his narrative, the details of a great battle of the future, to better study which I divided between verses.
All call peace, Shalom!

Occurs suddenly - A new Middle East War suddenly turned. Naval forces face great hostility in the Mediterranean - the situation is tense. Although the spark that ignites the fire is in the Balkans. I see a "great" falling, a bloody knife lying by his side.

So ... "impact is on impact"

Two men kill a third of high rank. Were paid by other people.

The third murder occurs. Then the war begins ...

One of the murderers is a black man of small stature and the other a little higher for bright colored hair.

I think that will happen in the Balkans, but I can not say exactly ...

The year before the war will be fruitful with fruits and grains.
After the assassination of the third, everything will start during the night ...

I see clearly three numbers, two eights and a nine. But I can not say that means I can not set a time. The war begins at sunrise.
(08/08/2009; Note: The first nine ")

It comes very quickly.

The farmers sit in the pub, playing cards, while the foreign soldiers look through the windows and doors. Very black army coming from the east, however, everything happens very fast.

I see a three, but not if it means three days or three weeks. (My calculations indicate three days)

Comes from the golden city.
("Prague" - the capital of Czechoslovakia known as the golden city or the city of 100 towers.)

The first line starts at the blue waters of the Northwest and reach the Swiss border. Up to Regensburg, and no bridges crossing the Danube, they do not come from the south of the blue water.
Then ... "The impact is on impact"

A massive ejecito running from east to Belgrade towards Italy.

After three armed fronts move like lightning in the north of the Danube on Germany (westbound) towards the Rhine, without notice.

This will happen so unexpectedly that the population flee in panic to the west. Many cars clog the streets - if only they had stayed at home, or at least would not have used the main roads.

Everything will be an obstacle to the rapid advance of tanks on high speed roads and other rapid transit routes, the Danube on a bridge I can not see beyond Regensburg.
Almost nothing remains of the great city of Frankfurt ... The Rhine Valley will be devastated, mainly by air attack.

I see three broad fronts approaching.

The bottom goes to the forest, suddenly changes its course turning marching northwest parallel to the Danube.

The front is in Prague, Bavarian forest and northwest.
The blue waters are the southern border.

The second arrow goes from east to west on Saxony.
(Region East Germany, capital Dresden)

The third from the northeast to the southwest.

Now I see the earth as a large area in front of me. In which aircraft leave lines, as a large swarm of white doves rising from the sand.

The Russians do not stop anywhere, while a clean sweep of all three fronts. Day and night are to reach the Ruhr district, where many furnaces and fireplaces.
(District located in the region of Westphalia, western Germany)

The second line goes west on Saxon Through the Ruhr district, just as the third, which goes from northeast westwards over Berlin. Day and night the Russians run, your goal is inexorably Ruhr district.

Immediately the revenge comes through the mighty waters.
However, the yellow dragon invades Alaska and Canada simultaneously. But not far fetched ...
(The Yellow Dragon can be a combination of North Korea and finally China)

I see the earth as a sphere in front of me, where now the white pigeons fly near, many emerging from the sands.
Then it rains a yellow dust on the line.

When the golden city is destroyed, it begins.

As a yellow line going into the city at bay.

It will be a clear and calm night when they start throwing.

The tanks are still underway, but the crew they turn completely black. Wherever you fall, everything will die, no trees, no bush, no cattle, no grass, it becomes black and shriveled.

The houses still exist, not what it is and I can not be determined.

It's a long line. Anyone passing along this line dies.

Those who are on one side can not go to the other side. Suddenly everything in the front breaks. All they have to flee to the north, which carry the throw. "No one ever returned."

The airplanes drop a yellow powder between the Black Sea and the North Sea.

Then a death strip is created directly from the Black Sea to the North Sea, as wide as half of Bavarian. (Southeast region of Germany, and the largest in size of this country)

In this zone no grass grows, much less human life.
The Russian supply is interrupted
Swarms of pigeons ascend from the sand
Two troops get the combat area from the west southwest ...

The squadrons turn towards the north and cut during the third army.

There are many tractors (caterpillar) in the East, but on tractors all are dead, although the vehicles are still running, gradually will be standing alone.

Here the pilots also throw their little black boxes. Explode before hitting the ground, spreading a yellowish or greenish smoke or dust. Making contact with it, dies, whether human, animal or plant.

For one year no organism is allowed to enter this area, otherwise it is exposed to mortal danger. (Radiation)

On the Rhine the attack is ultimately rejected.

Of the three sides not one soldier never returned home.
These boxes are satanic, When they explode, a yellow-green dust or smoke arises, everything that comes into contact with it, it dies, whether human, animal or plant. Humans will become completely black and the meat is precipitated from their bones, so acute is this poison.

Due to a natural catastrophe or something similar, the Russians suddenly escape to the North near Cologne where the final battle begins

"... Over the Rhine I see a half moon, which wants to devour everything.

The horns of the sickle want to close. What does that mean, I do not know ...? "
Then they fly north in the center is a brand, then there is nothing alive, not humans or animals, or grass.

They fly through the quiet north, where the third front had come and wiped out everything.

None of the three armies never returned home.

But then I see someone flying, coming from the east, who does something fall into the large water so that something happens.

The waters rose as high as a tower, then plunging. Suddenly everything is flooded.
There is an earthquake and half of the Big Island will sink. (Great Britain)
All the action will not last long, I see three lines - three days - three weeks - three months, not exactly, but it will not last long.
A single plane from the east, throws something into the great water.
(In the Atlantic Ocean)
Suddenly, the waters are disturbed and rise like a tower and falls.

Everything is flooded.

There is an earthquake.

The southern part of England is immersed in water.

Three major cities remain in ruins: A will be destroyed by water, the second is the sea so high that only see the towers of churches and the third was gone.

One part of England away, when the seas fall sparse, as the pilot brought down.

Then the waters rose as high as the towers collapsed.

What is this thing? do not know ...

Coastal countries are threatened with heavy water.

The sea is very restless waves are as high as houses, is foaming, as if cooking on the floor.

Disappearing islands and climate change. (Changing the poles Earthlings)

A part of the proud island sinks, if things fall into the sea, the pilot drops.

Then the waters rising as high as a tower and then precipitated.

Does this thing is? ... Do not know,

When will come? ... do not know.
The January will be so hot that the mosquitoes will dance.

It may be because we are in time where there will be a normal winter at all, as we know it.
(In reference to climate changes incurred by the arrival of a stellar remnant)

During the war, the great darkness will come, that lasted 72 hours. (Check the solar system from a nebula expanding to block sunlight and made the moon a red color is the effect of stellar remnant = Hydrogen and helium gases. Apoc. 6: 12, Matt. 27:35 etc.)

During the war darkens the day.

Then a powerful hail, lightning and thunder will bring, flaws and cracks culminating with an earthquake.
(This phenomenon refers to the arrival of a blast wave of a supernova remnant in the star Hamal Arietis biblical reference to "the wrath of the Lamb" Hamal = Lamb in Arabic, in the constellation of Aries = Lamb)

Please do not leave home during this time.

The lights do not work, except the lights of candles.
(Electromagnetism nebula produced by all energy levels will increase globally in stopping all electrical transmission)

Who inhale the dust, have seizures and die instantly.

Windows will not cover it completely with black paper.

All water is poisoned, contaminated inn, also all exposed food that are not sealed.
(Poisoning by large concentrations of hydrogen and helium gas)

Also foods that are in glass vessels, not being completely covered.
(Effects of contamination by stellar radiation)

Outside the death invades the streets, many humans die.

After 72 hours ... everything has ended

But again, do not leave home

Do not look through the windows and keep their candles lit. And pray!

Overnight will die more humans than in the last two world wars.

Do not open the windows! ... within 72 hours.

The rivers have so little water that can pass easily.

The cattle perish, grasses turn yellow and dry, the human death becomes yellow and black.

The winds carry clouds of death to the East.

The city with the iron tower succumb victim of his own people.
(Paris in an effort to revolution in reverse)

They give you fire all the rules and everything revolution leads to madness.

The island off the coast is sinking, that the tide is minced.

I see large holes in the sea, which will be filled in full, when the enormous waves return.
(Hoyos and huge cracks caused by abrupt movements of tectonic plates)

The beautiful city in the blue sea sinks almost completely at sea and in the dirt and sand that expels.

I see three cities sinking in the south, northwest and west.

The large city with high iron tower is on fire. But this they have done their own people, not by those who came from the east.
(Paris in flames)

And I can see with certainty that the city will be torn to the ground.
(Babylon the great mother of harlots. Tower of Babel = Eifeel)

And in Italy there is devastation as well. They are killing many people there, and the Pope flees.

But many clergymen will be killed, many churches collapse.

Russia falls into a new revolution and civil war leads.

The corpses are so many that can not be removed from the streets.

The cross comes to be honored again.

Catholic Faith and unifies resumes

The Russians believe in God again.

The leaders and political leaders to commit suicide and the great guilt washed blood.
(Dictators and leaders of political parties; Note: All political parties ceased to exist)

I see a red mass, mixed with yellow faces. It is total chaos and horrible slaughter.
(The Russian Communists in the Chinese revolution and slaughter)

And then they sing the Christmas and offer candles in front of sacred divine images.
(They themselves become the catholic church and worship God)

Through the prayers of Christians the monster from hell dies, young people also believe again in the intercession of the Mother of God.
(The monster from hell is the "Republic" the false idea of ​​governing without God)

After the victory an emperor is crowned by the Pope who escaped.
(Descendant of Charlemagne, re-establishing the government stipulated by the union of government and the church)

How long does all this do not know.

I see three nines.

The third nine brings the peace.

When all is finished, a part of humanity will be dead, and one will be afraid of God again.

The laws that permit death to children will be abolished after the punishment.
(The false concept of "right to abortion" is abolished)

And the peace will last for a while. A good time.

I see three crowns flashing, and a bony old be our King.

Also the very old crown in the south back to practice too.
(The old crown = Charlemagne, in southern Europe = Spain or South America, returning from Argentina)

The Pope, who cross the water tube for a long time back.

When the flowers back to the prairies, he will return and mourn their murdered brothers.
(In Spring)

After these events will be a time of blessing.
Those who will experience it will be very happy and blessed.

The Enigmatic Michael Gordon Scallion

Michael Gordon Scallion was a person who is unfortunate to have a health event in your life, turns around 180 degrees as in 1979 Scallion worked as a consultant in electronics. Without any events occur, while talking to a client, lost his voice.

He was admitted to a hospital, and during admission Scallion claims to have had a vision of a woman who was explaining future events that triggered a series of experiences out-of-body that eventually wore in the path of discovery self and conscious communication with your spirit guides.

When completed this vision Scallion recovered the voice and began to have the ability to have visions and turned metaphysical.

For several years he was doing readings and healings, until 1989, had a series of dreams, which took place over 29 consecutive nights, in which visualize the great changes that happen on Earth in successive years.

According to Scallion when making their own personal reflections of lived experience and the current ideas are evaluated, then we can understand our external experiences. For only during personal crisis in which lives from fear we assess the different degrees of importance of one's existence.

And this experience is influenced limit the physical body. It is then that creates an array to create connections Star. That before this occurred in the internal worlds: the dream state, the astral form in tune with the physical world: A good example here is Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla. They took naps during their experiments and found that when they woke up from sleep, often solved the problems. Again, when altered states of consciousness incorporate access a growing library of knowledge.

Scallion's visions can get from a parent entity, which makes them look right on your computer. For the following years Sacallion followed the suggestions from your guide and travel to specific sites such as ancient Egypt, the Bahamas, Mexico and the Yucatan pyramids, Stonehenge and Avebury in Britain, and Chaco Canyon in the southwestern United States . While these sites he found he could soak up the history and people.

Once you start your trip ended on a self-meditation, eventually achieving the ability to have access to more advanced mental states, gaining insights into future reality.

Sacallion says: "In my future map of the world shows a world with the immense changes. The earth changes are a natural process, after cycles driven by stellar forces. However, such cycles can be amplified by the thoughts and acts of humanity and in part by influences of each region and its boundaries.

These thoughts can also reduce the effect of such changes for the positive treatment of the land and their worlds. "That is dependent in large part by nuiestras thought-forms as humanity.

The akasha is that force which all thoughts are recorded in what might be called a matrix. This matrix lies in the metaphysical world much as the specific function of a computer that can reside on its technology.

The matrix is ​​a portion of a real source from which the remaining forces are realized, for example, magnetism, color, sound, etc ... The mind of an entity (human) can make line in this matrix, and if the vibration are sought, such as a name on the birth of entity, or a sampling of the physical body or the morphology of the entity and so that are consistent with vibration. Edgar Cayce in his altered states had access to this array.

Many institutions now have access to the array, as more in the near future, as we move from the information age to the era intuitive.

Scallion said: "There karmas of individuals, nations, even planets and all life forms. For every thought there is a communal receptacle for this thought. We can identify them as positive or negative, good or bad, etc ... . Now these collective thoughts, which I call the colonies of thought, psychic force structure. While those there should come a time when the opposites must be found in the inner worlds. Such meetings are a symbiotic relationship with them in the world physical, predominantly being part of humanity. "

Scallion said that three large earthquakes shake the area of ​​Los Angeles.

The third and largest of them, will be approximately 8.3 on the Richter scale, and start the break in America. According to Scallion, the cause of this massive breakdown is a huge bubble of magma under the United States.

The first split will go from Eureka, California to Bakersfield. The land on the west side will begin to break and only a few isolated areas remain as islands. This great fracture will occur immediately or shortly after the third earthquake.

In their predictions incorrectly indicated that the first great fracture would occur before May 1993.

The second will occur before 1998 and will run from Newport, Oregon to Nevada.

The third major fracture will occur over a period of months until three years later.

This time, large portions of Utah, Nevada, Arizona and Colorado will be swallowed by the sea. Phoenix will emerge as a major port city.

While these changes occur on the west side, east also will be changes: large portions of New York will be inundated, Manhattan will lose pproximately 50% of their land, Rhode Island will be nearly black, as more than half of Connecticut . Long Island will disappear and 50% of Florida. Just as the earth will disappear in the ocean, new land - lots of Atlantis - appear on the east coast of North America, near Florida. Ruins of the Atlantic will be discovered in the Azores, the Bahamas, the Gulf of Mexico and the Sargasso Sea.

Just as America will change drastically physical area, so will the other continents.

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Canada: Hudson Bay and Foxe Basin will expand to form a long inland sea. Parts of the territory will be pushed up to 200 miles inland. The areas of Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and parts of Alberta will be the focus of survival at first. Migrations occur from Alaska and British Columbia.

U.S.: big changes will occur as the plate changes, creating 150 islands in California. Eventually the West Coast will move east to Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado. The Great Lakes and the Sea of ​​Lawrence and will be joined by the Mississippi River into the Gulf of Mexico.

Coastal areas from Maine to Florida will be flooded and driven miles out.

Mexico: Mexico coastal areas are flooded. Baja California will become a series of islands. Most of the Yucatan Peninsula is lost at sea. Seismic and volcanic activity will continue until the XXI Century.

Central America and the Caribbean, Central America will be flooded and reduced to a series of islands. Elevations above 500 meters are considered safe. A new water will flow from the Bay of Honduras to Salinas in Ecuador. The Panama Canal will be impassable.

Major changes occur, including earthquakes and volcanic activity. The earth will be shaken like a blanket made by both ends. Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil will suffer severe flooding. The area of ​​the Amazon will become an inland sea, and Peru and Bolivia will be flooded.

El Salvador, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and parts of Urguay will sink and the Falkland Islands. Another great sea tongue cover much of central Argentina. A new land mass will emerge and will be combined with the lands of Chile.
Europe will suffer the most rapid and severe changes. Most of Europe will be under the sea. Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark will be flooded, leaving hundreds of small islands only. Most of the UK, from Scotland to the Channel will sink, leaving islands of the size of what is now the Shetland island. London and Birmingham permanecerán.Irlanda sink, except for its higher ground.

Russia will be separated from Europe by a long new sea, formed by the Black Sea, Caspian and Baltic Kara. The new sea, separated by the Ural Mountains, Jenisej come to the river in Siberia. The weather will become more temperate, allowing Russia to provide food for most of Europe. The Black Sea will join the North Sea, leaving Bulgaria and Romania under the sea.

Most of France will collapse, leaving an island in the Paris region. A new river separates Switzerland from France, along a line from Genoa to Zurich. Italy will be divided by the sea. Venice, Naples, Rome and Genoa will be flooded, but the Vatican will be saved to be moved to higher ground. New earth emerge from Sicily to Sardinia.

The circle of fire that passes through Asia makes it a seismic area, and consequently, the most severe and active changes will occur in this region.

The land will flood from the Philippines to Japan and Bering Sea including Kuril and Sakhalin islands. As the Pacific plate changed its position at 9 °, the islands of Japan will sink, leaving only small islands. Taiwan and Korea most mar.La be lost in the coastal region of China will be pushed hundreds of miles inland.

Indonesia will separate, and will some islands, appearing in this new land area. Philippines disappear. Asia lost a lot of land mass, and a new earth will appear.

Africa is divided into 3 parts. The Nile will spread and grow significantly. A new stream of water separates the country from the Mediterranean Sea to Gabon. The Red Sea will expand, creating a movement to areas of Sudan. The new streams will be seen as a "Y", with the vertical line extending south to Cape Town.

In Egypt, Giza will sink, but before this happens, you make amazing archaeological discoveries. As we expand the Red Sea, Cairo will be lost at sea, and most of Madagascar. New earth will emerge in the Arabian Sea.

Who was Benjamin Solari Parravicini?

Benjamin Solari Parravicini was born in Buenos Aires on August 8, 1898, internationally renowned artist was a simple and humble man, endowed with great psychic and aesthetic sensibility, becoming director of the Museum of Fine Arts in the City the city of Buenos Aires.

In the quiet of his study, where he drew started getting a strange way, ideas that he sketched on paper and attached to the spontaneity of artistic creation.

But what was his surprise to find that the ideas he had outlined were prophetic, because over time they came inexorably.

And so, to the surprise of family and friends, began to accumulate a series of drawings containing prophecies about the future of the world and Argentina in particular.

His family lived in a colonial large house that had been inherited by the mother of Solari in 1918.

The mansion is located in an area of ​​seven hectares in the Olivos area (north of Buenos Aires), lying on the river and separated from the adjacent lands and clear large surrounded by trees.

Almost time to move began to notice strange things. The house was on the ground floor windows protected twenty large colonial-style bars and night noises were felt as if someone beat them with sticks.

Immediately after that, one after another, dozens of stones at the outer walls, some by the windows.

At first the family frightened by the situation, especially for not finding the source of the stones and because many dogs in the house were completely indifferent to these facts.

They decided to report the situation to the police, that nothing could be done. As this went on night after night without the stones hit no inhabitants of the house they ended up getting used.

In the days following was added to this the sound of a person trying to the front door about two in the morning, and the snoring that is heard in one of the towers of the house. Strangely enough, the family took this as something funny that even caused meetings with friends who wanted to witness the situation, which lasted for 27 years between 1918 and 1945.

Benjamin, or Baldy as he said his family was player of strange situations, such as "guess" the location of things or persons, but in the '30s when he began to show extraordinary ability. One night in 1938 woke up trembling, perceiving a strong smell of sea and seaweed in your room, while a delicate female voice heard.

He began to write what the voice told him: that she was separating from life, I saw beautiful pictures and that "the algae involved his hands like dead jewels." Finally, the woman was identified, and Pelon wrote a name, date and venue: "Alfonsina Storni, Mar del Plata, October 1938." At the same time, the wonderful poet, committed suicide at about 450 kilometers from the place where the sea.

But his most incredible facet had been apparent since 1932. His hands, without any control of him, drew and wrote things that the years would have a sense unknown to him had begun to receive its first psychographies.

The busiest period was between 1936 and 1940, this authority was accompanied by a lifetime. On one occasion he asked how he received the messages and said he heard in his ear a voice that spoke, and revealing events that occurred many years later.

One night in 1936, while in her room writing stories and poems as usual, was surprised as a heavy brass lamp stood in the air and crashed into a wall. Took the lamp twisted, and going to the room, his brother Justin, showed it to this who did not give more importance to the fact and told him to rest. But Baldy returned to his room, and could not sleep.

He felt a strong sensation in his hand, a need to take a pencil and begin to draw strange messages on the paper. At first dismissed these premonitions and threw away many of the drawings which, unfortunately, are now lost.

In one of his pictures showed dead Mussolini, hung upside down, as it was seen on the streets of Milan in 1945 with his mistress Clara Petacci. We should note that the draw was made in 1936, during the heyday of the Italian leader, and nine years before his death. Anticipated in great detail the appearance of the atomic bomb years before use.

Deep catholic, at first he did not play these messages and even burned many of them.

After the visit of a mighty celestial entity, with whom he maintained a deep and mystical contact had to make a decision. From that moment he could not stop.

Produced more than 700 psychographies composed of a drawing accompanied by a short message by way of explanation, and most of them are notable for their high accuracy, prophecies cover absolutely all spheres of human activity: political, social, cultural, spiritual, metaphysical, scientific, technological, and which were anticipated for this remarkable visionary, unjustly forgotten in his own country and scarcely known in the rest of the world.

Don Pedro Romaniuk (famous Argentine researcher and founding director of the Research Institute Foundation Cosmobiophysic) has the privilege of being in possession of approximately 400 original drawings, which received through Erú Alexander, now disappeared. Both friends and disciples of the prophet.

But one of the most puzzling aspects in the life of "Felon" is his contact with extraterrestrial beings. According to trustworthy sources (even the well known Antonio Ribera, Spanish researcher dealt with the case in one of his books) had been abducted, carried inside a spaceship, in the heart of the city of Buenos Aires, a few meters from Obelisk.

The investigator Robert Anderson, in his book "Mysterious appearances and disappearances," says the report made to it by the newspaper "The Reason" by Alejandro Erú above, Professor of Humanities at the University of La Plata and secretary of the Argentine Institute of Parapsychology. While the protagonist's name was not revealed by Erú, initials, BSP, correspond to our prophet.

"BSP said he had been contacted by a subject blond - writes Anderson - Nordic appearance, whose eyes were so light that appeared to be blind. The blond spoke in a throaty voice, and in an incomprehensible language, although his manners were friendly. The artist only caught a glimpse inside the machine before suffering a sort of faint.

When he regained consciousness, BSP saw that he was flying with three beings as the first blond. One of them, politely, questioned him in a language is incomprehensible, but BSP thought to have understood or at least captured the ideas of others, by telepathic communication. BSP was not afraid, he would return to Earth at precisely the same place where he had been kidnapped. BSP swore that during the whole trip was in a sort of faintness, but perceiving the land of Japan, France, and later, Chile. When he awoke from his peculiar trance, was found in the same place where he had found to be fair ... "

Perhaps for this reason many Parravicini prophecies concerning the future contact with extraterrestrial beings, whom he calls "astronavegos", the "blue beings of the planet" KI - EN-KI ", who were already on Earth thousands of years and will be back "in her big red ships, fish-shaped"

- The astronavigator from the planet "KI - EN-KI" who came to earth in the time of creation, which helped in building Egyptian, Greek and Roman, who helped in the wars of Europe and guided the constructions, tries again to fortify the man in your mind and prevent nuclear disaster. It is on a mission! (Year 1960)

- The astral astronavigator that inhabited Earth in the Chaldean civilization brought then ships in the shape of giant red fish and used to take human beings on the planet "KI - EN-KI". Today again bring his giant red ships to rescue from the three smokes to such earthly beings and the "KI - EN-KI". I will return in 2000! (Year 1960)

- The spacecraft's "KI - EN-KI" in the shape of huge fire fish travel to the earth in high relief mission. They will travel over the South Pole family and dwell in the ice until the hour of the time. Then they will be. (Year 1960)

Prophecies Attributed to Merlin Magician


Welsh Merlin was a magician who lived, presumably, in the sixth century and is one of the central figures of the Arthurian cycle.

Another hypothesis is that Merlin does not refer to a person but to a degree, as was the title of Druid. It is the most famous magician of European history, and inspiring many magicians of world literature.

According to the specialist Breton Jean Markale, Merlin is a versatile figure who embodies different archetypes of the mythical Celtic, as the Druid, the Bardo, the wild man, the shaman and the prophet.

In this enigmatic character attributed to him many prophecies. Written around the year 400 AD. Which were attributed to the magician Merlin, were collected by Volta in 1450.

The Crusades for the liberation of Jerusalem.

Discovery of America and slavery

The wild men known to those coming from the sea. After the ships will be gold. Then Africa will be slaves, but slave dominate Africa.

French Revolution

Just a few years before the thing that once was born in Jerusalem has completed its eighteenth age, the great achievement that will have been among his ancestors, who at that time the French will be more hated that these ancestors. Blood will stain Gaul and the king's head be cut off. Queen's head will be cut. The prince's head be cut off. And the head of the king's friends will be cut. Horror times will come and many shed their blood. With new laws come new winds. (This refers to the 1789 French Revolution and the Declaration of Human Rights).

Loss of papal power and the destruction of Rome.

Before the thing born in Jerusalem reached its twentieth year (Twenty Centuries) age, country of Italy stumble. His name is Roman and a large part will be finished by the Apostle (the Pope).
There will be a Pope who dare not look to Rome. A similar thing that the Romans know inter alia, that before the turn of the century Pope, Our Lord will suffer such a shame that can not be rigged. And that's when the Romans know that begins its destruction, as punishment for their sins.

Third World War III

The world will be a lawn. And on the lawn three girls play. But beneath the earth I see the fire. And when one of the three girls throws the stone, all three girls will be achieved. The grass will be fire and each fire is write a name. But the name was written to forget.
When the mother of the Lord appears in several places and when the apostle has two names, it's time to prepare, for the sixth time will be next.

The three girls would be three countries, three countries capable of playing with the world is very powerful. Moreover, in recent years there have been apparitions of Mary and the current pope (the apostle) has two names. You mean the sixth hour, the end of the world, you are near??.

The end of time.

The dragon appears among mortals at the end of 2000. Victorious look, full of honors. But it is good that men maintain gaze upon Tuscany, because that side will appear the dragon. There will be sacrificed the virgins. The coast of Carthage will be swallowed by the sea and disfigure other lands. Dragon is the time of Babylon.
When the dragon of Babylon reaches the end, many signs pop out of the African soil. Cities of the followers of the dragon will be destroyed.

Near the end of the world, when the sun and moon change, faucets come to eat wheat. Countries will be filled with tears. The sun will be delayed in the East and the moon in the West, and they no longer follow its course. At that time men and women rarely have more children, people lose faith and the world is very wicked, the children were tightened. Taps will fly in Egypt.

Near the end of the world, the Pope and the Cardinals will have to flee Rome was a place where they go unnoticed, under difficult circumstances. He will die in a cruel way in his suffering in exile. The sufferings of the church will be greater than at any time past.

It seems that everything ends as it began. With the destruction of Rome and the persecution of Christians. Will the dragon among us now??

Mayan Calendar

Humans invented the concept of "time" from the observation of natural phenomena and the movement of celestial bodies and has adapted its activities to these.

The Mayan wise not escape this desire and in the study of numerology and timetable, this being one of the contributions of the Mayan culture to universal culture.

The Mayan wise to realize the existence of an order in the sky meant that it was favored by the gods, the schools were identified with the celestial bodies and natural phenomena; simulant was developing a practical aspect of these observations: the development of systems calendar that would allow an adequate adaptation of the cycles of heaven to their social system.

When did the first time this process? not known exactly, however, has found that several regions of Mesoamerica were especially involved in it.

The Mayan calendar is considering one of the most accurate in the world and to its completion, the Mayan wise use vigesimal system and positions according to which the values ​​are changing from 20 to 20.

The Maya stelae were STONES, HAND MADE PAPER and animal skin.


The Mayans used to represent numbers hieroglyphs and the system of dots and bars: the first each number was represented by a hieroglyph and the second is worth one point, the bar is worth five to zero is a spiral cut or half-flower.

The use of zero represents a breakthrough, for it presupposes a deep understanding of mathematics. This was used by the Mayans 900 years before the Arabs brought it to Europe. The need to measure the cycles for all practical purposes especially for issues related to agriculture, which was the basis of its economy, carries a surprising refinement of what is known as "time", having a calendar is a global need and this aspect of the Maya has emerged: as an example, our calendar accumulates an error of one day for every 4.000 years, whereas the Mayan calendar accumulates one day for every 5.000 years. To measure time, the Mayan wise use three different ways of counting:

First .- They account successive day passed since the start date of your calendar (11 August 3113, BC) which is known as the long count and starts at: zero baktun, zero Katun, zero Tun uinal zero, zero kin.

To bring this account to handle the following values:

Baktun = 144,000 days
Katun = 7,200 days
Tun = 360 days
Uinal = 20 days
Kin = 1 day


In the Popol Vuh Quiche Maya book traces the creation of the cosmos from the victory of the twins and Ixbalanke Hunabpu on the regents of heaven and the underworld, because once the exploit comes Hun-nal-ye (which is the corn god primaveal) from the depths of the underworld, and from this, developers can focus on the task of the last creation: the human and you will print sun and warmth to the world movement.

This is a metaphorical way of expressing the domestication of corn, which results in the beginning of sedentary life and cultural development. This form of expression, demonstrates that the Maya cosmology is essentially an agricultural myth based on the germination of corn and its conversion into food for humans, making it a source of civilized life in which man's creation is an agricultural delivery from the mass of white and yellow maize.

August 11, 3113 A.C. Birth of Hun-nal-e is the start date of the Mayan Long Count calendar, which corresponds to zero Baktun, zero Katun, zero Tun, Uinal zero, zero Kin.

Second .- I used a combination of thirteen cabalistic numbers with 20 figures of the day which gives a value of 13x20 = 260 days. This is the sacred calendar known as the Tzolkin, which was used by priests to make predictions, horoscopes, and religious festivals. Some researchers suggest that this schedule has its origin in Izapan Preclassic center in the state of Chiapas.

On this site, the sun passes the zenith on August 11 and continuing with the current calendar this phenomenon is repeated April 29, if you count the days between these two dates, it gives 260 days is the duration Tzolkin. This system of counting was normal for common people and the names of the 20 days include: Imix, Ik, Akbal, Kan, Chicchan, Cimi, Manik, Lamat, Muluc, Oc, Chuen, Eb, Ben, Ix, Men, Cib, Caban, Edznab Cauac and Ahau.


The start date for the August 11, 3113 BC Is 4 Ahua

Third .- handled a civil calendar called Haab, which had access only the ruling class and was used for astronomy and the agricultural cycles and was made up of 18 months (Uinales) of 20 days each and a month of adjustment 5 days. The names of these months are: Pop, Uo, Zip, Zotz, Tzec, Xul, Yaxkin, Mol, Ch `chen, Yax, Zac, Chen, Mac, Kankin, Muan, Pax, Kayab, Cumku and Uayeb.

The start date for the August 11, 3113 BC is 8 Cumku

To determine the name in one day, the Mayan wise use a combination of these two calendars, so the date August 11, 3113 BC, corresponds to 4 Ahau, 8 Cumku and can only be repeated up to 18.980 days have elapsed is 73 laps of 260 days or 52 laps of 365 days.

At the end of this cycle was celebrated the ceremony of the new fire and towards the renovation of various utensils.

They .- fourth compute spot registration

in short: how to identify the start date of August 11, 3113 BC Baktun zero, zero Katun, zero Uinal, zero kin, 4 Ahau 8 Cumku which is expressed as follows: 4 Ahau 8 Cumku.


Important dates were recorded on stone stelae, handmade paper or deerskin, on top put the sign known as the Alautun introductory within this figure is the patron saint of the month for the civil calendar. Then, the sequence number Baktunes, Katunes, Tunes, and Kines Uinales, then combinations of the sacred calendar and the civil calendar, finally the lunar computation.

They had a linear account within a period of 13 Baktunes or "Era", equivalent to 5,125.3661 years tropics. The period of 13 Baktunes that we have actually started on 11 August 3113 BC and end on December 23, 2012.

Completed the information supporting a chronological data contained on Page 66 of the document Oxkutzcab chronic seventeenth century Yucatan. According to this, on November 3, 1539 (corresponding to 13 November according to the Gregorian correction) were completed 11 and 16 Baktunes Katunes since the start of the Mayan era (1'699, 200 days) and the date of the sacred calendar and schedule civil is 13 Ahau 8 Xul.

The idea of ​​"Age" means that at the end of December 23, 2012, the Mayan date for is 13 Baktun, zero Katun, zero Uinal, Kin zero and has to complete an "Age" or is that 13 is Baktun Baktun equal to zero for the "new era." This means opening a new era in black: Baktun zero, zero Katun, dear Tun, Uinal zero, zero Kin, 3 Cauac, 2 Kankin.

According to reports from researchers, the Maya erected stelae of stone every 5 º 10 and 20, to celebrate a special event.
Today with the help of computers continues to explore the meaning of Maya hieroglyphs having made very good progress with the work of Linda Schelee and Michael Coe.

April 18, 2011

Japan Aftershocks Could Last a Year

The president of the Association of Geologists of Spain, Luis Suarez, warned they may have aftershocks place in Japan for a year, although that is "good" since the ground energy is released in a controlled and it avoids earthquake of magnitude higher.

This expert told EFE that the Japan earthquake of 8.8 magnitude on the Richter scale open has released an energy equivalent to 200 million tons TNT, so she considers it "one of the most destructive in history" .

It also warned of the risk of tsunamis that could be built and "reach the coast of Chile", and fires resulting from earthquakes "especially in nuclear power plants' cooling systems which are off.

According to this source, the earthquake has occurred in Japan "the most intense seismic area of ​​the Earth", a region known as the "Ring of Fire" where they contact the Eurasian Plate and the Pacific.

In this regard, Smith recalled that 20 percent of earthquakes with a magnitude greater than 6 degrees on the Richter scale occurring in Japan, although the west coast of the Americas, especially California and Chile, are also high risk areas of having a magnitude greater than 8 degrees.

The president of the Association of Geologists noted that the experts can predict where an earthquake will occur, but not when, so that stressed the importance of "extreme anti-seismic regulations of the countries to be built on pillars, foundations and armor sandwich avoid building collapse. "

In this sense, Smith joined the praise for anti-seismic measures that exist in Japan because in his opinion, "an earthquake of this kind anywhere else would be much more destructive."

Mayan Prophecies

The Maya do not speak of the end of the world, more specifically say that everything changes, the only thing that remains is the spirit in its journey of evolution towards higher levels. Mayan prophecy rather speaks of changes that occur physically on the planet, and consciousness of the human race.

Possibly, the Maya civilization was one of the most important story.There are historical traces exist from the 400 to. AD, although its real origin dates back, according to the Maya themselves, thousands of years ago, as direct survivors of the Atlantean cataclysm. Between 300 to 900 AD C. mark the culmination of his swing for modern times.

They had great knowledge of astronomy and mathematics, had a hieroglyphic writing system and built impressive buildings. But all this grandeur was reduced to nothing when, for unknown reasons, the Mayan cities were abandoned and invaded by the jungle.

They were discovered after several centuries (XIX) and are the only evidence attesting to all this grandeur.


The Elders Maya Palenque (Chiapas, Mexico) learned something from studying the cosmos and its sacred calendars. They had a message to transmit to future generations of this time and left signals through signs and hieroglyphs that we discovered.

But what say these codices and those prophecies?

One of these secret codex says that in 1475 the Supreme Council of the Maya revealed that began a cycle of 520 years, ending in the spring of 1995, to coincide with the end of the dark period that the Spanish would bring to this country years later, something we also knew that would happen.

So they began to hide their sacred texts, and Columbus come to America in 1492 and Cortés, Mexico 1519. These wise Mayans prophesied that from 1995 the age of Itza or the age of knowledge.


It is said that between 1995 and 2012 humanity will receive the light of knowledge from the heart of the galaxy. They say this will happen when humans awaken their bodies beyond their light and shadows. So, you may receive the light of knowledge and become luminous beings. The sleeping body of mankind must awaken.

This is the reason why, for some time, have begun to return time Mayan splendor of his people to surrender the keys that will raise cash, by giving his old secret knowledge. These sacred knowledge will prepare us for the age of Itza, an age of knowledge, which they say will begin in late 2012.

Their world view was not global, they had a connection to the center of the galaxy, so their time cycles did not have a human scale.

The Mayans believe the world as we know it will end after these last thirteen baktuns. The 13 is the Mayan sacred number, the number of motion and higher.

Humanity has already experienced several cycles before we find ourselves today. One would be that of Atlantis, which ended with the demise of this continent. His knowledge went to Egypt and the Gulf of Mexico.

This would explain the Olmec and the origins of their secret knowledge. There were three major cycles, relating to other great civilizations of mankind, which, like Atlantis, also disappeared.Now would be another great cycle to a close.

There is a flow of events we can not master. We are all in a river there, who knows where it will lead!. It is your decision what to do or not do within that river. Object to the current or flow with it, carried away.

Seeds are already within us. We are in the beginning of the renaissance of the Mayan civilization. And we can all be Maya.Being Maya is not a racial issue, but spiritual. Maya is one aligned with the Earth and the universe.

The Maya do not speak of the end of the world, more specifically say that everything changes, the only thing that remains is the spirit in its journey of evolution towards higher levels.

The first prophecy announcing the end of this cycle, which since 1999 have 13 years and that each man is in the hall of mirrors to find within themselves multidimensional nature ... our sun revolves around Alcyone, the central sun of the Pleiades, and the two systems revolve around the mind, and in the center of the galaxy, in a twist that takes 200 million years.

With this prophecy the Maya want to open the mind of man in the galaxy. Dejan coded key your calendar for the final transformation: at the end of 2012.

The Second Prophecy

The second prophecy says that the answers are all inside of man that determines their future behavior and asserts that humanity is in a time of fundamental transition towards a new way of perceiving the universe ... the earth and the solar system are receiving a beam of light, energy and information from the center of the galaxy, which is causing an increase in the vibration of the planet, brain waves and human cells, which are being resonance, in balance with the new frequency, resulting in huge changes in their behavior.

The second prophecy shows two paths: one of understanding and tolerance, one of fear and destruction. Both are learning the lessons necessary for the evolution of consciousness. It is we who must decide which one we take, are heaven and hell simultaneously expressed.

It tells us that humanity is headed towards a new era of harmony, that to reach it we must face our greatest fears and accept difficult situations, we live to learn, keeping the peace in any situation we live, no matter how difficult therefore we maintain and increase our domestic energy producing a state of high vibration and a statement of respect for everything that exists.

Difficult situations are in our lives when we need to learn something from them.

The third prophecy says that we become aware of our influence in the world to not continue making mistakes, causing their destruction, as has happened throughout history ... that the processes of industrialization have led to ecological senseless waste with an overall increase in global temperatures and that this will increase with increasing solar activity, caused by the energy received from the center of the galaxy, causing major changes in the weather and winds.

Vortexes of energy that will clean the surface of the earth, which are the manifestation of the discontent of our planet and the elemental energies contained within.

The fourth prophecy tells us that man must end its predatory behavior to synchronize with the rhythms of nature and adjust to changes that will lead to the entire universe in an era of harmony, that changes in climate will result in the melting poles, allowing the earth grows green again clean and again, causing great changes in the physical composition of the continents where we live.

All the prophecies seeking to change the mind of man, because the universe is creating all these processes for humanity to expand throughout the galaxy understanding its fundamental integrity with everything that exists.

The fifth prophecy says that all systems based on fear, on which our civilization is based, was transformed simultaneously with the planet and the man to make way for a new reality in harmony.

The systems will fail to meet the man himself, do see the need to reorganize the company and continue on the path of evolution that lead us to understand the co-creation. The money will be used as a medium of exchange, and the symptoms that arise from different parts of the world seem to confirm.

There would be a single common spiritual path for all humanity that will end all limits between different ways of seeing God.

The new galactic day is announced in all religions and cults as a time of peace and harmony for all mankind. It is clear then that everything that does not produce this result should be eliminated or transformed. The new era of light and harmony universal humanity can not have a military economy based on the taxation of truth by force or in a non-equitable distribution of wealth represented by money, virtual wealth and financial speculation.

The Time of No Time

The dawn of the galaxy must be based on deep respect for one another, and the recognition that all there is like another part of each. So, no need repressive apparatus and communications technology systems available, because the man is connected mentally, so that violence will cease to exist.

We are in the final cycle of 5125 years ago. At the end of a galactic day of 26,000 years, about to enter the dawn of the galaxy. The time of change that the Mayans called it "The time of no time", which was also prophesied by other cultures and religions. They all agree that to happen is a change of major proportions and at the end of the last turn around, there would come a period of chaos that would lead to a new phase in the evolution of consciousness and unprecedented change in man.

The sixth Maya prophecy says that in the coming years will see a comet whose trajectory will endanger the very existence of man.The Maya saw comets as agents of change who came to set in motion the balance, so that certain structures are transformed and allow the evolution of collective consciousness. All things have their rightful place, all circumstances, even the most adverse, are perfect to generate understanding about life and to develop awareness creation.

The Seventh Sign

The seventh prophecy speaks of time in the solar system, in its cyclical turning, leaving the night to enter the dawn of the galaxy. He says that in the 13 years from the year 1999 to 2012, the light emitted from the center of the galaxy, synchronizes all living beings and enables them to voluntarily enter an internal transformation that produces new realities and all humans have the opportunity to change and break their limitations receiving a new meaning, communication through thought.

The men who voluntarily find their state of inner peace by raising your life energy frequency carrying vital energy from fear to love, can capture and express themselves through thought, and with it the new meaning flower.

The additional energy emitted beam provides an opportunity for men who are in a high vibration frequency, and in that sense, expand the consciousness of all men, actually creating a new individual, collective and universal.

The reintegration of the individual consciences of millions of human beings awaken a new consciousness in which everyone will understand that they are part of one gigantic organism. The ability to read minds of men totally revolutionize civilization.

At that time realize that we are part and parcel of a single organism, and we will connect with the earth, each other, with our sun and the entire galaxy. All men will understand that the mineral, vegetable, animal, and all the stuff scattered through the universe at all scales, from an atom to a galaxy, are living with an evolving consciousness. Since 2012, all relations are based on tolerance and flexibility, as the man feel the other part of himself.

Inner Transformation

The Seventh Sign Maya reminds us that only our own internal transformation can lead to new ways, give health and integration in all the world in a new situation of peace and harmony.
The acceptance of all events, easy or hard, happy or sad as learning opportunities that can only be a personal benefit, bring inner independence and harmony. Interior work is required to accept voluntary and understand the evolution of creation, a day job that is reflected in all circumstances of life and leads to inner peace.

In addition, AFIM that understanding and acceptance of this evolutionary process will lead to learning and spiritual growth through harmony. Millions of men find their inner peace, and in doing so may open the archives of all they have lived, for only in that moment, without judging will see as part of a process of harmonization.

A new spiritual worldview, relationships are established using the binding sites rather than separation, the men will be flexible and seek peace. These changes occur in the physical, mental and spiritual, at all scales: individual, family, community, planetary, and galactic. The greatest change will happen as you understand the universe as an eternal process of evolution of consciousness of human beings.

This will bring respect for the conduct of others, will end with the prejudices and understand that all experiences inevitably lead to greater harmony.

Prophecies of Our Ancestors About World's End

The controversy was over the world still remains unresolved, many are the theories on this subject but I think in the words of our ancestors are hiding the truth, here I show you some ancient prophecies talk about it.
1-John of Jerusalem and the final cataclysm:

When you start the year following the year thousand thousand, the earth will shake in many places and cities will collapse, all that has been built without listening to the wise be threatened and destroyed; the mud sink and the floor people will open under palaces. The man is stubborn because pride is his folly will not listen to repeated warnings of the earth, but the fire destroyed the new Romas and the debris accumulated, the poor and the barbarians, in spite of the legions, abandoned plunder the riches .

When you start the year following the year thousand thousand, the sun will burn the earth, the air will no longer be protected from fire veil. There will be more than a curtain holes and burning light will consume the skin and eyes. The sea water will rise as angry, cities and the banks will be flooded and whole continents will disappear, and men will take refuge in the heights and forgetting what happened, begin reconstruction.

2-Pope John XXIII 75 years ago:

"It will fall and fall President's brother. Between the two, the body of the star guilty. Some people know. Ask the first black woman and the man who will take her to the altar on the island. There will be three who shot the President. The third one will be among the three that will kill the second ... "

"He will die President Kennedy and later his brother Robert. In 1962, he will find the lifeless body of the star who shared love with both"

"Some people know. Ask the black widow and the man who will take the altar on the island, your secrets are weapons in the crime. There will be three who shot the president. Will fall the president and his brother fall. Among the two, the body of the sparkling star "

3-Santa Odilia 1300 years ago:

"Listen, my brother! I saw the terror of the forests and mountains. The fear has frozen the people. The time has come when Germany will be called the most warlike nation on earth. Now is the time to emerge from her womb the terrible warrior that will trigger a world war, and that the people in arms call the Antichrist, who will be blamed by mothers crying for their children like Rachel, no one can console "

4.San Nile 1500 years ago:

At that time men will also fly through the air like birds and descend to the bottom of the sea like fish. And when they have achieved all this, these unhappy people will spend their lives in comfort without knowing, poor souls, that it is deceit of the Antichrist.

5-Elena G. White 118 years ago:

"The crust will tear caused by the eruptions of the hidden items in their guts. These elements, once unleashed, will sweep the treasures of those who for years have been increasing their wealth to obtain large holdings of its employees at prices of hunger. And the religious world will be terribly shaken, because the end of all things is near "

6-Benjamin Solari Parravicini 70 years ago:

Traditional families sink roll and in criminal cases. The Beverly Hillbillies dramatic fall in crime, but not be sunk. Gold saves. The humble will be displaced, neglected, forgotten. They are cause for veja.

8-The monk Rasputin over 100 years ago:

"When the images fly, a poisonous fruit ripen, and will be many who eat it. And the poisonous fruit transform men into animals, unable to lift his head up ... The images consume flying forces of man, but intoxicate the poisonous fruit man. And when all is over, man will find tired and torn, the hungrier than before.

Toads Can Serve to Predict an Earthquake

The behavior of frogs in the middle of mating season could allow "predict the unpredictable", that is, an earthquake, according to a study released Wednesday by researchers at a British university.

A "brutal change in behavior of male common toads ('Bufo bufo') was visible" five days before the earthquake which occurred in the Italian city of L'Aquila, on April 6, 2009, a team of researchers watched the amphibians in their breeding sites.

The results suggest that "the common toad B. bufo are able to predict major seismic events and to adapt their behavior accordingly," according to biologist Rachel Grant (Open University, Milton Keynes, UK).

With his colleague Tim Halliday (Oxford), Grant watched the toads from about ten days ago, 74 km from L'Aquila, where the quake was a magnitude of 6.3 and left 299 dead.

Five days before the earthquake, the number of male frogs at the breeding site was dramatically reduced by 96%, conduct "highly unusual" for toads, according to a study published in the Journal of Zoology.

"Once the frogs appear to breed, usually remain active in large numbers in the breeding site until breeding season ends," recalled Grant and his colleague from Oxford.

Furthermore, in the three days before the earthquake, the number of matches was reduced to zero, they said.

After leaving the site near the quake, the males returned timidly during the full moon, but were much less numerous than in previous years: only 34, against 67 to 175 toads counted in the past.

Until 15 April, or ten days after the earthquake and two days after the last reply importantly, the number of toads remained lower than usual.

The researchers admit they do not know "that the environmental signal" was received by the toads "long before the earthquake", but noted that the decreased activity of the toads coincided with "pre-seismic disturbances in the ionosphere, the layer upper atmosphere where the gases are ionized (electrified).

These changes, detected in low radio frequencies could be related to leakage of radon, radioactive gas that comes from terrestrial subsurface, or gravitational waves.

Other animals, elephants, fish, snakes and wolves have been studied in the past in search of earthquake precursor signals, without having achieved such convincing evidence yet as to the toads.

It is Believed That The Mayan Calendar Does Not End in 2012

In Belize, Central America, a team of archaeologists led by Chase marriage (Arlen and Diane) of the University of Central Florida, spent 25 years studying one of the largest Mayan cities ever existed: Caracol.

During all these years, armed with machetes, have been mapped only 23 km2 of the city. Pale in comparison to the 177 km2 total Caracol (a city with an area similar to the current Boston).
But now, suddenly, NASA has turned over a laser instrument to facilitate their task in an astonishing way, the LIDAR. This optical instrument to visualize the structure of ancient territories from the air, without physically releasing them from the surrounding vegetation.

After mounting a LIDAR instrument on a twin-engine flying over the area of Caracol, marriage Chase was able in just 24 hours to reconstruct three-dimensionally on a computer, the entire city of Caracol.

In Yahoo! Italy have just published an interview with Arlen and Diane, which show their amazement at the technological revolution that the LIDAR is for archeology. For both: "This technique will be a similar revolution that brought the carbon-14 dating at 50."

But I have called my attention to the last question in the interview cited above. In it, the reporter is unable to hold back and ask the Chase about the veracity of the supposed end of the world that the Mayan calendar predicts for the next 22 December, 2012.

The answer is clear:

"The Prophecy of 2012 is a construction of the modern followers of" new age. The current Mayan time cycle ends around the year 4946 of our calandario. On December 22, 2012 to the Mayan calendar will be (which is an arbitrary date without any symbolic value) and to this day, in the whole world will be quiet. "

Guess the face of astonishment of archaeologists when they ask this question, and yet, this nonsense has become all too common.

A few months ago I spoke of the work of David Morrison in the Astrobiology Institute of NASA (NAI). Morrison is responsible for answering the questions usually readers of the NAI website, and ultimately not for the poor! receiving inquiries about the upcoming end of the world (a phenomenon certainly quite cyclical).

As I say, at the alarming number of consultations on Nibiru, a planet that is on course to our every 3,600 years but nobody has ever seen and according to some "naysayers" will visit the famous 2012 (coinciding assumptions in order Mayan World), Morrison decided to publish a special Beat Astronomy devoted to this peculiar phenomenon of panic.

Astronomer did a great job clearing the absurd questions of thousands of "believers" in the legend of Nibiru and the end of the world, and yet something tells me that neither his patience disclosing or previous declarations of Arlen Chase on error calculation of the end of the world announcing the Mayan calendar, will serve to reassure those who prefer to avoid the lack of evidence and believe freely in delicious horror fiction.

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